That guy has a duck’s ass on his head~!!

You read it right. I saw some crazy looking person today as I was casually flirting with a cute librarian.

His hair was styled in such a way that it looked like he sat a duck on his head. Backwards. And called it a hat.

He was a teddy boy from neck upwards and a punk from neck down. I was so confused, so I asked him, “excuse me, but what do you feed your hat?” He looked at me oddly, the librarian I was flirting with shrugged and continued working. “Pardon?” He asked, obviously oblivious to what I was referring to.

“The pet duck you keep on your head. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you sit it backwards.”

“My… What? Are you on drugs?”

I shrug and sigh, glancing furtively around, “no, but don’t let the purple gibbon sat behind you know. They think they’re invisible to me, but I know otherwise.” His face a mixture of shock, surprise, worry and something I couldn’t quite figure out. “They think I take the pills that make them invisible, but I know. I know.” I let out a short, slightly manic giggle then skip off, blowing a kiss to the confused looking librarian.

Life without a sense of humor is really quite dull.


2 Responses to “That guy has a duck’s ass on his head~!!”

  1. Just LOL Dossie 😀

    Now i know you are totaly nut’s for real :-))

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