I’m leaving the Guristas. It was a tough choice, but one I’ve been agonising over for the past few weeks.

Strange to think that I wont be a member of the Guristas Associates Alliance, but they’ll always have a place in my heart. “What are the Disciples like?” I asked Mei. “They’re okay,” she replied in her usual offhand way. To most people it’s a negative response – obviously if they’re okay, they’re not very good. If you knew Xiao Mei like I do, you’d understand. Her view on the way the Northern Coalition are thrashing their Southern counterparts is a nonchalant ‘not bad.’ That’s her equivalent of ‘great,’ or maybe even ‘awesome,’ I enjoy her company, such an understated woman. And really quite straight forward.

But, I digress, my thought process is a little chaotic as of late.

I’ll always see you, Mr. Chopin as my father. Being raised by you, Ms Rheyne and a surrogate family. But it’s time I moved on for a while. Things haven’t been the same for a long time, and my doubts pushed even further by the actions of a few, nameless imbecile. No use stroking their over-inflated egos as they know who they are, and regardless to my personal feelings towards Guristas – I will destroy them at every given opportunity.

The move to my new home didn’t go off as smoothly as I’d have liked. Seraphina – old friend and a former Rabbit – flew as point, scouting ahead of my Badger II hauler, carrying supplies I’d need for a long-term stay in my new base of operations.

Most of the journey was fine until we were shadowed by a Malediction-class Interceptor. For several jumps he tailed us, dogging our every move until finally, he got me. Never have I had the need to put defenses on my haulers so he made light work of the Badger, then swiftly chewed on my pod as well. Fine, great, I’d have prefered to keep those implants as they took a lot of work getting.

Well, all is not lost. I’d recently fit my Ares-class Interceptor and she’s a great vessel – despite looking somewhat of a perky nipple. Being myself and prowling around my usual haunts back when I was a Rabbit – hah, I’m talking as though it’s been a long time since joining Disciples. Searching the belts in Usi, I landed in belt VI – 3, a Retriever and a Hurricane-class Battlecruiser sat beside a container. I hesitate for a moment, calling up both pilots information; both fresh capsuleers, not long out of their respective academies. Excellent, I think, immediately locking the ‘Cane and turning that filthy yellow can to a nice pristine white – fools never learn when I leave local for even a few days. It was odd seeing [DONIG] tagged on the jet can instead of [TWR], but sometimes it’s good to have a change in direction.

The Hurricane pilot engages me, bringing a smile to my face, and I immediately open fire, throwing a graviton beam from the Warp Scrambler II and webify his lumbering, rust-coated wedge he called a ship. The Retriever pilot fled as I started to slowly chew through the Battlecruiser’s shields. Slowly his shields fell, the Null S rounds not packing enough of a punch so I switched to Void. The furious scourge of modified antimatter rounds tearing rents into his armor. Proximity alert, incoming vessel. Harbinger-class Battlecruiser. Now, this is more fun then searching for WTs that don’t want to play, my mind telling me, lost in battle lust. As sure as foolish Serpentis pilots get obliterated by my Rattlesnake or Gila, his Hurricane opened like a flower, exploding in a flurry of bright light. I revelled in his destruction then came around, warping out of range of the Harbi. Maybe if I were in a tougher vessel, but not the Interceptor, not enough damage output. That said – the ‘Cane pilot had no mid- or low-slot modules which made me ponder if the Harbinger was similarly fitted. Perhaps it was not his time to learn valuable lessons at my hands.


One Response to “Directions”

  1. Sad to see you go Dossie.. and hope not included in those few “imbeciles” you wrote abouth. Good luck in your new home and im realy hoping we do see you back within our ranks soon again. WIll trow an eye here from time to time to check up on you.

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