Doctor and Patient

Routine visit to the infirmary started oddly, “g-goo-g-g-good – i-i-i-insert greetinnnnnnnn-evening, sir,” the AIMed stutters. I stare, blinking slightly, “Ma’am, you stupid lump of junk, I’ve come for a check up.”

“Yes, how is your leg today, Tu Dos Ki Mai Elle? What lovely weather we’re hav~ con-con-congr~ I’m sorry to tell you, we may have to ampu~ Lationsing!” The holographic face begins to rotate and flicker wildly, “please urinate in this syringe Sir/Ma’am have a nice da~” the AIMed stares blankly at me, its genial expression evaporating as I draw my pistol, screaming and firing wildly at it. The clip was spent in seconds.

I sit, breathing heavily, glaring at the smoking wreckage of the mechanical medic as orderlies rush into the room, their gazes switching from the ruined AIMed to the gun in my hand. “M-Ma’am, uh, what happened?” asks a worried looking orderly, fire control systems wailing all the while as station-board sensors register the gunfire. I spit at the wreckage and glare at the guards rushing into the room, their rifles aimed at me. The sirens suddenly turn silent.

“What happened here?” The leader of the security squad asks, “this infernal wreck of a mindless drone malfunctioned, so I took it upon myself to decommission it.” My left hand resting on my hip as my eyes bore into the heavily armoured man, a Sergeant by the rank pins on his shoulder. I drop the magazine out of my pistol then put it on my belt, placing a fresh one into the hand grip with a sharp slap. “You can’t just go around shooting firearms in an infirmary, despite being a Capsuleer, Ms. Kielle,” the Sergeant responds, eyeing the weapon in my hand suspiciously, “firearms are not permitted in the infirmary, either.”

“I have enemies from all corners, you expect me to walk around unarmed?” Comes my retort. I stand and walk over to where I put my twinned blades and fasten them around my hips, eyes never leaving the security personnel. “Are you going to arrest me or just stand there gawking?”

“I, uh,” the man stutters, “yes, please come with us, we’ll escort you to the bri~” I cut the man off, “be silent, you insolent cur. Take me to a real doctor before I lose my patience.” His men exchange uneasy glances, their weapons lowering fractionally, “Sir, it might be a good idea to do as she says. I’ve heard reports about her kind.” A nervous sounding guard said. The Sergeant sighs and nods, his helmet bobbing with the action, “very well, as long as you surrender your weapons, Ma’am.”

I smile sweetly then bow as I hand over my pistol. “You’re not touching my swords, though,” I say as I head out, “where are we going?”

After being escorted to the guard-room infirmary, the guards get dismissed by the doctor. “Good afternoon, how are you today, xingan?” I frown, looking at the vaguely familiar face. He smiles, revealing two long, pointed canine teeth, “I see by your charts you’re expecting a child. That’s something I’d have never expected from you, especially after…” I shrug and lean back, allowing the man to set up the sensors, “many years have passed since we last met, Wan Hu,” I reply, seeing amusement creep into the doctor’s expression.

“Ah, yes. Such a very long time, and now you’re married to a bar owner. A Caldari man in Thukker space, no less.” He looks at me critically, moving some apparatus closer, “now, if you could lift your shirt, dear. Oh, and put that dagger back in its sheaf. I’d hate something to go wrong.” I glare at him and begin unbuttoning the lower end of my top. “What happened after I destroyed your ship?” I ask as he starts scanning my stomach. “Ah, yes. Like you, I used an escape pod to leave. That is, once I cut off my hand.” He smiled, lifting his right arm up, examining his wrist, “It stung somewhat, but I was trained to do what’s necessary. Now it’s my turn, what grand scheme do you have planned with this marriage and pregnancy?”

Idly flaring the dagger in my hand, I shrug, looking over at the display, “none, I’m happy and fulfilled. My Corporation are part of my latest grand plan. Where did you head to after escaping? Guristas space is closed to you, I was paid to make sure you were dead.” He indicated to the screen, “the child is healthy, the heartbeat is fine. Yes, I left for Sansha space. Such curious people there. Any morning sickness, cravings?” I look to where he indicated and nod, looking back at him. “I did crave tuna with chocolate, recently it’s just salty foods. And sex. So you went to the Sansha. Meet Kuvakei? I hear he’s quite the intellectual, I’m sure you’d get along.”

“No, I didn’t. I recuperated in a small bio plant. Try salty meats for the cravings, maybe some of the more traditional Caldari foods. You were the same with Sihaya, though. I had to discipline you for having sex in the middle of a raid. Who paid you to kill me?” I sigh, closing my eyes, “yes, I was… But I can’t tell you that info.” Biting my lip and breathing slowly, feeling the tears start to form, I hear the doctor begin clearing up.

“Well, as you see, everything is fine. Try not to dwell on your past, xingan. It has happened and cannot be changed.” He calls for the guards and smiles, licking his sharp canine teeth, “try not to get into stressful situations. Being a capsuleer, that’s more difficult than it is for most.” His grin widening as he looks directly into my eyes, “maybe give mining an attempt, I’m sure you’ll find that most agreeable.” With a passing glare, I leave the infirmary to my own quarters, guards trailing at a respectable distance behind.

As we reach my quarters, I turn and hold out my hand, looking at the guard Sergeant, “I’ll have my pistols back.” He nods, passing the weapons and magazines back. “I removed the clips as a precaution, don’t go firing your weapons again. No matter how annoyed you may get.”

I smile and nod, taking the weapons and ammunition back. “Oh, Sergeant, I’d appreciate you don’t stare quite so hard at other women,” with that, I knee the man in the groin and step into the rented apartment then collapse onto the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.


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