Due to the need of some things needing to be changed, people leaving the corp – looking at experience, skills etc some corp changes are being made.

Second Dossie Kielle is now one of the corps FC’s working on smaller scale gangs and fleets. roamers etc.

I’m what now? Since when? I stare blankly at the internal Corp mail outlining a few changes. So, I’ve become a director here at an acquaintence’s recommendation.

As one of the most experienced capsuleer combat pilots in the Disciples, it was an obvious choice. But really, me? Mistress, I wont let you down, but giving me power is like sticking a giant red flashey button on a wall with warning tape around it and the words ‘do not press’ in big, bright, neon lights.

In celebration, I pick up my Ares-class Interceptor and head out, picking up an old friend – Seraphina Oriana. We meet and formulate a plan, “I have my locators looking for war targets as we speak,” she says. I nod, smiling as I think back to what Seraphina was like when we met. Bloody carebears, I think, getting interrupted from my reverie as Sera begins speaking. “He’s in Niyabainen.”

We head over in our Interceptors, Seraphina’s Crusader-class Interceptor named ‘The Claw,’ and mine, ‘Perky Nipple.’

The target undocks his vessel – a Vindicator-class Battleship. This might not go well, my mind racing as I shrug inwardly, hoping it would go fine. Engaging his impressive vessel Sera joins in. “I’m being webbed and scrambled,” I broadcast over comms, thinking that maybe this wasn’t the best idea I’ve had in a while. Quickly – and I do mean extremely fast – his Ogre Heavy Attack Drones and Heavy Neutron Blaster IIs tore into my ship, and swiftly pounding my Perky Nipple to flaccid. I warp off and The Claw swiftly followed me into oblivion.

Lesson learnt.


2 Responses to “Promotion”


    And yeah… I was a big carebear when we met…. Now I’m a carebear with razor sharp teeth! \o/

  2. Paul Brosnan Says:

    Grats Dossmeister, make sure you keep the entirety of low and nullsec afraid of perky nipples, y’know, just like the amarr are… >.>

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