On The Prowl

My Myrmidon-class Battlecruiser was prepped for launch, a friend of mine, a pilot going by the alias of Aggammenonn had a fleet up to go prowling low security space.

I arrive at the meeting point and await the arrival of the rest of the fleet, setting off a few minutes later as everyone slowly filters in.

Capsuleers, I think,  such fickle creatures we are. My thoughts were interrupted by our fleet commander. “Align to OMS gate, prepare to warp.” Our ship navigation computers linked as we recieved the gang warp. “Fleet, jump on contact,” Aggammenonn broadcasted over the fleet communications system.

Very little of interest heppened on the way until we reached Sujarento. “We have some targets in Tama That we have a formal war with. You will have to be flagged as a criminal if you attack, Dossie.”

“That doesn’t worry me, you know what I’m like.” I reply, grinning from ear to ear. “I didn’t think so. Fleet, hold on the gate and await further instructions.”

We wait for a moment. “Intel has come in, they’re on the other side of this gate. Fleet – jump through.” We all activate the gate systems being propelled thousands of AU to the target system. “Cold Calculation – Caracal is primary.” We open fire immediately, making quick work of his vessel. A new fleet arrives at the gate, “I’m gaining aggression from the neutrals, I’ll need to break off and attack, my pod wont be much use in a fight.” I say calmly over fleet comms. A Jaguar-class Assault Ship and a Cynnabal-class Cruiser began engaging me.

“Roger that, our targets are breaking off and I don’t mind going GCC.” He started targetting as my Myrmidon tore apart the Jaguar.

As both enemy fleets limped away, we left for a safe spot to wait out our criminal countdown. We left as soon as we criminal status and begun looking for more targets.

We found nothing, so the fleet broke up, leaving just Aggs and myself to prowl the space lanes.

We both arrive in Manjonakko – an old haunt of mine – and see a Cynosural field flagged on our overviews. It didn’t take much discussion and we warp to it and start to engage, tearing the immobilised vessel apart, the Moros-class Dreadnaught docking swiftly, knowing he’d never be able to hit our smaller vessels.

Aggs jumped through to the next system – Uuna – and spied a Prophecy-class Battlecruiser and high on our bloodlust, we engaged. The gate guns tipped the balance in the enemy’s favor as his fleet warped in. Agg’s Hurricane-class Battlecruiser was the first casualty, my Myrmidon following soon after under the onslaught.

Its was a fun roam and could’ve ended better, but such is life.


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