“We found him, he’s in Jeras just off planet four.” The news I had been waiting for. It’s been too long. The time for revenge is now. “Roger that, on my way.”

I run through the plan in my mind again. It was going to be a simple attack, a Frigate to lock down his warp drive and my Megathron-class Battleship to tear him apart.

We land on the Jeras gate in Usi, awaiting the all-clear. “Ghost to Phantom, I am in position. Jump through and warp to my position at five kilometres.” I acknowledge, then begin the jump procedure, my tackler jumping in with me. “Align; planet four. Initiating gang warp now.” Our warp drives link, heading to our target. My pulse racing as we get closer.

Visual range.

I see a lone Raven-class Battleship. Hailing him over the local beacon, “Julian Dale, you were responsible for the destruction of my father’s Hulk-class Exhumer in this very system not ten years past. I and my crew are the only survivors. Redemption is at hand.” Immediately locking up his ship, my tackler quickly engaging his warp disruptor before the target could escape. Four seconds to lock, come on, my drones deploying as I ready my Neutron Blaster Cannons. “Target lock acquired, you can warp out now, thanks guys,” my Warp Scrambler, Webifier and guns opening up on him, I send my Infiltrator II drones in for the kill. With the tackler gone, he begins to focus on me. My vessel shudders as the first wave of missiles begin hitting my ship – Wraith Cruise Missiles, how predictable of a State sponsored bastard. “Stupid bitch, the State will hunt you down and destroy every last part of your precious Guristas, and you will be watching from the hold of my ship, begging for mercy.”

“I bow down to no man,” I snarl, overloading my weapon systems and activating the Heavy Energy Neutralizer, his shields slowly going down. Warning systems screaming for my attention, my shields are lower than 20%, I engage the armor repair system, my armor heavily resistant to the kinetic damage he was dealing. Another warning – heat: 83%. shit, I stop overheating the guns and continue firing, his shields falling below 70%, slowly going lower.

A proximity warning shrills in my ear, six Manticore-class Stealth Bombers de-cloaking, “now you will know why the Caldari State are superior to you pirate scum,” the sneer evident in Julian’s voice. I begin locking on to the other vessels, still applying pressure and the vast majority of my weapons on his Raven. I lurch violently in my capsule as eighteen Juggernaut Torpedoes strike my hull, taking a huge swathe of my armor with them. I curse, “you filthy State bastard, fight like a man, or is your family so honourless that you have to pick on innocent civilians to make yourself feel big? Today, you will die, and at my hand.” My computer piping up, “target lock acquired.”

Within moments my drones reach the first Manticore, their weapons tearing in to its shields. In anger I turn my guns to the next, his shields and most of his armor disappearing with my first volley. Second volley hit, the vessel’s detonation setting off the ammunition inside, the blast rocking the nearest ships. I re-sight my weapons on the next ship, drones finishing off the first. My mind half on destroying the Stealth Bombers, half on my structural integrity – 45% armor remaining and falling rapidly, the third Manticore detonates, both drones and my ship’s guns addressing the fourth. Another proximity alert, my systems wailing a low armor alert, 25%. You pussy, what other ships are you calling in? As I open my mouth to speak, I look on the overview – Xiao Mei, “hello, Dos. Got yourself into a little trouble have we?” She chuckles, her Enyo-class Assault Ship streaking over my ship, engaging the remaining two Manticores. “Typical, you always show up at the most inopportune times, don’t you?”

“I love you too.” She says, the final Manticore exploding under a hail of fire. “You gonna sit there all day gawping, or are you going to thank me?”

I growl and readdress the Raven. “Shut up and stay out of it. This is my fight and I don’t want anyone butting in,” snapping at Mei, my drones re-aggressing.

Julian’s shields begin to buckle, his armor taking damage, he hails me, “stop, please. I can help you.” I glare at him, stopping my Blasters, “you, help me? How?”

“I am high up in State Intelligence, I can make things happen for you if you let me go.”

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a little worm, he’ll kill you the first opportunity,” the voice of Mei comes over comms, the closest thing to a sister I’ve ever had. “Don’t you think I know that?” I say to her privately.

“You have two seconds to prove to me what you’re worth.”

“I, wait, that’s no-” he stammers. “Too late,” my weapons fire, his structure fading fast. “You bitch, the State will hunt you and your kind down and destroy you all.” I laugh and continue to fire, the last volley tearing into his vessel.

I sigh and watch the murderer of my parents die, his ship rupturing. An explosion tearing out of his vessel, blossoming like a deadly flower. My vengeance was complete, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Yet I revelled in the destruction. Am I evil for enjoying this? Or is there no such thing. Maybe I’ll know when it’s my time to leave this plain of existence.


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