My dear Sister

Floating idly within the warm caress of my capsule. Silence surrounding me.

You’re too close… I think, as several mining craft followed by a large escort enter the belt, landing only a few short kilometre away.

My body recoiling, pulling itself away from the people as I kick the vessel in to motion, heading to the gate of the next system on my route. As I land in the system and engage the cloak, I begin to reach out again. Hunting for more prey.

The gate fires making me jump. A Capsuleer flying a Merlin-class Frigate. I bring up the man’s information and see he’s only had his license for a few months. Easy prey, I think. Tagging his vessel with a camera drone, I see him begin to turn and align his small ship towards planet III and the small cluster of asteroid belts in that direction.

I follow, but move to a different belt, hoping he was following the mapped order then wait.

I reach out, a tendril of thought crossing the void, searching. My mood contemplative as I track his progress.

My NeoComm bleeps. “Greetings, Ms. Kielle,” an Amarr woman says, her face vaguely familiar. “Greetings,” I respond, subconciously pursing my lips and tilting my head, trying to remember where I knew this woman from.

“I am Inesmir Jimud from the Sisters.”

“Ah, yes,” concealing my surprise as well as I could, “how may I help you, dear?” She smiles, cheeks colouring slightly in a blush, “well, we don’t normally do this, but as you’re well known to us and have done a lot of good work, I was hoping we could-”

I interrupt her as my ship’s systems ping. Proximity warning, Merlin-class Frigate approaching. “If you’ll excuse me a moment, Sister.” Her face pales for a moment. I shudder as I disengage the cloak then begin the locking sequence, the Frigate leaping into action as soon as he sees my Arazu-class Force Recon bare down on him, “as you were saying?”

“Oh, yes. You’re a competant combat pilot, Ms. Kielle, I was hoping we could set up a meeting and arrange something.” Her face nervous, obviously hiding something. All the while my Sensor Dampeners and warp disruptor inhibiting my victim’s systems, I release my drones and tell them to attack. “I see. Oh, and I’ve been married a while. When would you like to schedule a meeting?”

Again her face pales, unsure of how to procede, “well Mrs. Kielle?” her voice unsure if that was the right way to address me, “when would yo-”

“How in the name of the Gods did he get away?” I yell, fists clenching as my body twitches in anger. “Uh, I see you’re busy. Perhaps we can-” a slight edge of fear creeping into her voice before I interrupt, “sure, I can make it today. You still in Gicodel, or would you like to meet somewhere more private?” I re-engage the cloak, silently fuming. “Great, I’d like to meet you on Gicodel IV, I’ll upload the location to your NeoComm.”

I smile and nod, “I’m a little way out right now, I’ll be along in a couple of hours.”

With that, the conversation ends and I retrace my steps back to highsec, pondering what the Sisters may want with an old pirate like myself.


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