Status Update.

ISP status update: They suck.

But on a lighter note, I’ve encouraged them to not only hold my current account balance, but to also send me a new mobile internet modem with a whole month of free interwebs. Only after spending twenty-some minutes quoting my rights as a consumer to some idiot customer service guy that barely understood a word I said, then demanding to speak to a manager that can string together more than half a sentence of broken English.

So they put me through to a manager that spoke with a British accent. Excellent, I thought then proceeded to quote the consumer rights act to this poor unfortunate soul. After a further hour of giving the poor Scouse a verbal beating, he conceded that my modem was faulty and the local area should be getting a higher connection speed than it was and offered to replace the modem at no cost to myself what so ever. “Just replace my dongle? What about the used up time on my account? It’s ticking away hunni, and there are far better ISP then you for coverage in this area, not to mention English speaking customer service representatives. And the pointless content filtering that I’ve tried many times without success to remove.” He stammered a reply, “not good enough. I use up a lot of bandwidth which means I spend a lot of money for my connection,” I waited as he put me on hold. “Yes, Ma’am. I can see by looking in to your account history that you do use a lot of bandwidth. I’ve spoken to my manager and she’s willing to offer a free month of internet connection as well as putting your current balance on hold,” came his counter a few moments later.

“It’s good to see your company puts the customer first, was a pleasure doing business with you, dear,” with that, I hung up and smiled. So now I’m awaiting a new modem which should arrive soon.

Moral of the story? If you don’t get your own way with customer representatives: bitch, complain and demand to speak to a manager.

Oh, and don’t forget to learn your rights as a consumer and customer.


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