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Diplomatic Immunity

Posted in In-char on July 27, 2010 by DosTuMai

“Junk, junk, Alliance offer, junk… Blue request?” I sit watching as she pours through her mail on the display in front of her. “Go get me more beer.”

She’s looking at me, “pardon?”

“Beer me.”

I stand and vaguely salute. “As you say, almighty Corp leader,” I sigh, wading my way through crates of ammunition to get to the refridgerator to get Mei some more beer, as she composes a response, “Dear, Sir/Madam. I regret to inform you that your request for friendly terms has been denied. If you would like to forward five billion to my Corporation-”

“Excuse you?” I exclaim, shaking my head. “What?” She asks, pausing her dictation, “they’re carebears, it’s not as if they need the money.” Her expression of shock, suprise. “You can’t just go around ransoming highsec industrial Corps like… I mean… Oh forget it, try two-point-five and see where you get.”


Procrastinators unite~!!

Posted in General Ignorance on July 2, 2010 by DosTuMai

I’ve been procrastinating instead of writing regularly. I know it’s bad, but when you’ve got a beautiful woman tugging on your attention and a new game, things kinda slip.

The new game I’m speaking about is Audiosurf. So much fun and such pretty colors. xD I love it.

So yah, other then not being able to get online between 1500-2300 EVE time, I’ve been groping a cute woman and playing with my music. Life is interesting.