Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A shiver of trepidation runs down my spine as I realise the task I’ve set myself. It’s no small feat to even attempt sorting out Corporate hangars, and I was foolish enough to volunteer myself for the long and drawn out job. Still, today has been good, I may have recruited a new member to our infamous Alliance in our own unique way. His Retriever-class Mining Barge fell to my Harbinger only yesterday.

His response to the customer satisfaction form was most impressive.

—-NeoComm mail system —- ID28042010—-

Re: Customer Satisfaction

From: Neirith

Sent: 2010.04.28 08:47

To: Dossie Kielle,

Hello Victim! Please fill out the following customer experience assessment form and reply to me ASAP



My name is [Neirith], and I was:

[ ] Pod Killed

[ ] Robbed

[X] Ship Killed

[ ] Ransomed

[X} attempted a second time without response

by Dossie Kielle on [Yesterday] in the system [near here].

I am writing to inform you, that yourself, and the rest of your corp are

[ ] CS Kiddies

[ ] WoW Players

[ ] Evil Feckers

[ ] To**ers

[ ] Ar**holes

[ ] Griefers

[X] Pirate Scum with tought-through tactics, well done

[ ] Counts

[ ] Twits

[ ] Mother******

[ ] Lamers

[ ] Losers

[ ] B******

and you

[ ] Ruin the game for everyone

[X] Enraged me at first attempt

[ ] Bankrupted me

[ ] Give too much grief

[ ] Destroy the point in playing

[X] Other (Please State) Really have a nice way of making money, I might say I’m interested in that sort of playstyle ^_^

Please do not do so again. I won’t

Dossie Kielle

The White Rabbits


—End mail system—-

Well, as things go, I shall keep you all posted. Now on with clearing this mess my Corp calls it’s assets…


3 Responses to “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed”

  1. Dude!!! you are flippin awesome and twisted at the sametime, keep the good service up man.i will bookmark this site from today.once again good job.

    • Thank you for the comment, but those breasts are not just pixellated, they’re fleshy and oh so squishey in real life, too.
      Fly dangerous. o7

  2. Astrologica Says:

    Pixelated/Real? Screenshots or its all lies! *docks quickly to avoid the Ogres…….*

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