“Dossie, come with me.” I’m broken out of my reverie, “yes, Mistress,” I respond, following her. The long walk to the lower levels of her tower feeling like a walk of shame. I sigh inwardly knowing what she was about to do; my punishment for disobeying her.

Okay, maybe you don’t know what happened…

A few days ago, things were a little tense, big sister and Mistress were high in emotions and Korinne wasn’t in the best of moods. Myself? Calm and collected as always, despite being told by a former employer that he would seek employees from other places due to noticing my collar. Fool.

Korinne and myself excuse ourselves to the gardens and sit, quietly and contemplating the ripples upon the surface when we heard a wail. Big sister had obviously found something that displeased her. We rush to Mistresses chambers to find a male in front of big sister as she spits and snarls like an angered feline. Korinne reacting and diving in, arm locked around his throat and kneeing the back of his leg so her weight drags him down. Good girl, I thought, noticing his hand going towards his hip. Gun. Bastard wont get a shot off before my steel tastes his blood. Swift as a Minmatar firing their technologically deficient projectile weapons at the nearest golden, phallic object, I drew my blades and held one to the side of his neck. Ooh, Esna. Quite a surprise, I thought, not allowing my shock show whilst big sister wrapped her delicate fingers around his throat. Gods I love that girl. So calm and beautiful, yet deep within burns the fire of a huntress.

Mistress finally enters and orders us to unhand the manhandled oaf. We didn’t listen. A while after, Mizhara appeared… that woman. At least her slaver hounds were charming. We were excused so Mistress could speak to the walking corpse, so I went and entertained myself. After a short while of playing ‘bounce the sausage off the slaver,’ I went to see what Korinne and big sister were up to.

Playing with Esna again, this time in the dojo. It seemed that Korinne had cajoled big sister into throwing her hatred at the poor, misguided idiot because she started up the combat drones without safeties. From my doorway vantage point, I saw the man get knocked down by a drone or two, then violently combusted his clone. Fool, weakling. Well, once the drones were disabled, I went back to my game of ‘bounce the sausage off the slaver’ and was joined by Korinne soon after. We had a nice chat that I wont get into the details of then left the hounds to guard the room that Mizhara and Mistress were talking in. A while later, Mizhara left and Mistress come to the garden.

That’s the shortened story, back to yesterday.

She took me down to what can only be described as a playroom and told me to strip and stand with my legs apart. I knew something was going to happen, so I stripped nervously then stood in the position Mistress told me to whilst she was busy rummaging around in her various boxes of fun things.

By the look on her face, I knew for sure I wasn’t going to like it. I gasped and bit my lip as she slide a remote controlled egg inside me then locked a chastity belt around my waist and left. I stood there, grief, shame, sadness… Normally it wouldn’t bother me, I’d hack the blasted thing off and be done with. But this is different, I disobeyed my Mistress and deserved the punishment.

As I finally made my way back to the garden, I knelt there ashamed of my actions. The rest of the evening was lost to the rivers of time. Oh, and attempting to ignore that pulsing, vibrating egg that was inside me. The few moments I can remember were that woman appearing, two cold and wet noses pressing against me, some water and an explosion of pleasure and pain…

But good news, that infernal device that has given this clone many new scars on my thigh has been removed and my Rattlesnake has been recalled for another upgrade. I pray to every God I can think of that it’s just a structure upgrade as was rumoured and nothing to ruin how I’ve spent a large sum of money to set up.


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