A Good Omen

I yawn and stretch. Having spent the last three hours surrounded by vessels of the Angel Cartel, slowly tearing my way through them, I decide it’s time for something a little more relaxing.

I dock up Caerbannog, and have my capsule swiftly thrown into my Buzzard-class Covert Ops Frigate. It’s time I did a little more exploration and maybe find myself a low end Wormhole to take my Harbinger to. Or so I thought.

Arriving in Jeras, I drop my probes and warp to a safe spot, habitually cloaking up as I position the probes. Nothing fantastic on scan. A few minor Guristas installations and nothing else. I sigh and look at the local NeoComm beacon, a nice pilot I know named Elastra in local so I jump into Usi and grab my Harbinger-class Battlecruiser before the NeoComm system is reset.

“Hi, Elastra.”

“Hi there Dossie,” she replies, smiling. “How are you?” I enquire, my ship shuddering as she lands in the first asteroid belt. “I’m good thank you, how about yourself?” She asks. “I’m good, just belt hopping.” We talk some more, the typical inconsequential stuff that two people who barely know each other talk about, I pass a pilot called Neirith in an asteroid belt. A member of a Corp I’m not the greatest fan of and make a mental note of which belt he is in then continue my patrol of the asteroid belts, making sure no low-ranking Guristas are harassing people I know. Nothing.

So I warp back to the belt with Neirith in, “Yoink,” I say, transferring his ore into my own canister.

As I begin to move back into optimal range for my weapons, he releases his drones – Hobgoblin Is – and engages me, sending his two pitiful drones to attack. I laugh and respond in kind, five kilometre from my optimal and tear through most of his shields in a single volley.

The fight was quick and one-sided, my skills obviously dealing higher damage then his ship’s tank and his intellect combined.

Elastra, you wanna come to VII – belt 6 please,” I ask. “On my way,” she replies.

”Thank you. You’ll need 22k cargo space.”

She giggles, “I’ve been there most of the day, but I can’t pick up in the Freighter so only have hulk.”

“Take all the ore for free.” I say, feeling generous.

Doc Hog from the same Corporation warps in moments later and engages me, my shields slowly dropping as I begin tearing into his Omen-class Cruiser, “I’m out” he says, his armor rapidly depleting.

”Couldn’t break my tank? I should’ve fitted a point. Oh well, didn’t think I’d be fighting anyone.” I say as he warps out with very heavy armor damage. “Nice tank,” said Doc Hog,

“Harbinger: Epic win ship.” I smile, not sending him any details of how the vessel is fitted.

”Yer, tell me,” he says, his accent pointing out his low-born up-raising.

“I’m gonna grab a point.” As I warp to the Usi gate.

”Okay, she’s back,” he says as I land back in Jeras, “hello mate.” I warp back to Jeras VII – asteroid belt 6 and find Doc Hog there in his Omen and a Brutix-class Battlecruiser. Now this is going to be fun, I think and open fire on Doc Hog’s Omen, disrupting his warp core.

“Joon not aggressing?” I ask, glancing over at the Jin-Mei’s vessel, seemingly floating there idle.

“No she don’t like fighting too much.”

“Carebears…” I sigh, continuing to pound the Cruiser. My Medium Beam Lasers tearing into his shields, taking all of three volleys to reach his armor. Not again, another quick fight? I change my opinion and realise his friend in the Brutix was repairing Doc’s armor remotely. I grin and release my Hammerhead IIs, sending them in to tear him apart. His armor diminishing faster with the additional punishment from my drones. He starts striking into my armor as my damage brings him to 25% armor.

The fight lasted all of 2 minutes before I start touching his structure, my Multifrequency crystals unleash electromagnetic fury upon his vessel. All too quickly, the Omen starts to tear apart under the strain of my sustained fire, parts of the structure rupturing as I continue firing.

The Omen explodes, giving me yet another beautiful explosion to make my day happier.

I start approaching the wreckage of the freshly destroyed vessel and scoop the loot into my hold.

Joon Pha groans in local. “Feck, bitch scooped me by a few hundred metres.”

“Thanks for the fight,” he calls as he leaves the system, “oh, thanks for the loot, too,” I respond.


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