An Interesting Business Proposal

My Harpy-class Assault Ship glides through the vacuum of space, 125mm Railgun IIs tearing holes in low-ranking Blood Raider pilots. I yawn, wanting something more interesting to happen.

My NeoComm beeps, alerting me to an incoming private message. Mornkai Lefayet, the Intaki I met in the Grill requesting communication with me. “Hello. How may I help?”

”Ms. Kielle.” Mornkai speaks from the other end of the line. “Have you started missing me already?” I chuckle, how forthcoming of him, “I barely know you. Do you want anything in particular?”

”Well, I am looking for someone that could perform sort of an ‘odd’ job and since you mentioned your expertise in the particular field I thought I’d ask you.” My curiosity peaking, I tilt my head in curiosity “I see. And that odd job would be what exactly?”

”I need a lift outside the slave market that I am in since I have no other means of finding one. I’ve decided that this particular form of slavery exploring is done with and I should move to a new one, potentially in the future. That of marriage. However, I am not allowed to operate any vehicles due to my last ‘non-cleared’ visit in the bar that I met you. So I need someone to get me out. How much would you charge for such a task?” A long-winded fellow, I must say, “what security is this system?” I ask, “it’s low-sec space. The deal is easy. You come in, you buy me with a minimal amount, we fly off, you release me and we’re done. Saves me the ‘escaped’ slave issue and puts ISK in your pocket.”

I chuckle, amused. “Why not just become an escaped slave? It will save you money.” Mornkai Lefayet sighs, “But not peace and quiet. I value my mental health more than my wallet, besides. If it saved me money. What would there be in it for you?” I shrug and look away from the screen, my mind working away. “Maybe this is a trap for all I know. What is there to say the gates aren’t guarded?” Mornkai forwards the market’s location to me to examine. It’s a typical border-like slave market, that appears to have only the usual security. Buyers fly in and out, no trap appears evident. “What would your price be to overcome your suspicion?” He asks, I review the location, checking recent jumps and known ship destruction in the area then nod, “how many jumps from the initial location would you want to be transported?”

”You can drop me off wherever you like. I’d be your slave, well, momentarily. So I suppose that rests upon you.” He smiles, caught up in some private humour. “Price?” He asks. “So I’d therefore get a new pet to do what I wish. What if I decided to keep you?”

He chuckles, “then you wouldn’t be able to drink in your friend’s place any more, what with no slave owners allowed.” I shrug, a neutral expression. “There are many things he doesn’t know about me simply because he’s never asked.”

A momentary pause, “I am willing to take the risk Ms. Kielle. What is your price? I cannot keep this conversation on forever, I am in an Amarrian slave market after all.” I sigh, closing my eyes and think for a moment, “the price the slaver is asking for you plus 6mil for the courier job.”

Lefayet nods and speaks calmly, “I’ll counter-deal that. I’ll give you one hundred million, the slaver price will be 1 ISK. I am head slave/assistant after all, and I have the ability to change prices. Or sell status.” He smiles again, “one hundred million. Plus a complimentary boot shine.” Blinking, my expression becoming businesslike. “I’ll make the necessary arrangements.” Mornkai nods, the comm channel going blank.

Things are about to get interesting, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.


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