My ears filled with a gentle murmur as the waves brush up against the shore, a briny scent tickling my nostrils.

I sigh and lean back, comforted by the warm presence behind me, his arms wrapped around my torso as we watch his daughter playing in the sand. William, Bill. My husband.

Smiling to myself as I idly turn the tungsten ring around my finger, his arms tightening slightly as if reading my mind. “It’s nice here,” I say, not really expecting more than “aye” in response. Bill’s hand cradles my slightly distended stomach, I turn and smile, my mind working through the next stages. Fourteen weeks… Only twenty-five to go, my mind counting off the seconds.

The attention is great, but too many people expect me to be overly excitable about being pregnant. Well, my breasts are growing so I wont fit into any of my bras or basques soon, and I’m going to have a close approximation of a Dominix-class Battleship stuck out in front of me. But, I’m happy.

Returning to the now, I wriggle a little to get comfortable and lay back, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and company.


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