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Posted in In-char on February 19, 2011 by DosTuMai

Idley tracking the newly upgraded Dual 150mm Rail IIs that I’d fitted onto my Federation Navy modified Vexor-class Cruiser named Gengar, running the firing cycle a few times dry. I smile, body slowly unfurling within the capsule, it’s time for some action.

I leave Gallente space and head towards Caldari territories, eager to challenge the first person foolish enough to fight me. As the vessel shudders and lands in the system of Nomaa, I begin to hunt for anyone foolish enough to discard ore into jet cans.

I land in the third belt and idle Gengar, a Hulk sat there mining away. I send a camera drone over to inspect the vessel. A small detachment of local Guristas warp in, the lead vessel hailing me, “fancy seeing you here. Is this business or pleasure?” I smile, opening comms. “Pleasure, I want to try out my new weapons systems. I’ll leave you to this miner and go hunting something juicier.” With that, I closed the channel, drop some bait and headed to the final listed asteroid belt and lie back to await something interesting.

A few local Guristas were engaged in a fight with another Capsuleer, so I flew over to help. As I land, I begin locking the vessel and ready my guns. Target lock acquired. My Warp Disruptor hitting her warp core with a graviton pulse, my weapons firing. I open the drone bay, but the vessel detonates moments before my Ogre II Heavy Attack Drones even have a chance to cycle their own weapons. It was an easy and hollow victory.

I sigh and recall the drones, thanking them for the assistance before heading to the Poinen gate, prowling the belts. As I land in a belt around the fifth planet, I spy two miners with containers beside them. I save the location of on can then warp out, checking the other belts.

Back to Planet V and the saved container location, I perform a transfer of goods then wait, calling for some hauler support from a friend. The miners flee the belt and I hear nothing from them so I have the hauler pick up the freshly acquired ore.

An emergency broadcast came through my NeoComm, “thank fuck you’re here. I’ve got a Drake here, he’s destroyed a lot of our pilots.”

“Roger, I’m on my way.” As I begin aligning to the belt, I check weapon load. Gengar shudders as I land, immediately starting up the Afterburner and locking up the target Drake. The poor Guristas pilot’s vessel being obliterated moments after I start to throw a graviton beam into the Drake’s warp core.

My Ogre IIs hum to life then fly out of my bay, firing their death-dealing volleys at my target. I had faith in my vessel as I started to slowly chew through his shield systems, overloading my new guns to get more damage. Slowly but surely, his shields get torn asunder, leaving his armor and structure to wither away.

I dock up to replenish cap booster charges and repair damaged modules then resume my prowl of the belts, coming across a Hyperion-class Battleship with aggression. I begin to lock it up and disrupt his warp core. Then I realise the fatal mistake. With a lurch, my body shudders in sympathy as the pilot begins to throw a distortion field around my ship, slowing me down to a crawl. Overloading everything, I try to claw my way free, but to no avail, he had me. All I could do was deal as much damage back as I could before the inevitable happened.

I leave the battle field lamenting my loss, but also celebrating how well the vessel performed. I should have dictated range better, but the adrenaline coursing through my body made me foolish. Next time, I will know…

Until next time, Marley Rockwell. I shall challenge you again and be victorious, I still have Karma to burn.


Dossie Fried Noodles 2

Posted in General Ignorance on February 15, 2011 by DosTuMai

Following on from this blag poast, I thought I’d share another interesting – and cheap – recipe for ramen noodles. That’s Super Noodles for you Brits.

1 pack ramen
3cm of ginger
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon mustard
1 can of tuna

Heat up some water for the ramen and the wok with a little oil in. Whilst that’s warming up, finely chop the garlic and ginger then put into the wok.
Fry the garlic & ginger until they start to colour then add the tuna. Fry that, too. strain the ramen well and leave it on the side.
Add a tablespoon (a big spoon) of mustard and ramen into the wok.
Season with soy to taste.

Quick, simple and tasty.

Doctor and Patient

Posted in In-char on February 15, 2011 by DosTuMai

Routine visit to the infirmary started oddly, “g-goo-g-g-good – i-i-i-insert greetinnnnnnnn-evening, sir,” the AIMed stutters. I stare, blinking slightly, “Ma’am, you stupid lump of junk, I’ve come for a check up.”

“Yes, how is your leg today, Tu Dos Ki Mai Elle? What lovely weather we’re hav~ con-con-congr~ I’m sorry to tell you, we may have to ampu~ Lationsing!” The holographic face begins to rotate and flicker wildly, “please urinate in this syringe Sir/Ma’am have a nice da~” the AIMed stares blankly at me, its genial expression evaporating as I draw my pistol, screaming and firing wildly at it. The clip was spent in seconds.

I sit, breathing heavily, glaring at the smoking wreckage of the mechanical medic as orderlies rush into the room, their gazes switching from the ruined AIMed to the gun in my hand. “M-Ma’am, uh, what happened?” asks a worried looking orderly, fire control systems wailing all the while as station-board sensors register the gunfire. I spit at the wreckage and glare at the guards rushing into the room, their rifles aimed at me. The sirens suddenly turn silent.

“What happened here?” The leader of the security squad asks, “this infernal wreck of a mindless drone malfunctioned, so I took it upon myself to decommission it.” My left hand resting on my hip as my eyes bore into the heavily armoured man, a Sergeant by the rank pins on his shoulder. I drop the magazine out of my pistol then put it on my belt, placing a fresh one into the hand grip with a sharp slap. “You can’t just go around shooting firearms in an infirmary, despite being a Capsuleer, Ms. Kielle,” the Sergeant responds, eyeing the weapon in my hand suspiciously, “firearms are not permitted in the infirmary, either.”

“I have enemies from all corners, you expect me to walk around unarmed?” Comes my retort. I stand and walk over to where I put my twinned blades and fasten them around my hips, eyes never leaving the security personnel. “Are you going to arrest me or just stand there gawking?”

“I, uh,” the man stutters, “yes, please come with us, we’ll escort you to the bri~” I cut the man off, “be silent, you insolent cur. Take me to a real doctor before I lose my patience.” His men exchange uneasy glances, their weapons lowering fractionally, “Sir, it might be a good idea to do as she says. I’ve heard reports about her kind.” A nervous sounding guard said. The Sergeant sighs and nods, his helmet bobbing with the action, “very well, as long as you surrender your weapons, Ma’am.”

I smile sweetly then bow as I hand over my pistol. “You’re not touching my swords, though,” I say as I head out, “where are we going?”

After being escorted to the guard-room infirmary, the guards get dismissed by the doctor. “Good afternoon, how are you today, xingan?” I frown, looking at the vaguely familiar face. He smiles, revealing two long, pointed canine teeth, “I see by your charts you’re expecting a child. That’s something I’d have never expected from you, especially after…” I shrug and lean back, allowing the man to set up the sensors, “many years have passed since we last met, Wan Hu,” I reply, seeing amusement creep into the doctor’s expression.

“Ah, yes. Such a very long time, and now you’re married to a bar owner. A Caldari man in Thukker space, no less.” He looks at me critically, moving some apparatus closer, “now, if you could lift your shirt, dear. Oh, and put that dagger back in its sheaf. I’d hate something to go wrong.” I glare at him and begin unbuttoning the lower end of my top. “What happened after I destroyed your ship?” I ask as he starts scanning my stomach. “Ah, yes. Like you, I used an escape pod to leave. That is, once I cut off my hand.” He smiled, lifting his right arm up, examining his wrist, “It stung somewhat, but I was trained to do what’s necessary. Now it’s my turn, what grand scheme do you have planned with this marriage and pregnancy?”

Idly flaring the dagger in my hand, I shrug, looking over at the display, “none, I’m happy and fulfilled. My Corporation are part of my latest grand plan. Where did you head to after escaping? Guristas space is closed to you, I was paid to make sure you were dead.” He indicated to the screen, “the child is healthy, the heartbeat is fine. Yes, I left for Sansha space. Such curious people there. Any morning sickness, cravings?” I look to where he indicated and nod, looking back at him. “I did crave tuna with chocolate, recently it’s just salty foods. And sex. So you went to the Sansha. Meet Kuvakei? I hear he’s quite the intellectual, I’m sure you’d get along.”

“No, I didn’t. I recuperated in a small bio plant. Try salty meats for the cravings, maybe some of the more traditional Caldari foods. You were the same with Sihaya, though. I had to discipline you for having sex in the middle of a raid. Who paid you to kill me?” I sigh, closing my eyes, “yes, I was… But I can’t tell you that info.” Biting my lip and breathing slowly, feeling the tears start to form, I hear the doctor begin clearing up.

“Well, as you see, everything is fine. Try not to dwell on your past, xingan. It has happened and cannot be changed.” He calls for the guards and smiles, licking his sharp canine teeth, “try not to get into stressful situations. Being a capsuleer, that’s more difficult than it is for most.” His grin widening as he looks directly into my eyes, “maybe give mining an attempt, I’m sure you’ll find that most agreeable.” With a passing glare, I leave the infirmary to my own quarters, guards trailing at a respectable distance behind.

As we reach my quarters, I turn and hold out my hand, looking at the guard Sergeant, “I’ll have my pistols back.” He nods, passing the weapons and magazines back. “I removed the clips as a precaution, don’t go firing your weapons again. No matter how annoyed you may get.”

I smile and nod, taking the weapons and ammunition back. “Oh, Sergeant, I’d appreciate you don’t stare quite so hard at other women,” with that, I knee the man in the groin and step into the rented apartment then collapse onto the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

Roamin’, the Blind man and an Orca

Posted in OOC Rampancy on February 12, 2011 by DosTuMai

Off hunting lowsec I went, my Daredevil glinting evilly in the light of each star that passed.

As always when I go exploring, I didn’t have a route set out. Just me, an expensive ship and my browser pointed to dotlan.

Flying through a few systems, I found nothing but gangs I couldn’t fight or docked people.

After a little browsing on dotlan, I found two little systems: Gerper and Mya. They’re a dead end, but both are lowsec – so I thought it’d be great fun to check them out.

When I first flew through, Mya was devoid of any life then I landed in Gerper. Finally, some life signs, so up came D-Scan showing me a Crane on the list.

I went through the motions and dialed him down to 5 degrees… he was in the middle of nowhere. Dammit, I think, just as the ship lands on the gate. That made me wonder if I should’ve taken something to tank gate guns with. But oh well, live and learn, I guess. So, I headed towards the beacon on my overview. May as well earn a few pennies whilst I was at it.

Then something magical happened: new local flying a Dramiel. Excellent, I might be able to eat this poor unsuspecting person. Trying to hunt the Dramiel down, I saw 2 more locals appear. One in a Retriever, the other in a Navy Vexor. This would be fun, especially if I got caught by the Dram. But no luck.

I flew around for a while then settled on leaving and finding other sources of pew.

Back to Mya, I saw the Dramiel pilot was in local and found her 350+km from the warp-in point. So I thought, what the hell and started to approach the ship at top speed. 160Km from the Dramiel, she fled back to the relative safety of highsec…

After grumbling quietly to myself, I left and headed elsewhere. Again, nothing. Unless you count gatecamps as something. Well, not that I can take on BC/BS gangs solo, maybe a solo BC/BS, but that’s like trying hunt for rocking horse poop.

Basgerin, I got followed by a Gallente CS – the shooty one, not the droney one – but other wise nothing. So I jumped back into Pulin and this happened:

[ 2011.02.11 05:43:54 ] Johnson G > anyone
[ 2011.02.11 05:43:55 ] Johnson G > hello
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:05 ] Johnson G > way to quite in local
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:14 ] Dossie Kielle > Hello.
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:22 ] Johnson G > HEY!
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:44 ] Johnson G > hows it going there
[ 2011.02.11 05:45:40 ] Dossie Kielle > Good. Could you please refrain from screaming over the FTL system? Really, there's no need to be so loud, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:30 ] Johnson G > lol loud?
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:50 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote sighs. "Yes, dear."
[ 2011.02.11 05:48:35 ] Johnson G > why surely sweets,,,,,, "role of the eyes and grunt"
[ 2011.02.11 05:49:57 ] Dossie Kielle > Thank you. Anything I can help you with, or just polite conversation?
[ 2011.02.11 05:51:45 ] Johnson G > just got someowhat board. seeing if anyone wanted to chat for a bit..... if they were doing anything worth looking into
[ 2011.02.11 05:52:48 ] Dossie Kielle > Ah, I see. I've just been flying around lowsec hoping to find some Capsuleers to play with. The only person I met fled.
[ 2011.02.11 05:55:17 ] Johnson G > you torchering other capsuleers... why did you let him get away?
[ 2011.02.11 05:56:35 ] Dossie Kielle > Unfortunately, her Dramiel warped off before I got into scram range.
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:28 ] Johnson G > what are you hunting them down in
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:42 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote chuckles. "Daredevil."
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Johnson G > I see a few of those flying around capping people haha
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Dossie Kielle > Nice Orca, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:13 ] Johnson G > be nice to it
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:28 ] Dossie Kielle > They're great ships to fly if you know how to fly them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:46 ] Johnson G > they are a boat and slow as crap...
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:33 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote giggles. "Slower than a long-limb swimming through treacle."
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:45 ] Johnson G > lol
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:50 ] Johnson G > your ship just looks mean
[ 2011.02.11 06:04:13 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh, it's very mean. Most people don't want to tangle with them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:02 ] Johnson G > well when i get bulled by one i just let it keep on bulling and bumping me around lol... how did you get it? and what makes them so great?
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:41 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote shrugs. "I stole it."
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:17 ] Dossie Kielle > What makes them so great is the fire control system and that it's fast and takes a hell of a beating.
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:19 ] Johnson G > haha nice
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:40 ] Johnson G > take it you have taken it through alot then
[ 2011.02.11 06:07:55 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh yes. First day I took it out, I had a fight with a friend's Wolf.
[ 2011.02.11 06:08:38 ] Johnson G > you owned the worlf im asumming
[ 2011.02.11 06:09:39 ] Dossie Kielle > No, neither of us could beat the other. *Sighs.* We called it a night after throwing a few thousand rounds at eachother and went hunting together.

+1000 Internets for me by getting a complete stranger to RP in local.

After a short while, I went off and begun hunting the belts. That’s when something fun happened. Johnson G was switching from his Orca to a Hulk, and his orca got jacked. I was sorely disappointed that I wasn’t the one to steal the ship, but such is life.

I got a private message from the Asset Redistribution Specialist involved: MrBlindMan. He was a nice guy, so I got on well with him, especially as we have similar attitudes.

In the end, it was a productive day of hunting and education. The Orca pilot purchased himself a new Orca, and I met another of the old-fashioned pirates that made EVE fun. I miss PvP’ing against sensible, rational creatures…

Phydeaux’s shack

Posted in In-char on February 10, 2011 by DosTuMai

The light dropship lands, it’s engines gunning as five figures leap out, running to a safe distance as the ship lifts off and disappears, leaving only scorched ground to mark its absence.

I look up, the ghost image of thrusters cutting through my vision. I turn to the four people beside me, straightening the lay of my swords and checking the charge in my las-carbine. “Okay gents, this isn’t a kill operation, we’re here to meet a new friend,” I say quietly, leading the small party in a generally eastern direction.

A twig snaps. I freeze, holding up my hand and look around, the party crouching and scanning the area for signs of movement. Nothing. The full moon lighting only small pools of ground through the canopy like isolated islands.

I rise slightly and we move on more carefully, our black fatigues blending in with the surroundings. “Prefab, 200 meters N-N-E of our position, it’s light but it’s no Christmas tree. That the meeting place?” Comes the silent query. “Seems like it,” I respond, moving towards the building, “standard cordon, lets secure the area before going in. There’s an evil smell on the wind.”

We approach the crumbling, ageing concrete structure and spread out to search the area, my heart rate speeding up slightly. By the numbers came the reports, “nothing to report.” I nod, moving towards the only entrance, “Two with me, I’d like sentries posted outside. Unless they’re heat tracking, they shouldn’t know our numbers.” Halting just within the tree cover, eyeing the few meters of cleared forest surrounding the structure then cautiously move out followed silently by a broad Sebiestor and a wiry Civire.

The moment we reach the door, the area becomes flooded in bright light, blinding us. I hiss in irritation and look up, seeing the door open, “Dos Tu Mai Kielle?” a local accented male asks, his voice coloured lightly with worry or fear. I raise my weapon slightly, looking at the man, “who’s asking?”

“Sister Jimud said you’d be coming. Come inside, she’ll be along soon,” he responds, glancing at the two men behind me. With a silent command, the two men lower their weapons simultaneously, the host’s demeanour calming somewhat. With a nod, I lower my rifle, pulling the strap tighter.

We step in to the building then I walk toward a corner surveying the area as I go. The plain, whitewashed walls long turned yellow with age, it was sparsely furnished with a large, old table surrounded by chairs and a pair ancient couches set in a corner, a large desk with a display screen sat on it near two doors on the western wall. Defensive positions and possible exit routes going through my mind as I study the interior, “nice place you have here,” I comment, glancing at the tired-looking Gallentean man. “It’s not much. My name is Phydeaux,” extending his hand towards me. I look at from his hand to his face, bowing slightly. “You are a stranger, I do not make physical contact with strangers,” I say quietly, my voice dripping with malice. His face flushes as he sketches an unsure bow, “my apologies, Ma’am.”

The silent voice in my mind speaks, “vehicle approaching. Hovercar, no lighting nor identifiers.”

I nod to the two men that came with me, pulling the rifle across my chest and cinching it tighter as they take up defensive positions.

Seconds later, a speaker quietly chimes bringing a relieved look into our host’s face as he glances over at the display, “that should be Sister Jimud,” he says, moving towards the door, “how did you come here?” He enquires, “I didn’t pick up any transport.” I shrug, sitting on the arm of a couch. Another chime, obviously proximity systems to alert Phydeaux of people coming near his door. He opens the door and sighs relieved, “ah, Sister Jimud, welcome. Please, come in.”

A nondescript Amarr woman of average height and build walks in followed by three heavily armoured followers carrying large bore assault rifles. Both sets of bodyguards eyeing each other warily. She looks around then bows formally to me, her robes swishing against the floor, “thank you for agreeing to this meeting, Mrs. Kielle.” I smile then stand, bowing gracefully, addressing her formally in the Amarr tongue, “it’s a pleasure, Sister. But please, just Dossie would suffice.”

Her surprised expression speaking volumes, “I didn’t know you spoke Amarr.”

After exchanging pleasantries, I clear my throat, “now we’ve got socialising out of the way, what was it you wanted to see me about?”
Sister Jimud nods and sits at the table, gesturing towards a chair. “I’ve been asked to look for competent combat pilots to carry out some, uh, special tasks.” She slides a dataslate over to me as I sit, resuming where she left off, “as the reputation of the Sisters requires we cannot openly declare war on people, we need others such as yourself to work for us.”

I look the information over then look at the woman, “so what of your more clandestine, in-house operations?” I ask, studying her features. “I, uh, the Servant Sisters of EVE cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals working under our name.” The response came as expected, confirming reports I’d read or heard from friends and family in the Guristas and from other sources. “So you’re asking me to openly declare war on the Amarr Empire for their role in the slave trade.”

With another nod, her expression guarded, “I know of your history with the Empire and the slave trade. Think of this as an atonement for past deeds.”

“Why should I? I mean, they used to pay me good money for escort duty,” I grin, remembering what turned the Empire against me. “That is – until they found out my other activities within their border.” She looks at my curiously, a question bubbling on her tongue. Instead, she nods then stands and bows. “Well, if you decide to help us, Mr. Phydeaux here will help you with any necessary arrangements. I’d suggest you listen to his suggestions.”

With that she leaves, her bodyguards glaring at mine on the way out.

“Well, that was fun,” I say, looking at the Gallente man, “you know who I am, give me a call with more information when you have it.” He smiles and nods, his voice eager, “yes, yes, of course. You’ll hear from me by the weekend, Ma’am.”

With the business concluded, we leave and head to the extraction point, mulling over what I’d learnt inside that concrete shack.

My dear Sister

Posted in In-char on February 9, 2011 by DosTuMai

Floating idly within the warm caress of my capsule. Silence surrounding me.

You’re too close… I think, as several mining craft followed by a large escort enter the belt, landing only a few short kilometre away.

My body recoiling, pulling itself away from the people as I kick the vessel in to motion, heading to the gate of the next system on my route. As I land in the system and engage the cloak, I begin to reach out again. Hunting for more prey.

The gate fires making me jump. A Capsuleer flying a Merlin-class Frigate. I bring up the man’s information and see he’s only had his license for a few months. Easy prey, I think. Tagging his vessel with a camera drone, I see him begin to turn and align his small ship towards planet III and the small cluster of asteroid belts in that direction.

I follow, but move to a different belt, hoping he was following the mapped order then wait.

I reach out, a tendril of thought crossing the void, searching. My mood contemplative as I track his progress.

My NeoComm bleeps. “Greetings, Ms. Kielle,” an Amarr woman says, her face vaguely familiar. “Greetings,” I respond, subconciously pursing my lips and tilting my head, trying to remember where I knew this woman from.

“I am Inesmir Jimud from the Sisters.”

“Ah, yes,” concealing my surprise as well as I could, “how may I help you, dear?” She smiles, cheeks colouring slightly in a blush, “well, we don’t normally do this, but as you’re well known to us and have done a lot of good work, I was hoping we could-”

I interrupt her as my ship’s systems ping. Proximity warning, Merlin-class Frigate approaching. “If you’ll excuse me a moment, Sister.” Her face pales for a moment. I shudder as I disengage the cloak then begin the locking sequence, the Frigate leaping into action as soon as he sees my Arazu-class Force Recon bare down on him, “as you were saying?”

“Oh, yes. You’re a competant combat pilot, Ms. Kielle, I was hoping we could set up a meeting and arrange something.” Her face nervous, obviously hiding something. All the while my Sensor Dampeners and warp disruptor inhibiting my victim’s systems, I release my drones and tell them to attack. “I see. Oh, and I’ve been married a while. When would you like to schedule a meeting?”

Again her face pales, unsure of how to procede, “well Mrs. Kielle?” her voice unsure if that was the right way to address me, “when would yo-”

“How in the name of the Gods did he get away?” I yell, fists clenching as my body twitches in anger. “Uh, I see you’re busy. Perhaps we can-” a slight edge of fear creeping into her voice before I interrupt, “sure, I can make it today. You still in Gicodel, or would you like to meet somewhere more private?” I re-engage the cloak, silently fuming. “Great, I’d like to meet you on Gicodel IV, I’ll upload the location to your NeoComm.”

I smile and nod, “I’m a little way out right now, I’ll be along in a couple of hours.”

With that, the conversation ends and I retrace my steps back to highsec, pondering what the Sisters may want with an old pirate like myself.

Mmm, Blag pock

Posted in General Ignorance on February 7, 2011 by DosTuMai

Well, this is a turn up for the books, and maybe a little more incentive to write more.

Who would’ve thunk it that I’d be selected for the EVE Blog Pack?

Maybe this means I have to start writing more often. Damn, well, Young, Poor and Angry were a no-show and dropped the dec, so that’s something, ummm, yah, maybe more to write…

I’ll go poke my word processor now…