Angry, Young and Poor – also a no-show

I glance at my chron. Only a few hours until the war goes live, I think to myself as I start organising a few last minute stock-ups for the staging area.

All members of my Corp sat on standby. Capsuleers, crew and general camp followers sitting around, awaiting the scramble order.

We wait.

And wait.

Yet nothing. The last 24 hours of feverish activity wasted, when we could’ve taken our time, my impatience for the Corporation to begin their hostilities. As I begin to compose a message, my NeoComm lights up, “hey, fat-ass.”

“Where in the name of the Gods are you?” I demand, “and for that matter, how much have you drunk?” The sound mutes for a moment, then, “nommush. So, whattaya doin’? I gots a message ’bout a war. You stompin’ the bastards yet?” Mei asks, her words slurred and barely understandable. Allowing as much irritation into my voice as I could project, I tap my nails on the desk, speaking slowly. “The simple-minded offspring of a fedo hasn’t shown up. You still haven’t ans~”

“I’m in Thukker space. Found summun’ intrestin’ ta drunk wiff,” she replies over loud, obviously in some dive flexing her muscles and flashing her breasts at everyone. I end the call and begin pacing the office feeling impatient.

Some hours later, I hear a knock at my door, “go get some sleep, Dossie. We’ll keep watch and inform you as soon as anything happens.”

I begin to protest then stop myself. “Okay, thanks,” I say out loud then retire to bed, eventually drifting off to a fitful, sleep.


3 Responses to “Angry, Young and Poor – also a no-show”

  1. Welcome to the EVE Blog Pack. If you could write a little something about it, I’d appreciate! Cheers!

  2. That link should have been: EVE Blog Pack

  3. Thank you. =] I’ll post something soon(tm).

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