Snow Storm

Her milky white skin glistening with beads of perspiration. I look at her, admiring the beauty as she writhes in ecstasy. A single track of red tracing along the line of her perfect breasts, a direct contrast against her pale skin, her hungry dark eyes looking deep into my own. The deep, unfathomable pools losing me for a moment as I return her gaze, my tongue following the tangy, metallic tasting line up to the nape of her neck.

Brushing her hair from her shoulder as I suck, lips clamped around the lines made by my teeth, she groans softly, her nails digging into my flesh. Lost in each other’s pleasure. Love and lust both holding back our climaxes.

Need. Greed…

Teasing, pushing. Caressing. Biting.


Holding each other tightly, scarcely able to breathe as the culmination of hours of pleasure mounts. Our climaxes linking us as one for but a moment.


I lose myself in my Nightingale’s eyes, brushing her dark hair from her eyes. We smile and kiss, holding each other as we recover, rest.

The blizzard continues outside uninterrupted.


One Response to “Snow Storm”

  1. Blackitty Says:

    †smiles† nods† kisses†

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