Rumor has it miss Kielle, is you do some jobs for hire, I might have a job for , but would perfer meeting face to face to discuss such possiblities.

Ithiria Deritan
9th House
Khanid Kingdom

Making all speed, I arrive at the destination, my Manticore-class Stealth Bomber de-cloaking and slipping silently in to the docking bay. I leave the ship and head towards the estate. To think I wanted to kill Morn, I think as I arrive, looking around.

As I enter the room and glance around, a grin slowly spreading over my face. I stops a few meters from the client’s chair and bow gracefully, my black combat jacket creaking slightly as I look at the Amarri woman. “You requested my presence, Ma’am?” Ithiria Deritan smiles looking at me, “Dossie Kielle welcome, Sorry for the location, but its the only place I know is completely secure, from eyes and ears unless they are mine, and yes I might have a job, that will pay well.” I nod, resting a hand on my hip, expression unreadable. “Name the job and price. Normally I don’t work for strangers, but Morn has mentioned you many times.”

Him and Carmilla have mentioned you as well, The job is simple, I need someone found, watched and reported on, someone seemingly not attached to me” Ithiria replies. I take out a datapad. “Name of the person?”

Gherena Del’thul , I have met her once or twice, but I know next to nothing on her, and well, there is personal interests at stake.” I write the name on my datapad, nodding as I do so, “any idea where this Del’thul usually hangs around?”

I have seen her at the Grill, and the skyhook,” Ithiria said, I make a note on the datapad. “I see.” Ithiria Deritan smiles, “payment will be 10 million ISK, plus more depending on info.” Putting the datapad away, I smile, “I’ll get to that as soon as I can. I’d have to say I like what you’ve done with your place.” Ithiria Deritan smiles looking at me closely, “why thank you.” I grin, “Morn never mentioned your line of business.”

I’m a holder, and CEO of a Industrial Corporation, this is just a side venture, a personal one” She says by way of reply, making me laugh quietly. “It’s an interesting side line you have. I’ve dabbled in the slave market a few times.”

So I have heard, otherwise you wouldn’t have found morn at Deshat’s market. Well, more so I have assumed. Though my slaves do not see this room, my subs do.” Smiling as I nod, looking around the room. “Well, my old subs did, lacking in those at the moment.”

That’s a shame,” I turns, looking back at Ithiria and smile, “so you’re looking for new pets too, I assume. Is that why I’m digging into the mark’s history?”

The mark would never be a pet, that much I know from who her sister is.” Her response containing some venom, “but perhaps…” I turn back, facing the woman, hands on my hips, tilting my head in curiosity as I looks at her. “Perhaps what, Ma’am?” Ithiria smirks softly, “oh just admiring the view is all.” Giggling, I turn around, bending over slightly. “I might have to charge extra for the view.” Ithiria smiles and looks it over “And I might just have to take the view in my own way,” she shakes her head softly, “what is it with me and White Rabbits?” Wriggling my rear a little I say, “maybe it’s the long ears. Ma’am.” Ithiria smiles at my rear “mhmm, that or the nice firm tails” she smiles again as I turn around and look at Ithiria, grinning, “now, you know teasing a Mistress in her domain is not always the best idea.” I shrug in response, placing a hand on my hip again. “I’m willing to take that risk, Ma’am.” She smiles eyes roaming, my body, “really now, you sure you want to take that risk?” I nod in response, my eyes roaming over her. “I know when a calculated risk is worth it, Ma’am. It furthers the career of one such as myself.” Ithiria smiles and nods, “come here then, closer to me,” her tone soft, yet something behind it. I take two steps forward, hands on my hips. Ithiria Deritan smiles and stands. “You are positive, you up are up for the risk of showing things and teasing a Mistress in her domain?” Chuckling in response, I undo my jacket, letting it slip to the floor. My close-fitting black shirt showing off the shape of my body. “I never take un-calculated risks, Ma’am.” Ithiria smiles and looks at me, eyes on my face, a twinkle in her eye as she reaches down and presses a button locking the door, “then calculate the risk of getting out of here without calling me Mistress.” My eyes sparkling with a mischievous glint. “That depends, Ma’am. How long do you have?”

Ithiria Deritan smirks, “all bloody night” I grin and turn my back on her, bending and stretching my legs, my tight pants giving Ithiria a good view of my rear. “Well, lets get down for the long run then, Ma’am…”

Everything passed in a blur, I entered Mistress Ithiria’s estate with an offer of a job, and left with a collar. As I reach the docking bay, idly fingering the collar around my neck, I stop for a moment, looking at my ship, reflecting. “Well, that gives me more of an incentive to find out what I can about this person,” I say quietly to myself.


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  1. Waiting for this story to continue Dossie 🙂

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