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Missing guests

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I dock up in the Disciples bar then breeze casually through security, my long, purple silk qipao swishing as I walk. “Oh, did I miss the party?” I ask as I move to the bar, ordering some tea. Noticing Korinne, I shrug and take my tea, sitting next to her. “I see you came late as well,” she comments.”Fashionably late due to drooling over the new hull design for Caerbannog. I’ve fallen in love with another of my vessels. More so, I should say.”

Korinne lowers her voice, speaking quietly to me, still staring off into some unknown part of her mind, “I wonder where they went, any idea?” Confused, I look around, “Mistress and big sister?” I ask. She nods in response.

I sniff the air, a foul presence as Mizhara Del’thul walks in with narrowed eyes and looking like murder. “Where are they? Don’t fuck too much with me now, girls, I’ve looked everywhere, and your big sister’s not responding to messages. If you know where they are let me know.” The vile talking corpse demands. Korinne just stares at the woman from behind her mask and shrugs. “Your guess is as good as mine.” I say flatly, as Anslo – a member of my Corp shifts in his seat nervously, looking over at us. The corpse pipes up with it’s party trick again, “can you track her implant? She’s probably in deeper trouble than she’s ever been in. She needs to be found, and I’m fairly certain Ithiria knows where she is, Or is already there.”

“Even if I could track them, I don’t like nor trust you enough to divulge any information. Sit down and have a drink or do whatever you want.” My disdain plain, bright as day in my response and features. “You care that little for your big sister, Dossie? I got the feeling she’s extremely close to you. Apparently your care for her was exaggerated.” Meanwhile Anslo is twitching nervously groaning under his breath, “please don’t blow up….please don’t blow up.” Mizhara barely glances at Anslo as I respond, “I don’t know where they are.”

”She couldn’t have said it better. Haven’t seen either since I’ve been here.” Korinne added. “And before you came here?” Asked the flesh puppet. “I’ve not long arrived, seems my Rattlesnake drew a large amount of my attention.” I answer. “I see. If you care about her, find her. She’s going to need her sisters more than ever. I’m serious about this, Dossie… She needs you.” the corpse turns around and makes to leave. Swallowing my pride I call out to the woman, “Mizhara, wait.” It stops at the door. “What?”

“If you know anything, tell me. Do you have even the remotest idea where they are?”

“None,” she responds truthfully, “Ithiria sent her off as if she was just property to Jasmin Til and Seraphim. She’s not there, and nor is Ithiria. Don’t know where they went after that. Not the tower. I Contacted your sister’s estates. The servants hadn’t seen her. She probably doesn’t want to see anyone right now, but she needs it. Never in her life has she been this vulnerable, we have to find them.”

“What do you know,” Korinne sneers, “you know something, or you wouldn’t be hinting this strongly.” Gritting my teeth and clenching my fists, I look over to Korinne. “I don’t like this woman either, but if big sister and Mistress are in trouble, we need all the help we can get.” Korinne sighs and uncrosses her arms as she moves to rise, “Let’s take this elsewhere”

“I told you what I know. I saw Ithiria throw her aside as so much trash, to one of the people she fears the most. I can’t find Ithiria, and I can’t find her. I don’t think Ithiria realizes what she’s done. Just find her. I’ll keep looking.” So the corpse does have something more then a swinging brick behind those sagging, cold breasts, I think as Mizhara walks out without another word. Eliza ‘Dame Death’ looks over at me, “Ithi’s in trouble?” She asks. I glance over to her, not saying a word then leave quickly.

I begin my approach the docking ring, sending signals to control, Korinne not far behind. The Docking Manager sends a firm message, arming defences. “Unidentified ships, take a holding pattern and await confirmation on security status. Fail to comply, and you will be shot down.” What a fool, I think as I chuckle softly, replying to planet born simpleton, “I’d doubt Mistress or my sister would like that and I highly doubt you could afford to replace my vessel. Let Korinne and myself dock unless you want to suffer your Lady’s wrath.”

“I highly doubt my Lady would consort with murderous criminals! Pilot Korinne, break away, or be destroyed, Criminal! And pilot Kielle, I am going to assume you are with the criminal?” The idiot docking manager responds as Korinne re-engages her Manticore’s cloak, signalling me to be ready. Ready, for what? Please don’t do anything stupid, thousands of scenarios running through my mind as I begin targeting protocols on the weapons emplacements. “I’d rather we docked in peace. Let us in. Now.” A message blinks on my NeoComm, ‘on your mark.’

Proximity alarms begin shrilling as four Anathema bearing Deritan decloak and begin their own targeting protocols on my ship making it four Covert Ops ships bearing my Mistresses insignia and twenty or so planetary gun emplacements. Well, this would be a fun fight if I hadn’t come with the intention of peace. “Damnit, I’m calling in the Navy!” The docking manager squeals, noticing the new vessels. The lead Anathema hails me, “Disciples of night Rattler Disengage or we will fire.” Wait, what? Oh for… when I go out looking for a fight I get nothing. Should I have come wearing a space suit and riding a modified Torpedo? Great Gods below, why does everyone want a fight when I’d rather…

Korinne decloaks, blind firing her torpedoes directly at the comms array, quickly recloaking. What the fuck? Korinne… A new voice calls over the communications system, “unidentified pilots. The Imperial Navy has been notified. Prepare for death. No one. No one threatens my people!”

Korinne sighs before responding, “couldn’t just let us land could you.” Angered, I growl low in my throat as I speak slowly, “I did not open fire. Disengage, I’m only here to make sure my big sister and Mistress are fine.”

“D-Dossie? Why are you attacking my estates?” The voice asks. Where do I know you from… “She is trying to find you,” Korinne says, “Corporal Screws-about here had to get all uppity though.”

“You fired upon my estates, sister? What…”

“Order your friend to disengage, you are risking her life by firing on her location.” The lead Anathema pipes up. Fucking non-capsuleer pilots, shut the fuck up, I’m trying to figure out where I know this voice from… “Attacking?” I demand, incredulous, “I didn’t open fire. Korinne, disengage and warp out before I blow you up myself.” The familiar voice sounds cold and dangerous. “Korinne. Dossie. Ithiria is just fine. Get out, get into orbit. I’ll call off the navy for now if you leave.” Big sister? As Korinne warps off, the voice speaks again, “Dossie, you too. The Navy is informed of a Rattlesnake being part of an estate attack, they will shoot first… please. Leave… and I… I can straighten this out… I hope.” The Deritan Anthemas Unlock me, not recloaking. I sigh, “yes sister, I’ll be nearby.” Closing off the comms channel, I head into orbit.

“Dossie, Kori get your asses down here now,” Mistress all but growls down the channel, her anger clear in her voice. I acknowledge and fly Caerbannog’s Revenge back, disgorging my Ogre drones and holding for a moment before recalling them and landing.

Big sister just stands there, staring at us, anger and authority written clearly on her face. “Dossie, Korinne. Do you two girls mind telling me exactly why you attacked my estates and endangered my people?”

Korinne shrugs as she speaks, “it’s just a comms array, I’ll buy you a new one. Wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t trying to bring the navy in.” I glare at Korinne then look at big sister. “I didn’t attack, I simply came here because of the way Mizhara was acting.”

”Yes, we had cause to worry,”

“Just a comms array? There’s nine techs in there! I just got the report, four! Four lives lost!” Big sister was pissed.

“Significantly…” Korinne adds quietly.

“I have read the transcript. You were told to just break away. What on earth possessed you to attack?” She asks. Korinne sighs, rubbing at her temples, “You’ve made your point. Concern makes people behave rashly, we get it.” I shrug nonchalant, “I was feeling stand-offish. All I’d have done was shoot in the docking bay doors and entered.”

“With the Navy coming down on you? You… you…” big sister trails off as Mistress sighs, looking at us. “Let me guess, something like, they’re in danger find and rescue them?”

“Well neither of you were responding…” Korinne says

”Did anyone try ? I never got a message via comp or implant, except for someone pinging my corp implant.”

I sigh, “not far off what the corpse said, Mistress. Something in her demeanour made us worry and I’d rather make sure you are both okay then sit idly by waiting for news.” Still talking to herself quietly, big sister mumbles, “four lives… on my estate. What kind of danger were we in on my damned estate? Bringing down a wanted criminal, and warships… and attacking? Killing? Oh God, I’ve failed my people. How am I to tell the families.”

Mistress thinks for a moment looking around, “can I get a list please, and Dossie and Kori, I do have to compliment you on a faster response to save us. But, also make sure unless you’re locked up, don’t shoot first. listen and try even slight talk, I am betting if you had said, you were here looking for me or your big sister, they would have called us.”

I sigh and mumble under my breath. “I had no intention on opening fire, and I did say I was looking for you and big sister.”

“With a wanted criminal in tow,” big sister adds, “I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Our sister is a criminal, flying something capable of levelling the estate in one strike. She was given the option of breaking off…” I shrug. “I’m wanted by Caldari Intel because of my links to the Guristas.”

”Dossie, I’m not judging. I love you, I love Korinne,” big sister says quietly, “but why did she attack my people? All she had to do was break away… Give them time to find me… contact me. Dossie, come here,” she walks over to me, as I shake my head, looking towards the door, “it would’ve been better if I’d come here alone.” Mistress meanwhile transmits the names of the families to my implant, “take you sister, apologize, and talk to them, then return here, after big sister talks to you of course”

Big sister looks at me for a few moments then grabs me and holds me tight. “I love you, sister. I love Korinne. But I can’t forgive the murder of four people. Not yet. I need time for that. Please… I still love you both, but this is too hard.” Hugging my big sister, I sigh then break the hug, bowing to Mistress as I speak, “I love you too, sister. Next time I’ll have Korinne bound and gagged in my hold if we’re unsure of the situation.” I turn on my heel and march out the room, grabbing Korinne by the collar of her clothes, dragging her roughly with me. Mistress meanwhile heads out, sending a quick message to Kori and myself, “when you’ve finished apologizing, return to the tower.”

We both nod acknowledging, “right, lets go sort this mess out,” I say, still dragging Korinne.



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“Dossie, come with me.” I’m broken out of my reverie, “yes, Mistress,” I respond, following her. The long walk to the lower levels of her tower feeling like a walk of shame. I sigh inwardly knowing what she was about to do; my punishment for disobeying her.

Okay, maybe you don’t know what happened…

A few days ago, things were a little tense, big sister and Mistress were high in emotions and Korinne wasn’t in the best of moods. Myself? Calm and collected as always, despite being told by a former employer that he would seek employees from other places due to noticing my collar. Fool.

Korinne and myself excuse ourselves to the gardens and sit, quietly and contemplating the ripples upon the surface when we heard a wail. Big sister had obviously found something that displeased her. We rush to Mistresses chambers to find a male in front of big sister as she spits and snarls like an angered feline. Korinne reacting and diving in, arm locked around his throat and kneeing the back of his leg so her weight drags him down. Good girl, I thought, noticing his hand going towards his hip. Gun. Bastard wont get a shot off before my steel tastes his blood. Swift as a Minmatar firing their technologically deficient projectile weapons at the nearest golden, phallic object, I drew my blades and held one to the side of his neck. Ooh, Esna. Quite a surprise, I thought, not allowing my shock show whilst big sister wrapped her delicate fingers around his throat. Gods I love that girl. So calm and beautiful, yet deep within burns the fire of a huntress.

Mistress finally enters and orders us to unhand the manhandled oaf. We didn’t listen. A while after, Mizhara appeared… that woman. At least her slaver hounds were charming. We were excused so Mistress could speak to the walking corpse, so I went and entertained myself. After a short while of playing ‘bounce the sausage off the slaver,’ I went to see what Korinne and big sister were up to.

Playing with Esna again, this time in the dojo. It seemed that Korinne had cajoled big sister into throwing her hatred at the poor, misguided idiot because she started up the combat drones without safeties. From my doorway vantage point, I saw the man get knocked down by a drone or two, then violently combusted his clone. Fool, weakling. Well, once the drones were disabled, I went back to my game of ‘bounce the sausage off the slaver’ and was joined by Korinne soon after. We had a nice chat that I wont get into the details of then left the hounds to guard the room that Mizhara and Mistress were talking in. A while later, Mizhara left and Mistress come to the garden.

That’s the shortened story, back to yesterday.

She took me down to what can only be described as a playroom and told me to strip and stand with my legs apart. I knew something was going to happen, so I stripped nervously then stood in the position Mistress told me to whilst she was busy rummaging around in her various boxes of fun things.

By the look on her face, I knew for sure I wasn’t going to like it. I gasped and bit my lip as she slide a remote controlled egg inside me then locked a chastity belt around my waist and left. I stood there, grief, shame, sadness… Normally it wouldn’t bother me, I’d hack the blasted thing off and be done with. But this is different, I disobeyed my Mistress and deserved the punishment.

As I finally made my way back to the garden, I knelt there ashamed of my actions. The rest of the evening was lost to the rivers of time. Oh, and attempting to ignore that pulsing, vibrating egg that was inside me. The few moments I can remember were that woman appearing, two cold and wet noses pressing against me, some water and an explosion of pleasure and pain…

But good news, that infernal device that has given this clone many new scars on my thigh has been removed and my Rattlesnake has been recalled for another upgrade. I pray to every God I can think of that it’s just a structure upgrade as was rumoured and nothing to ruin how I’ve spent a large sum of money to set up.


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Blood dripping from the smoky blue blade, it throbbed with power. She sung in his hand, “Chorranach thirsts, she senses prey.” The mewling spawn gibbered and chattered beside Zesh Tyrael. He hated them, but he knew they were the remains of his once mighty Space Marine chapter. That bastard false Emperor sent a legion of Blood Angels to purge their home world.

A flash of blood red ceramite flickered at the edge of his vision. Reacting on instinct, raising Chorranach, deflecting the fierce downward swinging blade. A flash of a grin went across his face. They clash again, Zesh’s laugh ringing as loud as the clash of the great blades. He feinted with a wide swing, Chorranach streaming towards the Blood Angel’s waist. A quick flick of his wrist brought the singing Daemon sword over his foe’s guard, cleanly severing through the Space Marine’s lower arm. Jets of blood spraying from the severed limb as it fell twitching on the ruined temple floor. The red clad giant roared in pain and frustration. Kicking his bleeding foe to the floor, Zesh grinned, resting the tip of the blade against the throat join under the helmet, the siren song of the bound Daemon shrilling in the air. “She thirsts,” he said as he decapitated the prone form.

The loud boom of bolters sang in the air, Zesh diving for cover and checking the ammunition feed to the bolter embedded in to the left arm of his power armor to free up his hands to wield the two-handed Daemon sword – Chorranach. Rounds impacting in to the wall he was using as cover.

“Don’t stand there gibbering, fools. Kill the bastards!”

Shambling out of cover, firing wildly at the foe, the daemon spawn in his command swiftly advancing from the left. Four Blood Angel Space Marines focusing their attention on the swarm of gibbering beasts, the loud blasts of their weapons firing at them, Zesh raised his arm and slid from behind the wall, taking careful aim and fired.

Her body a wreck in her pink armor, collapsed over the ruined shrine to the Lord of Pleasure. Her body shuddered, causing the retinue of Blood Angels to look around. Another convulsive shudder rocked her prone form, pleasured moans escaping her lips. “What by the God Emperor…” Commander Eldwin of the legion said under his breath. A scent, something scintillating drew him towards her. Cailleach Tyrael shuddered again, her ceramite breast plate cracking open, another gasping moan of pleasure escaping her lips. “Sir, what are you doing?” Asked a lieutenant, his head vaporising, Eldwin standing there in the smoke of his Bolt pistol, “she’s mine, dog.” His slow steps moving towards Lady Tyrael, exclamations on the lips of his men, “Sir, what by the Holy throne of Terra are you doing?” Another shot rang through the air as the men began to succumb. Zesh crouched, watching from his vantage point amongst the rafter, laughing quietly to himself, “so you’re still with us beloved. Let the dogs fight amongst themselves, and to the victor goes the spoils.” He took careful aim and fired. Another Marine collapsed causing the others to erupt in a fight, chainswords growling to life as her otherworldly scent overtook their minds. She shuddered again, writhing seductively as her armor began to fall off with her movements. Eldwin dove into the melee, his power sword easily cutting the nearest opponent in half, “I said she is mine. Leave now, that is an order,” he growled as the two remaining members of his command squad turned towards him. The men looked from each other and snarled, both rushing towards him, one swinging wildly for Eldwin’s head, the other making a deft thrust to his chest, he parried the thrust effortlessly, ducking back and using a burst of his jetpack to evade the swing to his head. Snarling as they readdress, the two marines advanced, using short bursts of their jetpacks to close the gap. Eldwin fired again, vaporising the head of the man advancing to his left, his open side – then quickly feints with his power sword at his former lieutenant’s chest. An effortless parry from his comrade, his wrist flicked around, taking the momentum of the block to carry the sword to cut off the man’s arm. Another block then a swift thrust, slash, reverse combo, forcing Commander Eldwin on the offensive. He snarled and raised his pistol hand, firing wildly, explosive rounds tearing the man’s armor to shreds. Howling in pain, the wounded marine swung a clumsy arc, a silent scream on his lips as his head rolled from his shoulders.

Slowly he descended near Cailleach Tyrael, heretic sister, his arms held out as if in benediction, “I am victorious, my Lady,” he announced, alighting gently on the floor and dropping to one knee. She sat, her bare, milky white skin glistening, she smiled. “Brave sir, come, take your prize.”

His trembling hands holding his sword out for the Lady, still knelt with his head bowed. Laughter filled the air, mocking and terrifying as he realised. Shit, my head, it’s… his booted toes millimetres from his nose as the light faded from his eyes.


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Due to the need of some things needing to be changed, people leaving the corp – looking at experience, skills etc some corp changes are being made.

Second Dossie Kielle is now one of the corps FC’s working on smaller scale gangs and fleets. roamers etc.

I’m what now? Since when? I stare blankly at the internal Corp mail outlining a few changes. So, I’ve become a director here at an acquaintence’s recommendation.

As one of the most experienced capsuleer combat pilots in the Disciples, it was an obvious choice. But really, me? Mistress, I wont let you down, but giving me power is like sticking a giant red flashey button on a wall with warning tape around it and the words ‘do not press’ in big, bright, neon lights.

In celebration, I pick up my Ares-class Interceptor and head out, picking up an old friend – Seraphina Oriana. We meet and formulate a plan, “I have my locators looking for war targets as we speak,” she says. I nod, smiling as I think back to what Seraphina was like when we met. Bloody carebears, I think, getting interrupted from my reverie as Sera begins speaking. “He’s in Niyabainen.”

We head over in our Interceptors, Seraphina’s Crusader-class Interceptor named ‘The Claw,’ and mine, ‘Perky Nipple.’

The target undocks his vessel – a Vindicator-class Battleship. This might not go well, my mind racing as I shrug inwardly, hoping it would go fine. Engaging his impressive vessel Sera joins in. “I’m being webbed and scrambled,” I broadcast over comms, thinking that maybe this wasn’t the best idea I’ve had in a while. Quickly – and I do mean extremely fast – his Ogre Heavy Attack Drones and Heavy Neutron Blaster IIs tore into my ship, and swiftly pounding my Perky Nipple to flaccid. I warp off and The Claw swiftly followed me into oblivion.

Lesson learnt.

Guard Duty

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I awake this morning and immediately get a message: “Dossie, we’re on guard duty. Grab a fast ship and make your way to the following co-ordinates.”

Excellent, I think, immediately running to the bays, calling my crew on the way, “prepare my Hookbill for launch, we’re on guard duty.”

Fourteen swift jumps later, I arrive in the target location and set about joining a portion of the fleet in guarding the in gate.

We wait.

And wait.

Gate fire, one of our targets lands in the system. Immediately, I begin targeting protocols, my Warp Disruptor module and missile launchers primed and ready. Target lock acquired, the target’s Drake-class Battlecruiser pointed, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missiles streaking towards him. We make quick work of his shields, his vessel annihilated swiftly under the sheer volume of fire. I readdress and attempt to lock his capsule. Too slow as he warps away, his pod barely escaping.

I relieve myself from my current post and dock up, I’d moved my Rattlesnake and Ares to the system a few days ago, knowing we’d have a deployment there. Switching to Caerbannog’s Revenge, I undock and warp to the POS in need, Medium Armor Bots flying to aid in the repair of the tower’s defences.

After spending some time on repairing the damaged gun emplacements, I leave the logistics guys to their job and switch back to my Hookbill, joining another potion of the fleet that were guarding the station our targets were docked in. In accordance to CONCORD laws, we weren’t allowed to just dock and obliterate our targets from within the station which is disappointing, my crew are well versed in guerilla combat as well as running ship systems.

“I’d much rather be out hunting for targets then sitting here waiting for one of these weak fools to leave the station,” I say over the fleet comms channel. The resounding agreements heartened me, though. Looks like these Defi4nce Alliance pilots are my kind of people.

We waited again. Such boring tedious waiting, when my excitement peaked – two of our targets undocked in shuttles, I started lock procedures on both but was too slow, their shuttles entering warp before I could lock either of them. A shame I don’t have a Heavy Interdictor, really. According to Mei, a well fitted Phobos can lock a shuttle in a second, fast enough to stick a graviton beam into the warp core and disrupt them. Well, I will be training for one before the Thanatos-class Carrier.

Not much happened after apart from one of our targets talking nonsense in local. We left soon after as the POS was taken down to be transported elsewhere.


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I’m leaving the Guristas. It was a tough choice, but one I’ve been agonising over for the past few weeks.

Strange to think that I wont be a member of the Guristas Associates Alliance, but they’ll always have a place in my heart. “What are the Disciples like?” I asked Mei. “They’re okay,” she replied in her usual offhand way. To most people it’s a negative response – obviously if they’re okay, they’re not very good. If you knew Xiao Mei like I do, you’d understand. Her view on the way the Northern Coalition are thrashing their Southern counterparts is a nonchalant ‘not bad.’ That’s her equivalent of ‘great,’ or maybe even ‘awesome,’ I enjoy her company, such an understated woman. And really quite straight forward.

But, I digress, my thought process is a little chaotic as of late.

I’ll always see you, Mr. Chopin as my father. Being raised by you, Ms Rheyne and a surrogate family. But it’s time I moved on for a while. Things haven’t been the same for a long time, and my doubts pushed even further by the actions of a few, nameless imbecile. No use stroking their over-inflated egos as they know who they are, and regardless to my personal feelings towards Guristas – I will destroy them at every given opportunity.

The move to my new home didn’t go off as smoothly as I’d have liked. Seraphina – old friend and a former Rabbit – flew as point, scouting ahead of my Badger II hauler, carrying supplies I’d need for a long-term stay in my new base of operations.

Most of the journey was fine until we were shadowed by a Malediction-class Interceptor. For several jumps he tailed us, dogging our every move until finally, he got me. Never have I had the need to put defenses on my haulers so he made light work of the Badger, then swiftly chewed on my pod as well. Fine, great, I’d have prefered to keep those implants as they took a lot of work getting.

Well, all is not lost. I’d recently fit my Ares-class Interceptor and she’s a great vessel – despite looking somewhat of a perky nipple. Being myself and prowling around my usual haunts back when I was a Rabbit – hah, I’m talking as though it’s been a long time since joining Disciples. Searching the belts in Usi, I landed in belt VI – 3, a Retriever and a Hurricane-class Battlecruiser sat beside a container. I hesitate for a moment, calling up both pilots information; both fresh capsuleers, not long out of their respective academies. Excellent, I think, immediately locking the ‘Cane and turning that filthy yellow can to a nice pristine white – fools never learn when I leave local for even a few days. It was odd seeing [DONIG] tagged on the jet can instead of [TWR], but sometimes it’s good to have a change in direction.

The Hurricane pilot engages me, bringing a smile to my face, and I immediately open fire, throwing a graviton beam from the Warp Scrambler II and webify his lumbering, rust-coated wedge he called a ship. The Retriever pilot fled as I started to slowly chew through the Battlecruiser’s shields. Slowly his shields fell, the Null S rounds not packing enough of a punch so I switched to Void. The furious scourge of modified antimatter rounds tearing rents into his armor. Proximity alert, incoming vessel. Harbinger-class Battlecruiser. Now, this is more fun then searching for WTs that don’t want to play, my mind telling me, lost in battle lust. As sure as foolish Serpentis pilots get obliterated by my Rattlesnake or Gila, his Hurricane opened like a flower, exploding in a flurry of bright light. I revelled in his destruction then came around, warping out of range of the Harbi. Maybe if I were in a tougher vessel, but not the Interceptor, not enough damage output. That said – the ‘Cane pilot had no mid- or low-slot modules which made me ponder if the Harbinger was similarly fitted. Perhaps it was not his time to learn valuable lessons at my hands.


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Two days ago – Mistress Ithiria’s tower:

My Rattlesnake slides quietly in to Mistresses personal docking bay. As she comes to rest, I leave my capsule and stride to the showers and scrub vigorously – must be clean for my Mistress. Leaving the shower, I slip into a loose robe, nothing but the lacy panties she gave me underneath. Odd how I can feel utterly comfortable wearing nothing but this tiny piece of lace in Mistresses’ presence, whereas in other places, I feel naked and vulnerable – no matter how many items of clothing I’m wrapped in – without those thirty centimetre blades at my hip. I look in the mirror and put my hair up, sliding two hair pins in. Perfect.

I stow my robe and walk quietly into Mistresses’ chambers. Seeing my big sister in submission laying in Mistresses’ bed, I slip into the bed after kissing them both softly on the cheek. Good, I think, she hasn’t woken up yet, I can cuddle for a few minutes. She wakes up, a smile on her face as she notices us, “morning pets,” Mistress Ithiria says as she comes out of the world of oblivion to consciousness. “Good morning, Mistress,” we I say as Korinne enters the room, sitting on the foot of the bed, lightly fingering Mistresses’ feet. “Good morning, Mistress Ithiria. Have you slept well?” Mistress Ithiria nods, “a very very good sleep,” she replies, almost purring. Big sister smiles, “I’m glad, Mistress. Sister Dossie should disable that implant more often.” Mistress remains quiet for a moment, “Dossie, I know I said turn the implant back on in the morning, but…” she smiles softly, “turn it back on around dinner.” Big sister’s delighted smile said more then words. “That’s good… Mistress could use some private time. No worries, no stress… Just… being Mistress.”

At her request, we three sisters in submission left her chambers to cook breakfast in bed. Tea, eggs, meats, some sweet bread and a bunch of flowers Korinne excitedly picked. She’s an odd one Korinne, but I’ve known her for a long time and view her as one of my few friends. Last time I saw her get so excited was when we obliterated that Serpentis stronghold together.

We returned to our Mistresses’ chambers and presented her breakfast, the flowers being put on her bedside cabinet. I was happy. Happier then I’ve been for a long time – strange to think I’d be happy serving someone totally as though a maid.

As Mistress went in to the shower, big sister, Korinne and myself set to the task of choosing her outfit for the day. Again, an oddly enjoyable task, but not my area of expertise, attempting to accessorize an outfit for another. You may as well ask me to speak to you in the Gallente language. As we finish putting Mistresses’ outfit together, she finished her shower, dried off then allowed us to dress her.

Carmilla appears just as we finish, looking smart and well turned out. I glance at her and notice the expression on her face, something is about to happen, the voice of my mind tells me. “I can no longer be your submissive,” she said, my mind reeling. “Is that why you melted it down?”Carmilla D’Morenta pulled the brooch off her jacket and hands it over, I glance at Mistress then Carm, hand automatically going to my hip then dropping as I had nothing there.

“It doesn’t feel right,” she says as by way of explanation. Mistress steps towards Carmilla as she looks at the brooch, “why?” She asks. “Not any more… Not since… My time away,” Carmilla D’Morenta replies, “I thought I could do it… But I can’t. I can’t even lie about it just to make it look like I’m happy.” Mistress Ithiria sighs, pain showing in her eyes. “You… Lied about it?”

The details are foggy and lost beneath a bloody red mist of anger. The last thing I remember about the confrontation was hearing myself vow to wipe her filthy stain from New Eden.

Later – Ishomilken V, med bay:

I stride in to the med bay, wearing full Guristas regalia – badges of both the Guristas and The White Rabbits on each lapel of my high-collared combat jacket – and a worried expression on my face. As I enter, I see Carmilla on a medical slab with my Mistress and an unknown Minmatar woman next to her. Doctor Kim Leander pouring over readouts and medical equipment.

I glance from Dr. Leander to Carmilla, my face settling to something more neutral. Doctor Leander continues speaking, “She’s already had, from what I understand a 20 jump trip in a Stiletto, not the best thing for a critical patient. When she is capable of being moved, we shall see.” Mizhara Del’thul bristles, “this is not your choice, doctor. Ithiria, she left you, and now… she is here. Doctor, when she awakes, she is going to need someone. You are not that someone. Set up the medical bay, when she is stable… she will be moved. To the Masquerade. My big sister closes her eyes, pain on her face, but she finally moves… to stand with Mistress Ithiria, holding her tightly as Mistress responds, glaring at Mizhara as her voice hardens with each word, “she left me yes, she did not leave my corporation nor my service in it.” Doctor Leander interjects, the frustration clear on her face. “It is my choice Mizhara, she was brought to me. She is my patient until I discharge her.”

Soon after, Mistress leaves, charging us with her protection. A strange choice considering I’d vowed to kill Carmilla but a few short hours ago. I stand there, hand on the hilt of my sword just glaring at the stranger. “You never answered my question, stranger.” Mizhara Del’thul snorts indignantly, “then you didn’t listen, child. I am the one who held your big sister. I am the one who freed Carmilla. I am the one who mutilated Ithiria. For all intents and purposes, child… I am God. My eyes narrowing, hand clenching on the hilt of my sword. “My dear, while I am here, I am God. Whatever you’ve done in your past matters little. You’re on a Gurista facility and I am a commanding officer.” Korinne mutters to herself, “yea, held big sis till you smothered and broke her”

“Gurista, hmm?” Mizhara says, “pitiful pirates. No heart. No true cause. Just chaos and aimless aggression. Pathetic. Carmilla made the right choice, even taking up a job with Ithiria.” I shrug, “I kill for a living and I’m good at it.”

“Have you ever tried killing for a cause? for something that’s worth murdering for?” The vile woman responds, “I can assure you… it’s quite pleasing. Anarchy is not cause, child. I have learned much of the Guristas… They do not have one. Neither do you, truly. I can see it in your eyes. All you want is destruction.” I laughs dryly, humourlessly, “I do kill for a cause. That cause is money.”

”You ignorant fool. What greater cause is there than to fight the powers that be? To murder their ignorant and witless sheep as they stray from the heard? Without the wolves, the shepard is useless, and the herd starves to death.” Korinne responds, “if anything, we support your glittering ideals of a free utopia more than any government ever has.” Mizhara shakes her head. “Poor children. Who cares of governments? Who cares about establishments, or powers that be? Fight for what is in a heart, children. Destroy evil.. destroy falsehoods… destroy lies. A ship can be replaced. A man can be replaced… The truth… can never be destroyed.” What a preachy bitch, she doesn’t understand anything, I think as Korinne stays on the vein, “yet the powers that be try do they not? The state of the world is such that the Gallente are no less a slave state than the Amarr; the Republic no less a criminal government than the State. The only difference lies in the semantics.” Mizhara concurs, “you speak the truth… but you fail to see reality. You can never destroy the Republic, the Federation, the state or the Empire. Not by force. You must destroy the falsehoods they create. The lies around them. Reveal the truth and you can burn the cluster until something… new… rises from the ashes. I smile coldly, my hair falling over one eye as I glare defiantly at Miz. “I could care less about governments and all that nonsense. ISK and pleasure are the reasons for my slaughter. What else would the product of vengeance reap?” The preachy nonsense continues, boring me almost to sleep. Korinne raises an eyebrow before turning to glare at one of the guards, a Sebiestor male, whom she notices has been staring at her the wrong way. The Guard meets the glance and wiggles his eyebrows slightly. “Something wrong, my lady? Please, tell me, and I will soothe your aches and bring a smile upon your pretty face,” he says to Korinne, Mizhara interjects quickly, “careful, boy. You’re stepping on claimed ground.”

“Move those eyeballs, otherwise you’re liable to lose them,” Korinne says. I glance at Korinne and shake her head as the guard looks fairly unabashed, but bows his head in what can only be mockery of obedience. “Of course, my Lady, whatever you wish. I did have them removed once. Not pleasant. Survived. No trouble.” Doctor Leander shouts from behind her terminal. “Stop it, now!” Snapping her head towards the shout, her hand darting down, Korinne grimaces slightly, “yes ma’am….” she say with more than a hint of sarcasm. “I’d rather not risk my implants in crossfire, or risk my medi bay Korinne. Ignore then neanderthal and that’s an order.” The guard calmly nods at the doctor, moving to her with a smile. “Ah, Doctor. I’ve been having some slight pain in my shoulder, and old bullet wound. How much do you charge for a consultation? Mizhara Del’thul snorts at the word neanderthal, glancing at the guard. Doctor Leander points to the chair in front of her desk, “take your armour off, show me the arm.” Korinne scoffs at the guards paper thin attempt at a pick-up line making me grin. “As you work for Miz, this one ‘s on the house,” Doctor Leander says as the Guard sits down at the chair, looking very calm as he complies, showing off his sculpted upper body, covered in scars from flogging, whipping and torture, and the old bullet wound. “Thank you, Doctor.” He says. Mizhara glances over, “careful, boy. And Leander? If you get anywhere near his head, I am going to personally kill you. Doctor starts to tend to the man as Korinne gibes Mizhara. “Touchy touchy aren’t we?”

“You might not have noticed what’s on the back wall Korinne…” The Doctor says. “Do you children know who the doctor is? I would have to be extremely injured before I put myself in her care. In fact, I was… and still didn’t take it. I suggest you would consider that when you are injured,” Mizhara adds before she frowns as one guard moves to her side, whispering in her ear. In an instant she has her gun trained on the doctor. “Now… this is interesting. Why do you have Alowas’ head?” Leander shrugs, “he lost it.” Drawing my blade swiftly, the point touching Mizhara’s throat. “If you care about Carm so much, you wont pull that trigger.” Her guards training their weapons on Korinne and myself, the one in the chair just chuckling slightly as she sits and lets the doctor work. “She ‘lost’ it? Don’t fuck with me.” Mizhara asks incredulously. “Alowas was a Sansha spy. William asked me to extract… the extraction failed as the memory overlay fried the neural pathways.” Korinne blinking as the situation suddenly becomes deadly, fingering something in her jacket while trying to look nonchalant, “however, I had a neural scan, so I cryo stored the head and simply relaid the neural pathways.

“Feh… abomination. I’ve heard enough.” Mizhara replies as she aims at the jar, firing continuously down the line of jars, each bullet hitting the heads perfectly in the front. Large calibre explosive rounds. I stand there calmly, the blade not moving at all. “You will, of course be charged for all those,” an angry note in Doctor Leander’s voice. Mizhara holsters the gun, seeing there’s nothing left of Alowas head. “Certainly doctor. It’ll be in the substantial fee I’ll pay you when you move Carmilla to the Masquerade, after she’s stable.” Speaking calmly as she ignores the blade. “Who was Alowas to you Miz?” Leander asks.

“Just another slave. She just didn’t know who she was enslaved to.”

I sheath my sword and step back to where I was. The Sebestior guard keeps glancing at the doctor, then at Dossie and Korinne with various degrees of interest. But most of all, he watches Mizhara. The only times he gets any real emotion on his face. “You really are a glutton for punishment aren’t you,” Korinne says, berating the guard. He glances at Korinne with a raised eyebrow and a sly grin. “Why, whatever do you mean, my lady?”

“Oh nothing… nothing at all,” she replies, grinning and checking her neocom as it chirps. Mizhara Del’thul doesn’t move from Carmilla’s side, but her hand is suddenly on her holster. The guards reacting to Mizhara’s action. I sigh and lean against the door frame. “Please don’t cause a mess in my medi bay. I’d hate to be the poor person to clean all this up.”

“A bit… twitchy are we?” Korinne says, hand on her pistol. Mizhara glowers, “until she is safely at the Masquerade… Well, I wouldn’t suggest sneezing.” Korinne grins, “ah choo ah choo” The Sebestior is the only one who even remotely reacts. “Bless you.” Korinne smiles mirthlessly, “well aren’t you sweet.” He pretends to be taking it seriously. “Why yes, my lady. In fact, I’ve been called so sweet that ladies keep asking me to dabble my fingers in their tea to sweeten it,” he says as he smiles broadly, making Korinne turn back to the Sebiestor, “yes, but I don’t put things in my drink unless I know where they’ve been. call me crazy” I chuckle, “can I steal him? He’s got a sense of humour.”

“He’s already got a date with the doctor. But if you’re willing to share, I doubt he’ll mind.” Mizhara says. I lean back and smile benignly. “I’ll send him back to you in little bits then.” The guard just smiles. “Children… lend me your ears.” Mizhara says as her NeoComm chimes softly. “You have orders to safeguard Carmilla, yes?” I look at the dead eyed woman, “I’d do it without orders. Promises to keep.”

“Good. Because I just got news that your jobs will be a great deal easier. I recommend you notify the station commander that a sizeable fleet will soon be warping in, taking protective orbits around the station. Any ship that threatens the station… will be instantly destroyed.” Korinne pauses, “who’s fleet?” I chuckle. “Nothing will happen unless I order the station destroyed.” Mizhara Del’thul just smiles coldly at Korinne, “my fleet. The Masquerade holds many things… one of them… is the main hangar of the Del’thul family, Du’uma Fiisi, and our forces.”

“They might find that putting up positions around the stations…. difficult with the local denizens,” Korinne says. I nod, “it’s not a bad size fleet either. But it’s a waste of resources.” Mizhara just smiles at korinne and me, “nothing is a waste until Carmilla is safe, all I have goes to her protection. Keep your Guristas off their backs, and they can handle anything else. They’re all veterans of many sieges in the Empire.” Korinne blanches, “it’s not quite that simple, you don’t just camp outside someone’s home. Especially when those someone’s are heavily armed disgruntled outlaws…”

“You say you believe in truth, but the truth you’re not facing up to is you’re a show off and like to take things by force. Why do your pilots follow you? Fear most likely. I’d hardly say you have a winning personality. And the corpse look? So Sansha.” Mizhara glares at me. “The ships are here for her protection, children. No offence, but I trust the Guristas and Leander as far as I can carry this station. They won’t even lock onto a Gurista aligned ship.” I shrug and look over to Korinne. “You’re usually brimming with explosives. Pop a few for me like a good girl, will you?” Korinne pulls a grenade out of her tunic and tosses it slightly in the air and catching it, “sooo, where is this gonna go? It’s up to you.” Mizhara just ignores the grenade, my smile broadening. “I’d rather the corpse on the trolley died at my hand, but a nice big explosion in here would serve my personal agenda fine.”

“Just be quiet children,” Mizhara snaps. “You know all you need to know. Now let me and Carmilla be in peace, will you? You can come to the Masquerade and go twelve rounds with me when she’s safe. Until then, I’ve got more important matters.” Korinne flicks out the pin with a deft thumb as she continues to toss the grenade, “its just another meat puppet as far as I’m concerned.” Mizhara Del’thul narrows her eyes. “And your… sister?” I laugh, “I have no reason to fear death. I am death my dear.”

Korinne shrugs, “she doesn’t mind a little amnesia, as she’s smart enough to keep her clones updated.” I sigh and glares at Miz. “We’ve got a stalemate, haven’t we? I can either ask Korinne to press her button, or walk away,” I say as Mistress Ithiria holos in, looking annoyed staring straight at Korinne and me. “Press the button if you wish, child. I have given the terms. Carmilla will be safe, no matter what. You… tasked with the same… are trying to kill her. Why should I not just soft-clone her in the Masquerade?” Mizhara says as Korinne continues tossing the grenade, following it with her eyes, almost mesmerized, watching the reactions of the others in the room out of her peripherals, she glances at the hologram, “yes Mistress?”

“Dossie, and kor, mind explaining why your threatening a grenade in here with carm, right there?” Our Mistress asks. “They are taking offence to the added defensive measures I’ve taken… A fleet, supporting the station defences.” Mizhara Del’thul says as she grins coldly. “Making sure no… money-strong capsuleers… can pay off the pirate scum to gain access.” Shrugging, I spit in Mizhara’s face and walk out. “Whatever, I’ll kill you another day.”

Much later – Manjonako V:

I enter my private chambers. Passing the opulent golden chair I favour, not even deigning to acknowledge my servants as they bow to me. I cross directly to the striking white marble statue directly opposite the entrance, kneeling before it. I look at the beautiful sculpture of my patron, two of the four arms held out in benediction. Looking at the crimson smeared blade in one of it’s right hands, to the spike-tipped lash in a left. The second set of arms, crossed over the body as if waiting to welcome me into their deadly embrace. I bow again, my forehead touching the cold stone toes, then stand slowly, my head barely level with the statue’s breasts, I take a step back and slide around to the back of my patron’s visage, pushing through the thick, purple velvet curtain.

Kneeling at the altar, an offering as befits my patron led before it. “Am I becoming weak, or is this a new direction?” I ask, the two naked women in front of the altar ignoring me, captured in their drug fuelled sexual ecstasy. Walking over to the women, “it is time,” I say as I leave the altar room, hearing their soft gasps as they finish the rites.

Today – Mistress Ithiria’s tower:

Naked, I yawn and stare across the pond, lost in my thoughts as Korinne stares at the stars as she lays on the grass near the pond beside an elder tree, her hands under her head, restless a Caldari woman stops looking at the two girls and walking forward “alright, who are you” her uniform that of a Deritan paladin, but the mark of Mistresses’ head paladin and personal guard. I raise an eyebrow and look at the Caldari woman. “I am me, and you are?”

“I asked first, and in my Lady’s tower, I do…” she stops seeing the collar, “never mind, you’re one of her submissives or pets?” She says. “Pets dear. I’d still like an answer of who you are.” I respond. “Paladin Commander Raven, Head of my Lady’s personal guard. But you can just call me Raven.” I shrug in response, “uniforms can be faked, but as you’re in Mistresses’ tower, you’re either gifted or allowed. I’m Dossie.”

“Pleased to meet you Dossie, and With the security protocols on this tower, Gifted wouldn’t help.” I smile. “Likewise Raven.” My attention going back to the pond. Raven smiles and moves over to Korinne, “since you’re in here, and seeing my Lady has at least one new pet I would assume you are to?” Korinne ignores Raven and continues staring out, lost in thought, somewhere far away from here. Sitting down, Raven pokes Korinne who ignores her. “Don’t you have something else to do?” Korinne asks shortly. “I am doing my job, and trying to find out who you are, so no, not really,” Sighing, “what do you want,” she responds in a monotone. “To know who you are. And why your in the tower, though I already assume your a pet of hers but what’s your name?”

“If it will make you go away faster, Korinne.” I chuckle softly. Raven smiles, “Well that wasn’t so hard now was it, names raven. So why you zoned off so deep in thought?” She asks, “maybe because its slightly more constructive than witless banter and dumb questions,” Korinne replies hotly. “Its not a dumb question your both here, staring either off into space or into the pond so you’re both thinking of things, and well, wanting to know is never dumb. Korinne raises an eyebrow, still not meeting the woman’s gaze, “well at least you’re not a complete moron.”

“No, morons sit there, using the limited vocabulary to insult and misdirect questions asked of them, so tell me, what are you thinking?” Emitting something between a scoff and a laugh, “hah.” Chuckling, I lay back, pulling the hair pin out and idly turning it through my fingers. “I’m just wondering if I did the right thing yesterday.” Rave looks at me, “what did you do?”

“I didn’t wake up in a fresh clone this morning. So really it’s a question of what I didn’t do.”

“Then what didn’t you do? She looks at korinne, “oh don’t think I forget about you, but the more intelligence of talking to solve something won out, I’ll be back to you in a moment.” I look at her as I reply, “I didn’t tell her,” nodding over to Korinne, “to pull the pin, thus defusing a situation.” I chuckle softly, “in more ways then one. How much can a clone hold in explosive, Kor?”

“Depends, whether they’re transfused or implanted, and how much you’re willing to cut out to make room. in my particular case though, enough to kill everyone within a 50 meter radius outright,” Korinne answers offhand, still looking up. I dig the hairpin into the ground, growling a single word under her breath, “Mizhara…” tenses at the word, Raven asks slowly, “what did that fucking cunt do this time” I shrug as I reply, “didn’t die when I wanted her to. She will sometime in the future. Just need to find when the rivers cross…” my voice trailing off. “Her time will come, but why didn’t you blow her up if I may ask?” “Carmilla…” I sigh, “although destroying the medibay would’ve fulfilled one promise.” Korinne mumbles, “I still kinda wish she hadn’t caught it…”

“Carmilla was there, well then it is good you did not.” I shrug again, “I’ve already told her I’ll kill her. Guess it wasn’t her time.” She looks at me, “Told who, Mizhara or Carm?” She asks, “both. Just waiting for the rivers…” my voice trailing off again. “A suggestion if I may.” Says Raven, “focus on Mizhara, don’t touch Carm Not if you care for Ithi.” Glaring at the Caldari woman, I say flatly, “I do care about Mistress, that’s why Carm isn’t dead and Korinne and myself are still in old clones.” She sighs. “Good, I have been with Ithi now, shit, going on thirty years or so, and harming Carmilla, would be like harming you two, and personally I like Ithi as she is, not in fusion mode,” chuckling at what she said, “I’ve seen the way Mistress handles a blade. Beautiful and deadly, a good combination.”

“Tell ya what, I’ll make you a deal,” she says in a conversational tone, “you two each can ask me any five questions about Ithi you want, as long as I get to as two of each of you in return.” Sitting up, I look around. “Anything?” Raven nods, “anything.” A grin spreading across my face as I chuckle, “How does she like her eggs?” Raven giggles, “scrambled,” she says, sending Kor and myself in to a giggle fit.