Work in Progress – minis.

I went down to the front desk this morning to check if I had mail and got a suprise. The minis I’d ordered had come faster the I expected.

The receptionist gave me an odd look as she handed over the plain, brown box. I took it, smiled sweetly and immediately headed for my room.

That’s the chaos minis cause when one is excited. After tearing open the box and covering my bed in packing peanuts, I set to cleaning up the minis themselves. I used an xacto knife to clean off any tags & mold lines, and an old toothbrush with hot soapy water to clean off any ick. I’m very impressed with the quality and detail on these minis, there wasn’t a great deal of mold lines and mis-cast blobs needed to be cleaned up.

Sorry about picture quality, I really should get my tripod.

So, as you can see, I’m going to be busy and post when the next stage is complete: priming.


4 Responses to “Work in Progress – minis.”

  1. What’s the name of the book on the bed??? And autor??? Just love reading a good fantasy one now and then 🙂

    • The Chroicles of Malus Darkblade Volume 1 by Dan Abnett & Mike Lee. I’ve got volume 2 ready and waiting to be read.
      The main char – Malus – is awesome. xD He’s not the usual “I’m evil, how many babies should I devour today” 2D evil guy, there are some really interesting background bits.

  2. by_the_sword Says:

    Is Malus Darkblade anything like Elric of Melnibone´?

    • I have absolutely no idea. Malus is a tenacious bastard and wont stop until his task is complete. It’s really quite an engaging read, I keep forgetting to shoot things I’m getting into the books so much.

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