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The mirror of self

Posted in In-char on October 20, 2010 by DosTuMai

The dull, mottled hues filter through the screen behind me, the mirror in front cast in a ghostly, other-wordly shape of pale. My mind reeled as I stared into the nightmare vision within my mind’s eye.

Reflecting, I meditate on the recent happenings. Strange feelings came unbidden, transmuting from a memory to the present, the future to the past. I needed to get away if only for a short while.

With that – I dived into my Nemesis-class Stealth Bomber and headed off to find a dark, lonely place to brood and reflect.

Now I return, my path laid out and many truths discovered. With that knowledge I am stronger.


Dossie fried noodles

Posted in General Ignorance on October 17, 2010 by DosTuMai

1 packet of ramen


Soy/oyster sauce

Szechuan pepper

2 red chili peppers – small

Mixed leaf salad (or stir fry mix)

Diced beef

1 small onion

3-4 cloves of garlic

Cumin seeds

Five-spice powder


Start browning off the beef in a wok. Whilst that’s sizzling away and you’re turning it every few seconds, coarsely grind some Szechuan pepper and cumin seeds then mix with 2 teaspoons of honey with 4 teaspoons of soy/oyster sauce, adding chopped garlic to the mix.

Finely chop your onion and add to the beef when it’s browned. Put the ramen noodles on the boil then do what you want with the powder sachet.

I’ve been told it’s awesome to snort the powder like a boss – but it’s an invitation I usually pass. Instead, I use it to throw at passing chavs. Which is fun for all of a few minutes. But I digress.

As the noodles finish cooking, strain well – rinsing in cold water – and add them and the mixed sauce to the wok and toss it around until well mixed. Keep the heat on and keep turning the noodles for a moment before adding the greens.

Once the green stuff has wilted – serve and eat straight away.

Dossie fried noodles. =P

First day at CreoDron

Posted in In-char on October 12, 2010 by DosTuMai

My hand clenching around the hilt of the sword at my right hip, eyes boring into the eyes of the man in front of me. “Excuse you?” My voice dripping with venom as the idiot studies me like something vile he’d scraped off his boot. Maylilore Pepin, a simple-minded and low-ranking official from the manufacturing department spoke again, “just hurry up and get it done.”

Breathing slowly to calm myself, the fool doesn’t know a thing. Maybe I should teach him some manners when I no longer need him. “Of course, but you’ll need to give me a moment. I’m a combat pilot so this mining you’ve asked me to carry out isn’t in me area of expertise,” I respond out loud. Spinning on my heel I leave the fool to whatever he calls work, sending off a few messages to friends and acquaintances for some help mining.

With some support, it didn’t take long to harvest the Mercium he’d requested, so I returned to the fool’s office, “here is the transfer paperwork. What next?”

His face was incredulous as he stammered a reply, passing me a dataslate. Cows – lots of them – to be transferred five systems over, “what in the name of the Gods are you asking me to move so many bovine for?” His glare was the only answer he deigned me worthy of, so with a glare I left and begun organising the transport of the simple beasts.

Initial warning

Posted in In-char on October 9, 2010 by DosTuMai

Idly brushing my hair, my mind running through fleet compositions and tactics as I look at the screen sat in front of me. Possible targets for highsec wars scrolling past. I close my eyes picking through the training and abilities of each Corp member when a loud laugh interrupts the train of thought. I sigh and look over at Mei, “would you mind being quiet, I’m trying to do your job.”

“Never mind that, look,” she says, the display on my screen changing to a mail message:

Initial Warning
From: Lizzy Thelcar
Sent: 2010.10.08 22:08
To: Mei Starkiller,

To whom it may concern,

You are receiving this communication as an official warning. Your corporation has been selected as potential targets for war by one of our sister corporations. Corporations like yours are identified through scouting, kill boards, forums and in-game chats.

For obvious reasons, there are no official ties between this corporation and our sister corporations, but rest assured the threat is very real.

This warning is meant to offer a means of permanently removing your corporation from our potential target list. A one-time payment of 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million) ISK will permanently remove your corporation from our list. Simply send the ISK to The Istari with your corporation’s ticker name as the reason.

Should you decide to ignore this message, you will eventually receive a declaration of war by one of our sister corporations, at which point diplomatic negotiations will become more strenuous, but not impossible.

You will have at least one full week after the initial warning before the declaration of war, so it would be recommended that you do some research and speak to your members and reach a decision together.

The Istari

I blink, staring at the message. The audacity of some people astounds me.

Pulling up the Corporate and public pilot information, “I hope this isn’t your idea of a joke, Mei.” A single member Corp, the pilot only a few months old. I look over to Mei as she composes a reply then realise this fool was serious.

Maybe it’s an idle threat and we’ll hear nothing more – maybe it’s someone so weak and pathetic that they’re going through a third-party with threats. Either way, Mei and myself do not take kindly to threats. If it’s a serious threat, come forward you cowardly offspring of a fedo so we know whom to direct our aggression. May the Gods have mercy upon your soul for the Clan Kielle shall reap vengeance upon thee the like thou hath never before know.

Dos Tu Mai ‘Dossie’ Kielle.

Why everyone hates Bob.

Posted in In-char on October 6, 2010 by DosTuMai

Looking at the schematics for my Federation Navy Comet, I sigh. This isn’t going to make my wallet too happy with the fitting, I think as I plough through the contract pages searching out modules for the Frigate.

We have a new member – and together with Eledhan, he’s attempting to corrupt my Corp with talk of harvesting rocks. Sure, if you want to sit, staring at poor, innocent chunks of floating flotsum – go ahead. It’s not my idea of fun, and the vessels used for such an occupation have the defensive and offensive capabilities of the very rocks they attack.

Poor, defenseless, mindless chunks of floating debris. What have they done to those vile and malicious miners? Well, to sum it all up, I use an acronym: Protecting Innocent Rocks Against Terrifying Exhumers.

Well, I like it anyway.

Boredom of flying around with no targets set me up with an idea; why not go harass my fellow Corp members, sureley they could do with some sort of diversion. Is it not my job as a senior member of the Clan Kielle to make sure my pilots are happy? Of course it is.

Docking my new ship, I had her hold filled with the finest Void ammunition for flavour and headed out to their location. As I landed, there was a small gang of low-ranking Serpentis in the scanned-out Omber deposit. Without thinking, I released my payload of Warrior II attack drones and started making for the targets. Afterburner powering the small ship to an excess of a kilometre a second then readied my weapons.

Closer and closer they came, the modified Velator-class Frigates a mere trifle for my pets, I open fire. Blinking as I watch my first target torn assunder with a single volley from my Light Neutron IIs. I was shocked, then I turned upon the last vessel – a man we dubbed ‘Bob’.

Being an obviously intelligent pilot, he turned and fled at the sight of my drones and vessel baring down upon him. “Your target is lost,” came the metallic voice of my ship computer. “Did he just run away?” My camera drones panning around as it took a moment to realise Thoren was there too. “He’s smart, I’d run if I saw Dossie running at me the way she killed his friends,” Eledhan responded. I sigh and shrug within my capsule, “I’ll come back in my Vexor, they might decide to come back and try again.” With that I left them to staring at their rocks and made my way to pick up the ship.

“He’s back,” came thoren over the Corporate NeoComm channel as I begin docking procedures. “I’ll be along in a moment, is it the same guy?” This time it was Vaedrin – our new Corp member responding, “yes, Ma’am. Same ship type and signature.”

As I park up the Comet and send swift orders to replace my Capsule into the waiting Vexor-class Cruiser, I make sure there’s something big and heavy to hit the man with in the drone bay – Hammerhead II attack drones. Within moments, my Vexor is prepped and moving to the undock ring. “Control to Cyba Slugge, you are clear to undock.”

“Roger that and I’ll see you in a while,” I respond, kicking the mid-sized vessel into warp the moment she clears the undock ring.

Once again – I land in the hidden Omber deposit and confirm it’s the same man. Locking protocols engage as I release my payload of Hammerhead IIs then send them screaming after him. He warps off.

Again, the same man warps in then warps out. It happened three- maybe four times, “Gods damned, thrice cursed son of a Fedo is toying with us,” I growl over the Corporate channel, swiftly kicking my vessel around and switching it for my Blackbird-class ECM Cruiser.

As I arrive back, the man we dubbed ‘Bob’ come back, my targetting systems engaged and I send a volley of missiles and him. His shields collapsed under the strain and he turned, targetting systems shut down by the ECM pulses and fled once more.

“I think Bob’s pissed off Dossie,” Eledhan chuckles. Not in the best of moods, I turn my attention to his ship, locking it swiftly then begin to throw random sensor ghosts and electronic noise at his targetting systems.

We wait for a few minutes when the proximity systems pipe up – three vessels, Frigate class ships inbound. Bob had returned with backup.

As soon as they enter targetting range, I begin locking up Bob’s new friends in Incursus-class Frigates, my missiles slowly tearing their vessels apart, a small portion of my mind reaching out and grabbing our new friend. A graviton beam and random ion pulses disrupting his warp core and targetting systems. We dispatch his wouldbe helpers then turn our attention on him.

“Well met, Bob,” I say, hailing his vessel through a private channel. “Fuck off, Federate whore.”

“Now, is that the way you speak to a lady?” Thoren said, his drones menacingly orbiting the locked down ship. “You’ve really annoyed me, dear. But I’m too nice to just destroy you out of hand so I’ll give you an offer. Join my Corp and we’ll spare you.”

“I ain’t joining no Federate pigs. Go burn in perdition,” came his reply, his voice heated. “Very well,” I sigh, “and I’m a Gurista, not a Federate whore. Gents, fire at will.” With that, we vaporised his vessel.

Turning my vessel and aligning out, I speak through the Corp channel, “well boys, this was fun, but I’d like to get some decent tea. I’ll be at The Broken Piano if needed.” I warp out and head off to have some relaxation and a good cup of tea.

Downtime Update

Posted in OOC Rampancy on October 3, 2010 by DosTuMai

It’s time. Time I come back to you, my readers.

I have a semi-decent connection now and can finally start playing EVE and organising the small rag-tag group of pilots I call my Corp. It’s great to see a small number of people wanting to work together – but we need a few more. Yes, things are on the up, we’re getting to know one another better and to work together.

With Corporate assets and contacts increasing, we’re getting better. But there is something missing; numbers. I’m not speaking of large numbers, no. Has it not dawned on you all that a small group of well-trained pilots can take on much larger fleets? For some – I’d say not. But for the intelligent people amongst you it must have.

For now, lets talk about today…

The Corp wallet is looking a little sparse to say the least, so I set the tax rate to 75% and decided it was about time we got together and started tearing holes into things for fun and profit.

First mission today before DT: Blockade against Serp.

Hmmm, good mission, plenty of bounties – only problem is running them solo in a shield tanked Ishtar means the Damps could cause a problem. I say a problem, more like the most annoying 45 minutes I’ve had in a while. The second spawn had me Damped down to an amazing 9km targetting range. I was impressed – in an angry way. So impressed, infact – that I started snarling. Which set my mood for the rest of the mission.

I asked Corp chat for help, or rather ordered the only other online member able to help me. Which she did, much to her credit.

It started fine, “primary Frigates, Cruisers and BC, I’ll concentrate my DPS on the BS.” Quite a simple thing to understand, and she did follow it through.

Fantastic, the Sensor Damping rats were dropping like flies to her Brutix. I concentrated on destroying the BS rats.

Here’s a copy/paste of the channel chatlog:

[ 2010.10.03 09:47:38 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote snarls at the rats.

[ 2010.10.03 09:47:51 ] Dossie Kielle > Kiyo, come help me.

[ 2010.10.03 09:48:13 ] Blacknightingale > 😀 Dossie snarls too? i thought that was part of Meiism

[ 2010.10.03 09:48:51 ] Kiyo Tigerpaw > come help ypu where sis?

[ 2010.10.03 09:49:04 ] Dossie Kielle > Fric.

[ 2010.10.03 09:50:11 ] Kiyo Tigerpaw > ok so where in Fric are you cos your not in the station i am in?

[ 2010.10.03 09:51:38 ] Dossie Kielle > Warp to me when you undock.

[ 2010.10.03 09:53:37 ] Dossie Kielle > Frigs, Cruisers & BC are primary. Kill the Vice Admiral and I pod you.

[ 2010.10.03 10:19:16 ] Dossie Kielle > Plain Admiral is trigger.

[ 2010.10.03 10:22:06 ] Dossie Kielle > Sis, stop attacking the Admiral.

[ 2010.10.03 10:22:26 ] Dossie Kielle > Shoot something else or I’ll start shooting you.

[ 2010.10.03 10:23:00 ] Dossie Kielle > Kiyo: CEASE FIRE.

[ 2010.10.03 10:23:12 ] Dossie Kielle > I will start shooting you if you do not decist.

[ 2010.10.03 10:23:28 ] Blacknightingale > Leoooo 🙂

[ 2010.10.03 10:23:29 ] Prismwind > ^^;;

[ 2010.10.03 10:23:35 ] Blacknightingale > wake up 🙂

[ 2010.10.03 10:24:07 ] Kiyo Tigerpaw > i am awake just playing with my box 2

[ 2010.10.03 10:24:27 ] Dossie Kielle > Pay attention, I told you NOT to shoot the plain Admiral.

[ 2010.10.03 10:25:06 ] Kiyo Tigerpaw > like i was doing much damage to him anyway

[ 2010.10.03 10:25:21 ] Dossie Kielle > You shoot a trigger again, I will switch to the Phobos and pod you.

[ 2010.10.03 10:25:23 ] Blacknightingale > thats not really the point i guess Leo 🙂 its what WoW guys call “pulling”

[ 2010.10.03 10:25:46 ] Blacknightingale > you tick off the wrong guys & that triggers more trouble

[ 2010.10.03 10:26:10 ] Dossie Kielle > Destroy the Admiral and you’ll cause a new spawn meaning I might lose my precious drones or you lose that ship.

[ 2010.10.03 10:26:59 ] Dossie Kielle > Either way, I will not be happy. Lets manage aggro and keep possible losses to a minimum.

[ 2010.10.03 10:27:37 ] Dossie Kielle > Now you can shoot the Admiral.

[ 2010.10.03 10:28:16 ] Dossie Kielle > Highest bounty = trigger. Keep killing the triggers and that means one or both of us lose our ships.

[ 2010.10.03 10:34:33 ] Dossie Kielle > Vice is trigger.

[ 2010.10.03 10:34:52 ] Dossie Kielle > VICE IS TRIGGER.

[ 2010.10.03 10:43:03 ] Dossie Kielle > Kiyo: you shoot the next trigger, I will – in honour of the lord Khaine – tear off your head and shit down your neck. Just a friendly warning.

[ 2010.10.03 10:43:21 ] Eledhan El’Eridan > your such a sweety rikki

[ 2010.10.03 10:43:58 ] dischordia > doing blockade or buzzkill?

[ 2010.10.03 10:44:04 ] Dossie Kielle > Blockade.

[ 2010.10.03 10:44:26 ] dischordia > heheh gl on the faction spawn

[ 2010.10.03 10:45:36 ] Dossie Kielle > Lord Admiral is trigger.

[ 2010.10.03 10:48:21 ] Dossie Kielle > The damps set my mood for the mission.

[ 2010.10.03 10:49:12 ] dischordia > i know the feeling dossie

[ 2010.10.03 10:49:50 ] Eledhan El’Eridan > yeah, with some of those spawns they can knock you down into 4 digit lock ranges

As you can tell, I have a way with words when I’m in a good mood. Anyway, fly dangerous boys and girls and always listen to your FC.