Garage Sale

I sigh as I enter the Corporate hangars, looking at my data pad.

The first warehouse in the first hangar, the dented, fading sign telling me I was entering the Ammunition & Drones warehouse. Excellent, I think, my area of expertise. As I key in my security code, I glance at my datapad again, making a mental note of the locations of all the useful charges and drones. All Tech 1 items, so there wont be much left once I’m done here, the door opens and I jump back with a yelp, a large stack of Exterminator F.O.F Missiles collapses and falls through the door. I kick the nearest offensive item, glaring at it then shout at the station manager stood behind me, “the hell kind of organisation do you call this?” He steps back, stammering his answer, “I-I’m sorry, Ma’am. I will take every possible action to make sure this never happens.”

“Good, get this fething mess cleared up and moved to the reprocessing plant, this slate has details of what other charges I want sent there too. The rest of you, follow me.” The station manager mutters something under his breath, glaring at my back, “I’m not a bitch, I am the bitch, and it is Ms. Bitch to you.” I stop and spin on my heel, looking directly into his eyes, a small silver dagger flying through the air, digging into the deck millimeters from his foot. “get on with your work. That was an order, not a request.”

The three other warehouses in the modules hangar cleared and sorted swiftly, the vast majority of their contents sent to my personal hangars for transport and sale.

I reach the Minerals and Ore hangar, keying in my access code and sigh. This is not my area of expertise, but these places still need a clear out. “You, you and you, we just need a little-” I sneeze “-excuse me, just need a little tidying up and stacking of all ores. I’ll leave you to it while I check out the ship hangars.” Rubbing my nose in my kerchief and head to the last hangar that needed clearing – the ships hangar.

The vast hangar doors swing open, lights slowly blinking in to life. I blink, staring blankly at the massive fleet of ships before me. “What the…” I look down, staring at the datapad, tapping it then rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

—- Hangar log – Ships ( (Log ID 30002756) User ID 4236738 ) —-


Gallente Shuttle : Ship – Shuttle : 844

Kestrel : Ship – Frigate : 14

Bantam : Ship – Frigate : 52

Itteron Mark V : Ship – Industrial : 2

Retriever : Ship – Mining Barge : 1

Procurer : Ship – Mining Barge : 1

—- End Log —-

“Right, okay,” I look at the deck hands beside me and sigh, “get some more people and move all of those Bantam and shuttles to the reprocessing plant. Lets get this finished so I can sell everything else.”


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