The bridge shudders as the weapons fire, launching another hyper-velocity payload of Antimatter at the docking bay doors.

“Keep firing. Anyone else coming out to throw their lives away?”

“No Ma’am,” came the response. Excellent, I think, just a moment more and we’ll be out. “They’re sending a distress signal,” the helmsman said calmly. “How much longer?” I ask, steadying myself through another shudder as the vessel fires another volley.

“A few more seconds.” As if on cue, the doors exploded outwards, a smile curling the corners of my lips. “Lets get out of here, shall we?” I immediately kick in the propulsion systems, winging as fast as my newest toy could go through the door. Sirens wail. “Several Frigates and a Cruiser here for us to test out the systems,” said gunnery.

“Roger that, lets show them how to fly their own ship, shall we?” I brush my hair aside and connect myself to the vessel’s systems via the socket at the base on my skull, shivering involuntarily in sympathy to the beating the shields are taking.

My mind clears, rotating the weapons and throwing the ship around in wild abandon, I begin to open fire…


“This is Dossie Kielle, requesting docking permission.”

“Roger that, where’d you get that from, a scrap heap?” Came the reply. I laugh, “no, I stole it from the Serpentis, but she does need a little rebuilding… Dossie out.”

As the Daredevil-class Frigate slips silently into the docking bay, I sigh and run through the damage. Several hull breaches, some minor systems faults, and no armor plating left. That was a close one – and a foolish risk – I’d doubt Bill will be too happy when he finds out about this escapade.

I sigh as I retire to bed, idly twirling the tungsten ring around my finger, well, he needn’t find out.


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