Guard Duty

I awake this morning and immediately get a message: “Dossie, we’re on guard duty. Grab a fast ship and make your way to the following co-ordinates.”

Excellent, I think, immediately running to the bays, calling my crew on the way, “prepare my Hookbill for launch, we’re on guard duty.”

Fourteen swift jumps later, I arrive in the target location and set about joining a portion of the fleet in guarding the in gate.

We wait.

And wait.

Gate fire, one of our targets lands in the system. Immediately, I begin targeting protocols, my Warp Disruptor module and missile launchers primed and ready. Target lock acquired, the target’s Drake-class Battlecruiser pointed, Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missiles streaking towards him. We make quick work of his shields, his vessel annihilated swiftly under the sheer volume of fire. I readdress and attempt to lock his capsule. Too slow as he warps away, his pod barely escaping.

I relieve myself from my current post and dock up, I’d moved my Rattlesnake and Ares to the system a few days ago, knowing we’d have a deployment there. Switching to Caerbannog’s Revenge, I undock and warp to the POS in need, Medium Armor Bots flying to aid in the repair of the tower’s defences.

After spending some time on repairing the damaged gun emplacements, I leave the logistics guys to their job and switch back to my Hookbill, joining another potion of the fleet that were guarding the station our targets were docked in. In accordance to CONCORD laws, we weren’t allowed to just dock and obliterate our targets from within the station which is disappointing, my crew are well versed in guerilla combat as well as running ship systems.

“I’d much rather be out hunting for targets then sitting here waiting for one of these weak fools to leave the station,” I say over the fleet comms channel. The resounding agreements heartened me, though. Looks like these Defi4nce Alliance pilots are my kind of people.

We waited again. Such boring tedious waiting, when my excitement peaked – two of our targets undocked in shuttles, I started lock procedures on both but was too slow, their shuttles entering warp before I could lock either of them. A shame I don’t have a Heavy Interdictor, really. According to Mei, a well fitted Phobos can lock a shuttle in a second, fast enough to stick a graviton beam into the warp core and disrupt them. Well, I will be training for one before the Thanatos-class Carrier.

Not much happened after apart from one of our targets talking nonsense in local. We left soon after as the POS was taken down to be transported elsewhere.


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