Idley tracking the newly upgraded Dual 150mm Rail IIs that I’d fitted onto my Federation Navy modified Vexor-class Cruiser named Gengar, running the firing cycle a few times dry. I smile, body slowly unfurling within the capsule, it’s time for some action.

I leave Gallente space and head towards Caldari territories, eager to challenge the first person foolish enough to fight me. As the vessel shudders and lands in the system of Nomaa, I begin to hunt for anyone foolish enough to discard ore into jet cans.

I land in the third belt and idle Gengar, a Hulk sat there mining away. I send a camera drone over to inspect the vessel. A small detachment of local Guristas warp in, the lead vessel hailing me, “fancy seeing you here. Is this business or pleasure?” I smile, opening comms. “Pleasure, I want to try out my new weapons systems. I’ll leave you to this miner and go hunting something juicier.” With that, I closed the channel, drop some bait and headed to the final listed asteroid belt and lie back to await something interesting.

A few local Guristas were engaged in a fight with another Capsuleer, so I flew over to help. As I land, I begin locking the vessel and ready my guns. Target lock acquired. My Warp Disruptor hitting her warp core with a graviton pulse, my weapons firing. I open the drone bay, but the vessel detonates moments before my Ogre II Heavy Attack Drones even have a chance to cycle their own weapons. It was an easy and hollow victory.

I sigh and recall the drones, thanking them for the assistance before heading to the Poinen gate, prowling the belts. As I land in a belt around the fifth planet, I spy two miners with containers beside them. I save the location of on can then warp out, checking the other belts.

Back to Planet V and the saved container location, I perform a transfer of goods then wait, calling for some hauler support from a friend. The miners flee the belt and I hear nothing from them so I have the hauler pick up the freshly acquired ore.

An emergency broadcast came through my NeoComm, “thank fuck you’re here. I’ve got a Drake here, he’s destroyed a lot of our pilots.”

“Roger, I’m on my way.” As I begin aligning to the belt, I check weapon load. Gengar shudders as I land, immediately starting up the Afterburner and locking up the target Drake. The poor Guristas pilot’s vessel being obliterated moments after I start to throw a graviton beam into the Drake’s warp core.

My Ogre IIs hum to life then fly out of my bay, firing their death-dealing volleys at my target. I had faith in my vessel as I started to slowly chew through his shield systems, overloading my new guns to get more damage. Slowly but surely, his shields get torn asunder, leaving his armor and structure to wither away.

I dock up to replenish cap booster charges and repair damaged modules then resume my prowl of the belts, coming across a Hyperion-class Battleship with aggression. I begin to lock it up and disrupt his warp core. Then I realise the fatal mistake. With a lurch, my body shudders in sympathy as the pilot begins to throw a distortion field around my ship, slowing me down to a crawl. Overloading everything, I try to claw my way free, but to no avail, he had me. All I could do was deal as much damage back as I could before the inevitable happened.

I leave the battle field lamenting my loss, but also celebrating how well the vessel performed. I should have dictated range better, but the adrenaline coursing through my body made me foolish. Next time, I will know…

Until next time, Marley Rockwell. I shall challenge you again and be victorious, I still have Karma to burn.


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