State of Emergency Pt.1

Lights strobe a warning, sirens wail as I walk down the gang way, looking around. A mask of shock and fear playing across my face as I glance around, “Ma’am, get out of here, there’s an alert.” I jump and turn, nodding to the security detail taking up positions behind me.

“I- I don’t know where…” I stammer, raising my hands as the lead guard walks up to me. “It’s okay, you’re safe with us,” he says, his voice reassuring, his eyes straying to my bulbous stomach. “What are you doing on a military installation so heavily pregnant?” He enquires, glancing around nervously to the four men with him.

I shrug, “taking a stroll,” my smile broadening as the infant begins kicking. I close my eyes and breath deeply, biting my lip, my hand resting on my abdomen. Concern crossing the guard’s faces, they exchange worried glances. “Are you okay, Ma’am?” Another guard asks, his weapon scanning towards the way I’d came. “Yes,” I respond, reaching out and taking the closest man’s hand, “my baby is kicking, that’s all.”

The man smiles and nods, his hand pulling away, “a strong kick, too.”

All of a sudden, the hallway some few meters away explodes with a loud crump. Hot air and shrapnel shredding the wall of men. I duck just in time, squealing as chunks of flesh and innards cover me. The last remaining guard standing there in a shocked silence. With a sigh, I begin to pick the bloody chunks off my clothing, muttering choice curses under my breath.

The last remaining guard remains standing there.

I turn and look at him, waving a hand in front of his face, “uh, you there, dear?” I ask. He coughs, foaming blood frothing to his lips, I sigh, then spin on my heel as I flick my arm out, the blade hidden up my sleeve flickering out and decapitating the man where he stands.

With a sigh and a glance down at myself, I begin to walk casually away from the site of the carnage, the sleeve blade retreating back to its original position. My NeoComm beeps quietly, “conduit at junction, three-zero meters on the left. You’re on your own from there.” I nod, picking up my pace to reach the junction.

Shots ring out from the right-hand passageway, screaming, I dive back, narrowly ducking the bright blue lance of a laser. I curse quietly and rest my back against the bulkhead. Damned State troopers, I think, digging around my purse for something useful. “who goes there,” a nervous voice shouts, shuffling, nervous footsteps creeping slowly towards the turn. With a deep breath, I begin to tremble, whimpering quietly as my hand closes on a small incendiary. “Oh Gods, oh Gods, please don’t shoot,” I say, crawling back as I cover my face with the other arm. “Clear, it’s a civilian,” the trooper says through his comms line, two other men covering him as he lowers his rifle, walking towards me.

“You’re fine Ma’am, we’ll get you to safety,” the trooper’s hand reaches out, taking my hand, his eyes roaming over my bloodstained visage. Passing a nervous glance to his colleagues as he helps me up.

As the three men lead me around the corner, my eyes seeking out the heavy laser cannon that nearly took my head off. Glaring at the gunner, I’m brought before the officer in charge, a lieutenant by his rank pins. His eyes looking me up and down, “this is a restricted area, what are you doing here?”

“I heard the sirens and got lost…” my voice cracking as I collapse onto my knees, rocking and whimpering, “a wall exploded then, then.” The officer in charge nods towards two of his men, “escort her to the guard room.”

They salute and help me up. With a soldier either side, we begin to walk in the wrong direction. I smile, “five.”

The soldiers glance around at me, “four.” The guard to my left raises an eyebrow, “three?” He says, my smile broadening, “two,” I respond then begin to laugh. The State troopers stare blankly at me, smile expanding as I say, “one.”

The hallway exploding behind us as I pivot on my foot, 15cm blades diving into my palms as I aim a disembowelling strike at the man on the right. He groans and falls over as I tuck and dive to my right, narrowly dodging the shot aimed for my head.

The guard that was on my left moving swiftly backwards, his rifle raised, aiming at my head. I smile, his face dropping as he looks down, clutching vainly at the dagger in his chest. Walking over to him, I rest a foot on his stomach and pull, the dagger sliding noisily out of his chest, decapitating him as I straighten.

Pain blooms from my shoulder. I gasp and look, a large chunk of metal embedded in the muscle. Biting my lip, as I pull the shrapnel out then pick up a pistol and start searching the closest bodies for ammunition, retracing my path back to the junction.

Walking past the blast zone, I hear a groan, the lieutenant was crawling, dragging himself along. He groans then screams as I step on his hand, shaking my head, “I’m looking for your brig, where is it?” I ask, lifting the looted pistol up. He spits at me, “fuck you,” before coughing, blood and saliva dribbling from his lips. With a shrug I turn, shooting him casually in the head as I walk over to the conduit and plug myself in.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath before crouching and raising my looted pistol. “Alert, alert. Closed access terminals. Lockdown… hmmm,” I mutter quietly to myself, searching the system for a floor plan and a clear route. Diverting as many patrols away from my route and destination as possible.

Precious seconds tick by, then with a triumphant exclamation, I disconnect the lines and head off towards the prison wing.


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