Missing guests

I dock up in the Disciples bar then breeze casually through security, my long, purple silk qipao swishing as I walk. “Oh, did I miss the party?” I ask as I move to the bar, ordering some tea. Noticing Korinne, I shrug and take my tea, sitting next to her. “I see you came late as well,” she comments.”Fashionably late due to drooling over the new hull design for Caerbannog. I’ve fallen in love with another of my vessels. More so, I should say.”

Korinne lowers her voice, speaking quietly to me, still staring off into some unknown part of her mind, “I wonder where they went, any idea?” Confused, I look around, “Mistress and big sister?” I ask. She nods in response.

I sniff the air, a foul presence as Mizhara Del’thul walks in with narrowed eyes and looking like murder. “Where are they? Don’t fuck too much with me now, girls, I’ve looked everywhere, and your big sister’s not responding to messages. If you know where they are let me know.” The vile talking corpse demands. Korinne just stares at the woman from behind her mask and shrugs. “Your guess is as good as mine.” I say flatly, as Anslo – a member of my Corp shifts in his seat nervously, looking over at us. The corpse pipes up with it’s party trick again, “can you track her implant? She’s probably in deeper trouble than she’s ever been in. She needs to be found, and I’m fairly certain Ithiria knows where she is, Or is already there.”

“Even if I could track them, I don’t like nor trust you enough to divulge any information. Sit down and have a drink or do whatever you want.” My disdain plain, bright as day in my response and features. “You care that little for your big sister, Dossie? I got the feeling she’s extremely close to you. Apparently your care for her was exaggerated.” Meanwhile Anslo is twitching nervously groaning under his breath, “please don’t blow up….please don’t blow up.” Mizhara barely glances at Anslo as I respond, “I don’t know where they are.”

”She couldn’t have said it better. Haven’t seen either since I’ve been here.” Korinne added. “And before you came here?” Asked the flesh puppet. “I’ve not long arrived, seems my Rattlesnake drew a large amount of my attention.” I answer. “I see. If you care about her, find her. She’s going to need her sisters more than ever. I’m serious about this, Dossie… She needs you.” the corpse turns around and makes to leave. Swallowing my pride I call out to the woman, “Mizhara, wait.” It stops at the door. “What?”

“If you know anything, tell me. Do you have even the remotest idea where they are?”

“None,” she responds truthfully, “Ithiria sent her off as if she was just property to Jasmin Til and Seraphim. She’s not there, and nor is Ithiria. Don’t know where they went after that. Not the tower. I Contacted your sister’s estates. The servants hadn’t seen her. She probably doesn’t want to see anyone right now, but she needs it. Never in her life has she been this vulnerable, we have to find them.”

“What do you know,” Korinne sneers, “you know something, or you wouldn’t be hinting this strongly.” Gritting my teeth and clenching my fists, I look over to Korinne. “I don’t like this woman either, but if big sister and Mistress are in trouble, we need all the help we can get.” Korinne sighs and uncrosses her arms as she moves to rise, “Let’s take this elsewhere”

“I told you what I know. I saw Ithiria throw her aside as so much trash, to one of the people she fears the most. I can’t find Ithiria, and I can’t find her. I don’t think Ithiria realizes what she’s done. Just find her. I’ll keep looking.” So the corpse does have something more then a swinging brick behind those sagging, cold breasts, I think as Mizhara walks out without another word. Eliza ‘Dame Death’ looks over at me, “Ithi’s in trouble?” She asks. I glance over to her, not saying a word then leave quickly.

I begin my approach the docking ring, sending signals to control, Korinne not far behind. The Docking Manager sends a firm message, arming defences. “Unidentified ships, take a holding pattern and await confirmation on security status. Fail to comply, and you will be shot down.” What a fool, I think as I chuckle softly, replying to planet born simpleton, “I’d doubt Mistress or my sister would like that and I highly doubt you could afford to replace my vessel. Let Korinne and myself dock unless you want to suffer your Lady’s wrath.”

“I highly doubt my Lady would consort with murderous criminals! Pilot Korinne, break away, or be destroyed, Criminal! And pilot Kielle, I am going to assume you are with the criminal?” The idiot docking manager responds as Korinne re-engages her Manticore’s cloak, signalling me to be ready. Ready, for what? Please don’t do anything stupid, thousands of scenarios running through my mind as I begin targeting protocols on the weapons emplacements. “I’d rather we docked in peace. Let us in. Now.” A message blinks on my NeoComm, ‘on your mark.’

Proximity alarms begin shrilling as four Anathema bearing Deritan decloak and begin their own targeting protocols on my ship making it four Covert Ops ships bearing my Mistresses insignia and twenty or so planetary gun emplacements. Well, this would be a fun fight if I hadn’t come with the intention of peace. “Damnit, I’m calling in the Navy!” The docking manager squeals, noticing the new vessels. The lead Anathema hails me, “Disciples of night Rattler Disengage or we will fire.” Wait, what? Oh for… when I go out looking for a fight I get nothing. Should I have come wearing a space suit and riding a modified Torpedo? Great Gods below, why does everyone want a fight when I’d rather…

Korinne decloaks, blind firing her torpedoes directly at the comms array, quickly recloaking. What the fuck? Korinne… A new voice calls over the communications system, “unidentified pilots. The Imperial Navy has been notified. Prepare for death. No one. No one threatens my people!”

Korinne sighs before responding, “couldn’t just let us land could you.” Angered, I growl low in my throat as I speak slowly, “I did not open fire. Disengage, I’m only here to make sure my big sister and Mistress are fine.”

“D-Dossie? Why are you attacking my estates?” The voice asks. Where do I know you from… “She is trying to find you,” Korinne says, “Corporal Screws-about here had to get all uppity though.”

“You fired upon my estates, sister? What…”

“Order your friend to disengage, you are risking her life by firing on her location.” The lead Anathema pipes up. Fucking non-capsuleer pilots, shut the fuck up, I’m trying to figure out where I know this voice from… “Attacking?” I demand, incredulous, “I didn’t open fire. Korinne, disengage and warp out before I blow you up myself.” The familiar voice sounds cold and dangerous. “Korinne. Dossie. Ithiria is just fine. Get out, get into orbit. I’ll call off the navy for now if you leave.” Big sister? As Korinne warps off, the voice speaks again, “Dossie, you too. The Navy is informed of a Rattlesnake being part of an estate attack, they will shoot first… please. Leave… and I… I can straighten this out… I hope.” The Deritan Anthemas Unlock me, not recloaking. I sigh, “yes sister, I’ll be nearby.” Closing off the comms channel, I head into orbit.

“Dossie, Kori get your asses down here now,” Mistress all but growls down the channel, her anger clear in her voice. I acknowledge and fly Caerbannog’s Revenge back, disgorging my Ogre drones and holding for a moment before recalling them and landing.

Big sister just stands there, staring at us, anger and authority written clearly on her face. “Dossie, Korinne. Do you two girls mind telling me exactly why you attacked my estates and endangered my people?”

Korinne shrugs as she speaks, “it’s just a comms array, I’ll buy you a new one. Wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t trying to bring the navy in.” I glare at Korinne then look at big sister. “I didn’t attack, I simply came here because of the way Mizhara was acting.”

”Yes, we had cause to worry,”

“Just a comms array? There’s nine techs in there! I just got the report, four! Four lives lost!” Big sister was pissed.

“Significantly…” Korinne adds quietly.

“I have read the transcript. You were told to just break away. What on earth possessed you to attack?” She asks. Korinne sighs, rubbing at her temples, “You’ve made your point. Concern makes people behave rashly, we get it.” I shrug nonchalant, “I was feeling stand-offish. All I’d have done was shoot in the docking bay doors and entered.”

“With the Navy coming down on you? You… you…” big sister trails off as Mistress sighs, looking at us. “Let me guess, something like, they’re in danger find and rescue them?”

“Well neither of you were responding…” Korinne says

”Did anyone try ? I never got a message via comp or implant, except for someone pinging my corp implant.”

I sigh, “not far off what the corpse said, Mistress. Something in her demeanour made us worry and I’d rather make sure you are both okay then sit idly by waiting for news.” Still talking to herself quietly, big sister mumbles, “four lives… on my estate. What kind of danger were we in on my damned estate? Bringing down a wanted criminal, and warships… and attacking? Killing? Oh God, I’ve failed my people. How am I to tell the families.”

Mistress thinks for a moment looking around, “can I get a list please, and Dossie and Kori, I do have to compliment you on a faster response to save us. But, also make sure unless you’re locked up, don’t shoot first. listen and try even slight talk, I am betting if you had said, you were here looking for me or your big sister, they would have called us.”

I sigh and mumble under my breath. “I had no intention on opening fire, and I did say I was looking for you and big sister.”

“With a wanted criminal in tow,” big sister adds, “I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Our sister is a criminal, flying something capable of levelling the estate in one strike. She was given the option of breaking off…” I shrug. “I’m wanted by Caldari Intel because of my links to the Guristas.”

”Dossie, I’m not judging. I love you, I love Korinne,” big sister says quietly, “but why did she attack my people? All she had to do was break away… Give them time to find me… contact me. Dossie, come here,” she walks over to me, as I shake my head, looking towards the door, “it would’ve been better if I’d come here alone.” Mistress meanwhile transmits the names of the families to my implant, “take you sister, apologize, and talk to them, then return here, after big sister talks to you of course”

Big sister looks at me for a few moments then grabs me and holds me tight. “I love you, sister. I love Korinne. But I can’t forgive the murder of four people. Not yet. I need time for that. Please… I still love you both, but this is too hard.” Hugging my big sister, I sigh then break the hug, bowing to Mistress as I speak, “I love you too, sister. Next time I’ll have Korinne bound and gagged in my hold if we’re unsure of the situation.” I turn on my heel and march out the room, grabbing Korinne by the collar of her clothes, dragging her roughly with me. Mistress meanwhile heads out, sending a quick message to Kori and myself, “when you’ve finished apologizing, return to the tower.”

We both nod acknowledging, “right, lets go sort this mess out,” I say, still dragging Korinne.


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