First day at CreoDron

My hand clenching around the hilt of the sword at my right hip, eyes boring into the eyes of the man in front of me. “Excuse you?” My voice dripping with venom as the idiot studies me like something vile he’d scraped off his boot. Maylilore Pepin, a simple-minded and low-ranking official from the manufacturing department spoke again, “just hurry up and get it done.”

Breathing slowly to calm myself, the fool doesn’t know a thing. Maybe I should teach him some manners when I no longer need him. “Of course, but you’ll need to give me a moment. I’m a combat pilot so this mining you’ve asked me to carry out isn’t in me area of expertise,” I respond out loud. Spinning on my heel I leave the fool to whatever he calls work, sending off a few messages to friends and acquaintances for some help mining.

With some support, it didn’t take long to harvest the Mercium he’d requested, so I returned to the fool’s office, “here is the transfer paperwork. What next?”

His face was incredulous as he stammered a reply, passing me a dataslate. Cows – lots of them – to be transferred five systems over, “what in the name of the Gods are you asking me to move so many bovine for?” His glare was the only answer he deigned me worthy of, so with a glare I left and begun organising the transport of the simple beasts.


One Response to “First day at CreoDron”

  1. Poor Dossie… your ships will be all sullen and damaged from the cattle. I hope you poked them with your sword a few times.

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