That hurt my wallet…

A new day and more things to add to my shopping list. My pirate is getting a Moros and Dossie will be training for a Thanatos.

Buying Cap skills twice over really hurt my wallet. But as I already have the ships, I’ll be saving a lot of money from that. Now all I have to do is get the skill books to her, or just contract it and pick them up at a later date.

Status report for those that know I’m writing a story: I lost the notepads that I was writing it on originally and am now starting from scratch. This time I’ll write on bot my laptop and in notepads. You never know when the urge to write something will come up, so I always carry paper and pens with me for that purpose. It’s just not convenient to carry my laptop everywhere and having to boot it up when I get the urge.

Have fun and fly dangerous. o7


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