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The Great Pecker War of Nein

Posted in In-char on November 30, 2010 by DosTuMai

New identity papers received from my contacts in the Guristas, I arrive for my first day of work at the Darkhorse Expedition Group. I am Zeal, I tell myself, “hello, I understand you’re looking for recently graduated capsuleers to join your Corporation.” Zeal said to Vox, the CEO. “Yes, miss…?”

“Zeal,” she respond, “my name is Zeal, pleased to meet you.”

His gaze measuring me up, as I stand before him squirming slightly, my nervousness and apprehension showing on the augmented clone’s face. “We don’t normally take Amarr citizens, this is a purely Gallente and Minmatar Corporation.” I sigh, or should that be Zeal sighs? “I see,” I respond, the disappointment clear in my eyes. I should’ve come with Gallente papers, my mind working out a way to work through this. “Would it help that I am deeply ashamed of what my race have done to the Minmatar Republic in the past? I’d like to make amends and show we’re not all the same.”

The man sat before me, a newly graduated capsuleer himself remains silent for a long moment.

“If I were to break from usual recruitment practices, what could you offer us?” he says finally. “A loyal pilot, I offer you my skills as a miner and what combat flying experience I have. I offer you myself as a Corporation member.”

He smiles, “welcome aboard, Zeal.”

It was so simple. We signed the correct paperwork then I set to moving a few assets: a Punisher-class Frigate and a Retriever-class Mining Barge. All was in readiness.

As soon as the transfer became active, I forwarded the member list to my Corp and started the business of ingratiating myself with the members. They were a nice group, I thoroughly enjoyed my time under their banner, but this was business. I homed in primarily upon the main target and his whereabouts: Jace Darkire, may the Gods damn his vile Soul.

As time passed, I realised they weren’t all like our target and declaring war upon this Corporation would be difficult, but this was business and the Clan Kielle was offended by one of their number. And that we do not stand for.

A few days later, I receive a mail on my NeoComm; Clan Kielle has declared war on this Corporation, time to jump back to something a little more me.

I awake in my normal, more comfortable body, coughing and choking on bile and ectoplasmic goo. Gods, I hate doing that, I think as I head back to my personal apartments…


Reflections in a dying star

Posted in In-char on November 4, 2010 by DosTuMai

The past never lets us go. It it persistent and unalterable.

The future – however – is aloof, a stranger. It stands with its back to us, mute and private, refusing to communicate what it knows or sees.

Except to some.

My fears and worries weighing down like a heavy cloak, a mantle of solid and dense material.

I had heard that – in a particular grotto secreted deep in a back-water, leech-infested swamp, in an equally back-water wormhole. Here, so it is said, the waning daystar falls every thirty-eight days, bathing the swap with it’s weak, dying light.

And here I got my answers. Many of which I didn’t want.

Fate is a fickle Mistress. One of which most are at the mercy of. Her cruel jokes within the bounds of our lives ending with one final insult; death.

Of mine, I have seen many different ways, but I don’t wish to find another for some time. Not whilst I carry this child.

With my mind, I reach out, tasting the stench and corruption through the sensor relays aboard my Manticore-class Bomber, my lips twitching, a smile curving the edges. No life signs detected within a fifteen kilometre radius of the ruins of the ancient pre-human keep they claimed as their home.

With that, I leave orbit and return to the entrance wormhole, life and fate await me, but I refuse to bow down to her demands.

I am in charge of my future, not the fickle whims of the Powers.