Mehatek Slave Market

I step in to the Slave market, glancing up as I halt under a sign saying ‘Mehatek Slave Services: Providing the finest in servants for your every need!’

It was the open air affair, meant to invoke the great planetside markets of old, despite being tucked away on an orbital station in Ohide. Auctioning stands were available to show off more highly trained slaves – elsewhere, common stock being traded in and out of cells at an incredible rate. A large number of slaves walking free and unfettered, but many were led in chains, their ragged clothing attesting to their recent capture. At a glance, I noted the guards wielding shock-tipped whips and prods. The entire camp, dotted with stations to enact transactions and patrolled by highly trained guards carrying both non-lethal and deadly weapons. By the looks on the trader’s faces, security had been increased. The number of guards accompanied by hovering drones patrolling far more numerous than I was used to. I sigh, lamenting my vow to never come to another of these places – hoping this visit didn’t end the same as my last.

Mornkai Lefayet puts his cigarette out, eyes narrowed. The day is hot, the sounds of slaves being dragged to training houses echoes in the background. Mornkai himself is waiting close to the main offices. With Deshat gone, he runs the place along with her assistant. After the latest show of brutality he had witnessed, he had set his plan in motion of getting out of here. And was now waiting for the stranger that would come help him execute it…

I stride in purposefully, my long purple robe made of fine Amarri silk rustling slightly as I move. Looking around, I spot then walk straight towards Mornkai, glaring at slave traders and hawkers alike trying to sell me their wares. “Okay, let’s get this over with, shall we?” I say quietly.

Mornkai inclines his head and bows. Holding his smile back as Deshat’s assistant comes over. He seems suspicious, knowing fully well that Mornkai is Mehatek’s favourite slave. He offers the purchase papers and datapad to me, informing me of Mornkai’s physical characteristics, gross value, and so on. Mornkai remains silent in the meanwhile.

I chuckle then eye Mornkai, my grin widening as I read more personal details then I thought I’d ever learn. With a nod and a flourish, I sign off the purchase papers and hand them back to Mornkai. “Everything looks to be in order.” Lefayet keeps a straight face, even as the assistant shoves his shoulder violently so as to push him towards Dossie. Grunting at Mornkai “Follow your new Mistress, dog,” he leaves, quite happily to see competition for running the place leave. Glaring and making an obscene gesture at the assistant. “I’d rather you didn’t touch my new slave, shall I bill you for any damage to my property?” I growl. The assistant offers a grimace, but also an apologetic bow as he walks away to the main buildings. Mornkai smiles slightly and looks at me. “Time to head to your ship, Mistress Kielle?” Shrugging and producing a golden chain, hooking it to my new possession’s collar and roughly dragging him from the market to where I’d left my vessel, Mornkai in the meanwhile doesn’t protest at being leashed in such a manner. Patient, keeping a flat and respectful expression, follows me, or my orders in any way they come.

I chuckle and lead Mornkai away. “I came here in style today, my Megathron has a nice dark hole for new pets.”

“One that I hope I will not have to witness. I can’t see very well in the dark and it would make the transfer of the money difficult. It’s so easy to select the wrong recipient, in my age and all.” The young man smiles but follows me to my Megathron, indeed curious as to what it may look like from up close, from inside. I grin, stopping momentarily by the view ports, pointing out into the bay. “There she is.” Mornkai halts behind me and looks at the magnificent vessel. Not a man to awe at anything, he does not at this moment either. But a smile forms on his face as he speaks, “She is beautiful, ‘Mistress’. Almost as beautiful as your boots. And nowhere near as beautiful as you.”

Chuckling and tugging slightly on the leash. “Flattery wont get you anywhere with me.” I say as I lead him away from the market. “Knowing full well that I am en route to your ship and away from here, I am not looking to get anywhere else. For now.” He chuckles in return, “shall we? Before they realise I just sold myself off for 1 ISK?” I grin and nods, leading the way to my ship. “I’d hate to get into a fight with another slaver, so let’s be off.” He smiles, following, staying within leash’s range. Only to let a sigh of relief as I open ship ready take him away from there. Cranking his neck some, eyeing me with a smile. “am I supposed to boot clean and pay you while in a leash? Or do we get this thing off?”

I sigh and un-clip the leash, gesturing inside the ship as the bay doors open. “Welcome to my vessel.”

“Thank you,” he smiles and steps inside looking around as he removes his collar as well and offers it to me, “want to keep this as a souvenir?”

Taking the collar and giggling, re-locking it and twirling it around me finger. “Follow me, the bridge is up her,” I say, leading him to an elevator. Mornkai smiles and follows. He’s dressed up in slave clothes still, though the bag of belongings he is carrying holds his most prized possessions cloth-wise, soon to be worn. He enters the elevator after me. The elevator stops, and I step out and point off to the left towards the crew’s quarters, “you can change in there, I’ll be on the bridge getting ready to leave.” I gesture ahead of me then walk in that direction.

Mornkai nods and takes a left. A few minutes pass before he steps out. Boots, jeans, a well-worn black shirt and a long coat complete the picture of the rough drifter, his face unshaven. Those curly locks of his falling wildly on his pale face and with a cigarette hanging between his lips he approaches her, datapad in the ready, “what comes first then, Mistress. Payment or freedom?”

“Get changed then we’ll sort out the payment, once we undock, you’re free.” I respond without glancing back. “I have changed. You can look over your shoulder, I’m pretty sure you won’t crash the thing anywhere.” He smiles as walk across my bridge then sit down, running through the pre-flight checks, look back, “I’m heading to the grill. Want me to drop you off some place in between?”

“The grill is fine. I could do with a drink.” He replies, I giggle and shrug out of my robe. My form-fitting black top showing off the shape of my body as I start the undock procedure. “You and I both, it’s been a while since I went to a flesh market.”

“Given as to the quality of what you just purchased, I don’t blame you. You have a terrible taste in slaves if I may say so.” He grins and chuckles as well then places a hand on my seat’s top and watches the undocking process. “Take a seat,” I say, gesturing towards a drinks cabinet, “I have a good selection of Gallentean wine, Amarri and Matarri spirits. No Caldari stuff as it’s all bland.”

“Gallentean will do fine.” He takes a seat near the cabinet and opens it. Going through the bottles he pulls a dark red one out then looks at her, “one glass, or two?” I shrug and point to a bottle with a gold stopper. “Make it 3 glasses of that. Leave one on the top.” Mornkai looks at the bottle he chose then places it back. He pulls out my choice of a drink and fills up three glasses. Leaving one on the top he smiles. “Are the other two for me? I can just as easily drink from the bottle you know.” chuckling as the ship leaves the docking bay. “It’s an offering for friends gained and lost.”

“Another tradition that I wasn’t aware of… Tsk. How inconsiderate of me.” He rises and brings my glass before taking a seat to enjoy his own drink, “if this is how your slaves experience life, I might consider keeping my current role.” I glance over. “You’d live to regret that decision.”

“You don’t even know what I’ve seen or what I had to face in my life. You’re a rough woman, I’m sure. But I’ve seen a lot…So don’t put your money on that bet or you might end up giving me back all that I’m about to give you.” Shrugging as I start on the journey to the Grill. “I’m not in the market for slaves, anyway. Not for a long time.” I sigh, taking a deep appreciative sniff of the fine, red wine. “I’m not looking to become one in the near future. It was merely a joke, Ms. Kielle. Though I can’t help but notice a hint of remorse in your decision to be absent from the slave market? Or was it just me?” My expression becomes distant, tapping the display, “I earnt good money shopping around. I played the market and sold high quality merchandise to good people. I agree with what you said in the Grill – not all slaver owners are bad people.” Mornkai sips from the glass, savouring the taste of the wine only to nod quietly before saying anything “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” I smile and raise my glass, “to freedom.”

“I won’t drink to that, if you don’t mind,” he raises his own glass. “I learnt a lot being someone’s slave. So instead, I’ll drink to…” He pauses momentarily. “Self exploration. Finding our purpose. New friends. All such more important to me than freedom.” I chuckle and nod. “To self exploration. My we all live fulfilled lives.” Mornkai sips from the glass, setting it down “I owe you too much already.”

”You’re welcome to a little drink from my cabinet. I don’t have guests aboard often and that bottle was a gift,” I reply

”Appreciate it.” He nods, not inquiring as to the bottle’s origin. If she wanted to speak of it, she would without him asking. “It’s a fine wine. And you did come and get me out of there. For a good fee yes, but still. I believe there’s nothing as dependable in this life, as someone who can be bought for a job.” I chuckle and point out of the viewscreen. “And here we come to the grill.” Mornkai smiles and nods, finishing his drink. “After tasting this, anything else will seem of much less quality. Thank you once more, Ms. Kielle.” Smiling and nodding as my vessel drops from warp. “I have friends of discernible tastes. That wine was brewed in the Empress’ personal vineyards.”

“Well, given the time I’ve spent in her lands doing errands. I deserved a glass of that at least!” He chuckles, as I call in to station control, beginning the docking procedure. “Well, I’ll give you the tour another time.”

”Sounds fine by me.” He smiles and waits for the ship to dock, before he heads for the grill. Halting, he turns, “your payment?” Shrugging as I slip my robe back on. “Just transfer it when you’re ready.”

“The payment was broken in two bits.” He says calmly, tapping the ISK transfer across. I bow my head slightly as I head towards the elevator, “What you’ve given is more than plenty. I thank you for your patronage.”


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  1. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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