Planets and the Super Secret Ninja.

Pouring over the influx of data coming up at me from the surface, ship systems reading ambient temperatures, my orbital trajectory. That’s no good, I think, readjusting the scan settings. Gods, how does anyone live down there? A new seam, good strong readings. “Launch command centre on the following co-ordinates, lets see if this scanner is lying to me.”

The third planet in my collection, a mid-sized Magmatic. Ripe for the pickings. I run through my list: Non-CS Crystals, Noble Metals and Noble Gases. Excellent work, just need Base Metals and we can just check back and get this stuff out into the big black…

My new Corporation was coming along well and now we have eight members. I say eight, Chrissy ‘Usagi’ Kielle isn’t a very good contributor, largely because she prefers to stay planetside and deal in smuggling rings. Her contacts have come in useful for lowering import taxes to and from planets.

Last week:

Slowly, menacingly, my Navy Issue Megathron approaches the acceleration gate to the last area, the wrecks of many Amarr Navy vessels littering the area. I adjust my camera drone and give it a mental nudge to hover by my wing man, Eledhan. The tiny camera drone orbits the vessel slowly as I admire the lines of his Machariel-class Battleship. One day I’ll ask how he got hold of it, but until then, we have some more invading Amarr to beat up. The camera drone recalls at a thought as I begin linking my warp drive to the acceleration gate, “same target priorities as the last few locations. Damage is primary…”

It was over too fast to really feel any satisfaction, but two Capsuleer-piloted Battleships tend to tear through agent work quickly. We dock up and have our pods relocated into salvage boats to sift through the wreckage. Proximity warning, new vessel on grid. “We’ve got a ninja here,” Eledhan’s voice comes over the fleet comms system. I sigh and respond, “he’s going to try stealing our salvage. We’ll get this hoovered as fast as we can.”

My overview pings, the fool took something. “He’s stolen something, I’m going to dock and bring out another ship.”

“Roger that,” he replies as I swing my Coercer-class Destroyer around and head to the station. I check through my assets and sigh, the only vessel I have with a warp disruptor fitted is a Hookbill-class Frigate. That would have to do.

I dock, impatient for my pod to be transferred to the small ship and undock. Warping in on my wingman’s location as soon as I clear the docking ring, I begin hunting for the fool. “He’s at the last area with me,” Eledhan says, the anger clear in his voice. “Roger, about to land,” I respond. My ships scanners telling me Galmarr’s Probe-class Frigate is eighty-five kilometres away, I start to approach, wishing I had an Afterburner on as interference was shutting down my Microwarpdrive. Slowly I approach and begin the locking protocols on his ship, missile tubes ready for the lock. I fire, taking a small chunk of his shields, his ship still closing in on me. What is this fool doing? I wonder, as he comes closer. It didn’t take long until my missiles started striking into his armor, his vessel turning and swiftly moving out of my range before warping out. I follow as quick as I can, docking to replace the Microwarpdrive with an Afterburner and await his arrival.

Moments later, a Wolf-class Assault ship arrives on grid, “here’s Galmarr,” I say over comms, Thoren asking if we need assistance over the Corp channel. “We’re fine for now. Eledhan, keep hoovering whilst I distract the fool. Stay on standby for now, Thoren.”

Mutual target lock acquired, I begin orbiting his vessel at fifteen kilometres, my three light missile tubes unleashing their payloads as I thrust a graviton beam into his warp coil to disable it. The adrenaline coursing through my body as it twitches and writhes in excitement, staying out of his gun range. Shields failing on the target vessel, touching into armor, this is what I live for – Capsuleer combat. My missiles striking into his armor, he turns and begins to run, distance between us increasing. “Don’t run you fool, stay and fight like a man,” I growl to myself, adrenaline pumping more furiously in my body, the hum of the engines becoming a bestial roar as he reaches the outer limits of my warp disruptor. Graviton beam disabling, his warp coil was alive once again. “Target lost,” my ship’s systems say, finalising my disappointment. “I’m almost done here,” Eledhan says. “Okay, I’ll sit and wait, he might come back for a third try.”

How right I was as Galmarr once again arrives, this time in something larger – a Gila-class Cruiser. I laugh and begin sending my camera drone’s feed through the Corp channel, “he’s brought out the big guns, now.” The channel erupts into laughter as Eledhan finishes off the salvaging. “I’m done, returning to base.”

“Roger that,” I respond, trying to keep the mirth from my voice, “let’s leave this poor boy in his super secret Gila and return to station.” It wasn’t much, but a lot of fun. It’ll give these fools something to think about before attempting to steal from my Corporation members.


One Response to “Planets and the Super Secret Ninja.”

  1. Eversti Voitto Says:

    Aww no pokeh the Gila story! Great post though Dossie.

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