Roamin’, the Blind man and an Orca

Off hunting lowsec I went, my Daredevil glinting evilly in the light of each star that passed.

As always when I go exploring, I didn’t have a route set out. Just me, an expensive ship and my browser pointed to dotlan.

Flying through a few systems, I found nothing but gangs I couldn’t fight or docked people.

After a little browsing on dotlan, I found two little systems: Gerper and Mya. They’re a dead end, but both are lowsec – so I thought it’d be great fun to check them out.

When I first flew through, Mya was devoid of any life then I landed in Gerper. Finally, some life signs, so up came D-Scan showing me a Crane on the list.

I went through the motions and dialed him down to 5 degrees… he was in the middle of nowhere. Dammit, I think, just as the ship lands on the gate. That made me wonder if I should’ve taken something to tank gate guns with. But oh well, live and learn, I guess. So, I headed towards the beacon on my overview. May as well earn a few pennies whilst I was at it.

Then something magical happened: new local flying a Dramiel. Excellent, I might be able to eat this poor unsuspecting person. Trying to hunt the Dramiel down, I saw 2 more locals appear. One in a Retriever, the other in a Navy Vexor. This would be fun, especially if I got caught by the Dram. But no luck.

I flew around for a while then settled on leaving and finding other sources of pew.

Back to Mya, I saw the Dramiel pilot was in local and found her 350+km from the warp-in point. So I thought, what the hell and started to approach the ship at top speed. 160Km from the Dramiel, she fled back to the relative safety of highsec…

After grumbling quietly to myself, I left and headed elsewhere. Again, nothing. Unless you count gatecamps as something. Well, not that I can take on BC/BS gangs solo, maybe a solo BC/BS, but that’s like trying hunt for rocking horse poop.

Basgerin, I got followed by a Gallente CS – the shooty one, not the droney one – but other wise nothing. So I jumped back into Pulin and this happened:

[ 2011.02.11 05:43:54 ] Johnson G > anyone
[ 2011.02.11 05:43:55 ] Johnson G > hello
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:05 ] Johnson G > way to quite in local
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:14 ] Dossie Kielle > Hello.
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:22 ] Johnson G > HEY!
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:44 ] Johnson G > hows it going there
[ 2011.02.11 05:45:40 ] Dossie Kielle > Good. Could you please refrain from screaming over the FTL system? Really, there's no need to be so loud, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:30 ] Johnson G > lol loud?
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:50 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote sighs. "Yes, dear."
[ 2011.02.11 05:48:35 ] Johnson G > why surely sweets,,,,,, "role of the eyes and grunt"
[ 2011.02.11 05:49:57 ] Dossie Kielle > Thank you. Anything I can help you with, or just polite conversation?
[ 2011.02.11 05:51:45 ] Johnson G > just got someowhat board. seeing if anyone wanted to chat for a bit..... if they were doing anything worth looking into
[ 2011.02.11 05:52:48 ] Dossie Kielle > Ah, I see. I've just been flying around lowsec hoping to find some Capsuleers to play with. The only person I met fled.
[ 2011.02.11 05:55:17 ] Johnson G > you torchering other capsuleers... why did you let him get away?
[ 2011.02.11 05:56:35 ] Dossie Kielle > Unfortunately, her Dramiel warped off before I got into scram range.
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:28 ] Johnson G > what are you hunting them down in
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:42 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote chuckles. "Daredevil."
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Johnson G > I see a few of those flying around capping people haha
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Dossie Kielle > Nice Orca, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:13 ] Johnson G > be nice to it
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:28 ] Dossie Kielle > They're great ships to fly if you know how to fly them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:46 ] Johnson G > they are a boat and slow as crap...
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:33 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote giggles. "Slower than a long-limb swimming through treacle."
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:45 ] Johnson G > lol
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:50 ] Johnson G > your ship just looks mean
[ 2011.02.11 06:04:13 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh, it's very mean. Most people don't want to tangle with them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:02 ] Johnson G > well when i get bulled by one i just let it keep on bulling and bumping me around lol... how did you get it? and what makes them so great?
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:41 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote shrugs. "I stole it."
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:17 ] Dossie Kielle > What makes them so great is the fire control system and that it's fast and takes a hell of a beating.
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:19 ] Johnson G > haha nice
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:40 ] Johnson G > take it you have taken it through alot then
[ 2011.02.11 06:07:55 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh yes. First day I took it out, I had a fight with a friend's Wolf.
[ 2011.02.11 06:08:38 ] Johnson G > you owned the worlf im asumming
[ 2011.02.11 06:09:39 ] Dossie Kielle > No, neither of us could beat the other. *Sighs.* We called it a night after throwing a few thousand rounds at eachother and went hunting together.

+1000 Internets for me by getting a complete stranger to RP in local.

After a short while, I went off and begun hunting the belts. That’s when something fun happened. Johnson G was switching from his Orca to a Hulk, and his orca got jacked. I was sorely disappointed that I wasn’t the one to steal the ship, but such is life.

I got a private message from the Asset Redistribution Specialist involved: MrBlindMan. He was a nice guy, so I got on well with him, especially as we have similar attitudes.

In the end, it was a productive day of hunting and education. The Orca pilot purchased himself a new Orca, and I met another of the old-fashioned pirates that made EVE fun. I miss PvP’ing against sensible, rational creatures…


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