Spirit’s Demise

The Spirit of Korako, Gila-class Cruiser of Guristas origin was lazily drifting out of the docking tube of Kaimon II – 10.

I re-read the message then plot a course to Ishomilken – a journey I make quite often. Umbra Vipera awaiting me there in his Hound-class Stealth Bomber. I run a final check of my combat systems, shield, weapons online, running under normal parameters. Drone control systems and drones ready, and awaiting deployment. The Spirit of Korako lands on the Ishomilken gate in Usi and I link with the systems, jumping as soon as my warp drive shuts down.

“Warp drive active.” My beautiful vessel shuddering slightly as she begins to turn, aligning to my destination – a small annex of Guristas separatists. An ancient acceleration gate coming in to range as I land at the location provided, “Umbra, warp in. Let’s destroy these fools.” I activate the gate, immediately stirring my drones in to readiness.

I exhale slowly as I land amid six Battleship-class vessels, and six Cruiser-class vessels, immediately I begin the locking procedures, disgorging a payload of Hammerhead II Medium drones. I rotate my camera drone, sizing up the enemy vessels, my drones following the streak of my missiles to my first target.

A sudden impact close to my ship makes me start, the dying waves of a torpedoes impact hailing the arrival of my wing man. My drones and missiles making quick work of the enemy Cruisers, Umbra’s torpedoes tearing into the Battleships. I readdress and begin targeting the Battleships, following Umbra’s destructive volleys adding my own heavy missiles and combat drones.

Over as quickly as we begun, I speak to my wing man, “Activating the gate, warp in once they aggress me.”

“Let me know when they aggress you.”

My drones return to their relative perches in the drone bay, I activate the acceleration gate. Another eight Battleships, six Cruisers and four Frigates awaiting me once my warp drive shuts down. “So you’ve arrived Miss Kielle. Time to die.” The lead ship threatening me in the local NeoComm beacon. I laugh, all enemy ships targeting me, unleashing their weapons. “I have aggression, when you’re ready.”

“Approaching gate…”

“Roger, Hit it.” My Hobgoblin II Scout Drones flying from my drone by, immediately tearing into the enemy Frigates.

“I can’t access the gate, the gate is locked down,” shit, I think, my mind racing. “I can deal with this. Thanks for the help.” I sigh and return my attention to the vessels attacking me, all Frigates down, my Hobgoblins Returning to the drone bay to be replaced with my Hammerheads.

I tear through the enemy vessels, leaving their leader until last.

“Your death will be swift,” my Hammerheads returning to the bay, I unleash my Ogre Heavy Attack Drones, my missiles screaming over to him as the large drones slowly approaching the last Battleship.

Quickly tearing through his shields, drones and missiles dealing massive damage. As my weapons tear massive scars into his armor, his structure rupturing. Venting fuel and the innards of his ship, slowly turning out of control, damage causing massive system failure. My final target combusted, the shock wave rocking my Ogres as I recall them to their bay. So much for my death.

I activate the final gate and land in empty space, a message coming over the NeoComm, Pynekastoh, my next destination.

I set my autopilot system to guide me to the next location and make all speed. Seven jump journey, it’ll be short.

Hirri – Pynekastoh gate, I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Let’s do this,” I say quietly to myself, jumping into my destination system. One capsuleer in local. I immediately warp to a planet and begin checking through my systems. Proximity alarms wailing, Zealot-class Heavy Assault ship landing 28km from me, I look over and consider my options, aligning too late as he begins locking up my vessel. I hit warp, “you are unable to warp because you are warp scrambled.”

I begin locking up his vessel, launching my Vespa EC-600 Electronic Warfare drones. A Curse-class Force Recon warping in 250km away, approaching quickly. My mind finding itself blank, not thinking as I suddenly realise the drones were being destroyed. Breathing deeply, slowly to calm myself, you’ve fought capsuleers before, don’t panic. I calm myself and begin aligning, all of my EWAR drones destroyed. Looks like I’m in it for the long run, then. Let’s hope I can tank this. I unleash my Hammerheads, immediately firing my missiles, shields holding up fine against the incoming damage. The Curse approaching at a steady pace, This wont go well. All too late I realise my drones are sustaining damage. Two Hammerheads down, I recall them and switch them for Hobgoblins. The Curse begins to open fire, releasing his drones, my shields slowly but surely depleting. I shudder as the alarm systems wail, 20% shields remaining, my armor will fold quickly. Gritting my teeth, waiting for the bang, the alarm for my armor wailing within seconds. The structure will go soon, very soon.

The Spirit of Korako starts shacking violently, alarms sounding all over the ship as the enemy lasers tear chunks out of my armor and structure. Finally the vessel explodes, my pod popping out, I warp off and back to Kaimon. My beautiful Gila destroyed because I panicked and didn’t think.

As soon as I dock in Kaimon, I leave my capsule and storm to my room, angry with myself for being so foolish. Time to meditate upon what I learnt today and endeavour to not be so foolish again.


One Response to “Spirit’s Demise”

  1. At least it wasn’t your rattlesnake… >.>

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