Angry, Young and poor – also foolish

The blood was up as the Sansha invaded the Algintal constellation.

As soon as I’d woken up, I had several messages. All from industrialists asking for escorts to and from the area.

Of course, my Corp doesn’t work cheap.

After a few hours mindlessly following industrials around, I decided to call it a day and discharged the fleet to their own devices. Nothing was attacking the convoys making it the typically dull escort duty. We’d gotten dressed up for nothing.

A few moments later, I dock my Nemesis-class Stealth Bomber in the Thukker Mix station, M-M3B, heading straight for the Broken Piano.

Idly draping my las-carbine and twinned blades on a security drone, I head into the bar, spotting a vaguely familiar face – an Amarr gentleman – and a new one – a Minmatar female.

This pair was somewhat animated in their discussion, switching from the Amarr and Matari language.

As I hopped onto the bar and unzipped my flack jacket with a happy sigh, I continued to listen.

“So I see you can be found in different places… Guess it’s not that easy to get rid of you.” Said the Amarr gentleman. A mental prod with my implant telling me the man’s name is Leopold. The Minmatar woman smirks a little, obviously finding Leopold’s statement comical as she responds in her native tongue, “no, it isn’t easy to get rid of me.”

Leopold chuckles, seeming a little hesitant in his answer. “Like some other things… so, had a long day?”

“No, I’ve been pretty bored actually. I like this bar though,” she responds, keeping to her own debased and gutteral dialogue. Leo raises an eyebrow, taking a moment to look contemplative as he denies his own inability in the same language, “I see…” He hesitates once more, the vowels and consonants tripping over his tongue. “Well, good luck with that. I’m sure you can manage to get yourself in some trouble.”

The woman laughs, changing quickly to the Amarrian language. “You need to practice.” A moment of thought as Leo sips on his drink. I order some tea and lean back, listening to the thrum of their conversation as it fitfully begins once again. “I don’t have much chance to speak it really,” Leopold replies, his accent sounding thickly Caldari as opposed to Minmatar. “Your accent is awful!” she says, clearly amused by the light peal of laughter spilling from her mouth. She switches back to Matari, babbling out some gutteral and vile insults before turning to Leo, attempting her approximation of a sweet smile.

Sipping my tea, I look at the Minmatar woman, speaking in clear Amarr. “Yes, child. But you need practice enunciating your verbs.”

“Ah, Lady Kielle, long time no see. Faring well, I hope?” Leo asks, obviously quite unamused by the torrent of vulgarity the woman had just directed his way. I sigh and shrug, already growing bored with this human interaction, “work, work, and more work with thanks to the recent Nation assaults.” Trying not to let my voice show my irritation. Leopold nods, a small flap of skin under his chin bagging and bunching as his jowls work, “I’ve been to Araz earlier today, managed to get a few shots off… it seemed like quiet a mess.”

The Matari rolls her eyes, turning to face me before opening her pie hole. “Perhaps you should have told that to my first holder, he taught me.” The Amarr gentleman – Loepold, that’s his name. Leopold smirks, muttering to himself in a barely audible volume. “Some dogs just have a hard time learning some tricks though…”

With a casual sip of my tea, I turn, looking at Leo. “How are you, dear?”

“Oh quite well milady, didn’t have so much work for the last few days, so any moment of rest is… welcome.” He replies then turns and looks back over at the Minmatar, “only a few mild annoyances here and there, but pretty well in tally.”

Glad of the interruption of my NeoComm screaming at me, I look at both and say, “I take you know one another by the way you’re so charming and lovely towards eachother.” Hopping off the bar, I walk to the office. “I’ve a call to make, I’m sure you kids can entertain yourselves.”

I sit at Bill’s desk and open up the terminal, loading my mail and read then re-read the DED notification.

A wardec, I ponder, bringing up the Corporation details. I send a few quick messages off, then step out the office, grumbling quietly to myself as I hop back to the usual perch.

”…A low sec entrepreneur would be a much more polite way to say it. As for my Cartel accomplices, it’s good to have friends in different places.” Leo was saying, obviously the Minmatar woman has brought up his recent change of employment.

They debate piracey and all forms of fun for a few moments until Bill walks in. Ah, my husband, I think, brewing some fresh tea, “hey, handsome.” I say, by way of greeting. “Hey,” he says with a nod and a smile, glancing around at the customers. I yawn, passing Bill a cup of tea.

”Is this the week of old friends or what?” Bill says, offering a polite nod towards Leo whom smiles and bows in response. “Well, well, long time no see. How are you doing, Mr. Bill? Also, congratulations…”

Bill nods, “I am well. But, congratulations to what, pray tell?” He lightly bows in return.

After Bill and Leo exchange meaningless pleasantries like the weather and business, the Minmatar woman finishes her drink and moves to the exit.

Leo turns towards her, “oh, got bored already?” The anger evident in her face, she turns and walks up to Leopold. Jabbing a finger into his chest, she says in a restrained voice, “don’t patronise me you vile, vile little man.”

With an upturned eyebrow, the Amarr gentle~ uh, Leo bursts into laughter. “Or what? You’ll launch more empty death threats at me?”

I blink, wondering what he has done to deserve such compliments as the simple-minded woman smirks, then moves to deliver a punch into Leo’s crotch.

With quite a bemused look, Bill turns to watch as a security drone swiftly moves in to taser the Matari. “Was that really necessary?” He asks. My shoulders rising and falling slightly, hoping she gets shocked again, “it was something alright,” I say. All the while poor Leo is holding his groin, hissing and grimacing in pain. After a moment of composure, he looks up and chuckles. “Well, well. You might as well keep digging…”

“I don’t tolerate violence in my establishment.” Bill says as he nudges the twitching and cursing woman with his foot. Leaning over the Minmatar woman, Leo smiles through his grimace, “you see, that is what I was telling you yesterday. You’re a savage, and will always be a threat to people around you. You will never change, you little Vherokior whore.”

She spits up at Leopold. “Go fuck yourself, leech.” Her voice filled with anger and confusion. With a sigh, Bill rubs his temples. “If you’re going to do this, can you at least take it outside?”

“Charming behaviour.” I comment.

As he wipes the spit off his robe with his hand, Leo leans closer to her, “you know what? I just might. That won’t change the fact that you’re still a wild animal, and that you don’t admit that to yourself. so keep lying to yourself, my dear. Maybe one day you’ll start believing it instead of going on a murderous rampage. Again.” As the Minmatar woman picks herself up, she bows at Bill. “Yes, Sir..” Spitting at Leo once more before moving to the exit.

”I find it hard to take anything she says seriously after seeing how randomly violent she could get. Even against someone who tried to set her free,” Bill sighs, his head shaking slowly.

”Pardon the little incident, Bill…” Leo says, obviously forgetting I’m there, so I remind him of my presence. “She seems charming,” I deadpan, William responding in kind. “Indeed”

Leopold clears his throat. “Yes. Anyway if you’ll excuse me, I should be getting going.” He bows lightly to us and heads for the exit. I bow gracefully then watch him go. After another cup of tea, we went home. Not really much use hanging around for nothing.


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