Beginings and endings

I land my shuttle and head to the estate, glancing around at the opulent surroundings. As I get closer, more guards are visible. Heh, secure, I think as I hand over my small collection of firearms.

Grabbing a passing servant upon entry, I look him up and down. “Take me to the Lady of the house,” I say, his eyes studying me. “Mistress Deritan is upstairs, please come with me, ma’am.” I Follow the servant through the house then knock at the door he indicated.

“Come in,” a familiar voice says, inviting me in. Stepping through the door and glancing around, I bow stiffly to Ithiria, the mirror-like black leather of my boots creaking slightly at the motion.

Ithiria blinks and smiles, “hello Dossie, please, do come in and join us. We were just talking… though I was more just waking up.” Korinne, led in the bed with Ithi turns her head, looking at me. I sigh, shaking my head slowly, “no, but thanks. We need to talk.”

”Is this a private matter or can Kori be present?” She asks. I respond with a slight shrug, trying to come up with the right words. Finally, “I can’t be your pet any more,” a small part of me screaming with those words. Ithi nods, “I figured, but explain why?”

As if it isn’t obvious, I think, “Bill and I got married two days ago, and I’m pregnant with his child. The stress of you suddenly leaving again could endanger the unborn child.” I sigh, a small amount of emotion creeping into my voice, “that and I can’t submit myself fully to you as I once did…”

Incredulous, Ithiria blinks. Her face paling slightly as she absorbs the information. “You and bill got married?” She smiles, recovering herself a little, “congrats. And a baby as well, I’ll have to speak with him about lying, but congrats again.” Moments of trivial conversation pass before she says, “but you know I am going to have to ask something as your ex-mistress and hope it is followed.” I tilt my head in curiosity, unsure of what she was expecting. “What would that be?” I ask finally.

“Stay out of the pods. You’re pregnant now, you should not be flying. Too many people around Bill have been podded while pregnant, don’t put him through that again.” I nod, not allowing any of the surprise to show on my face, “the only vessels I’ve been flying are my Interceptors to get places quickly,” I lie smoothly, knowing that in a few hours I’d be risking my life to steal a ship, “I wont endanger the child.”

Smiling, Ithi changes the pitch of her voice to something lighter, “good, I still love him; even if as a friend or brother, and I don’t want to see that pain in him again, but thank you Dossie”

Korinne moves slightly as I watch her from the corner of the eye, “I wont hurt him.” Glancing directly at Korinne, I nod then bow again, “I’ll leave you to waking up, blessed be.”

Ithiria sighs, whispering something softly to herself as I leave the room. Picking up my small collection of weapons at the entrance, leaving the estate behind. In shuttle, I sit for a moment, breathing slowly as I start the pre-flight checks.

The small vessel takes off and soars into the Heavens, the view-screen watching the planet recede into the past, leaving with it a little part of my soul.


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