Blood and Souls and Lust

I’d done it again. My rage got the better of me.

Shortly after Kaela fell asleep, I slipped out and crashed my Nemesis-class Stealth Bomber in to the side of my POS tower, the resulting detonation from my munitions and vessel reaping huge damage to the tower, tearing a huge rent in the side.

My body shivering and convulsing in impotent rage within my capsule. As I survey the destruction caused by the rash act, I lay back and make a silent vow. Vowing to the Stars and the five ancient Gods for vengeance.

I dock in the nearest station and switch to another of my vessels – a Caracal-class Cruiser re-engineered by the Caldari Navy – and prowl the spacelanes for any unfortunate soul to cross my path and face my wrath.

Today will be full of death in the name of the Ancient Ones. Blood and Souls and lust.


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