State of Emergency Pt.2

The door wouldn’t open. I sigh and lean against the wall, digging through my purse. A quiet voice bringing my attention back the way I came, “patrol six alpha, area clear, no signs of the intruder.” Cursing quietly, I glance at the keypad beside the door then stealthily slip back up the corridor.

Five men, all carrying assault rifles were around the corner, heading my way. Putting the mirror back into my purse, I check the load on my new pistol, six rounds remained. I lean back, a dagger in each hand and wait. The foot steps came closer then stopped, “roger that,” came the voice before they turned around, their footsteps dwindling as they hurried in the opposite direction.

With a sigh of relief, I turn back and head to the doorway, pulling out a set of wires to interface with the door lock. As I reach it, the door hisses open, a woman carrying some files standing there, blinking owlishly at me. I smile then raise my pistol, shooting her point blank in the face. Another woman stood behind her staring at me in shock. She drops her burden then turns, trying to flee. I grab a handful of her hair and pull back hard, knocking her out as soon as she hits the ground with a loud thud.

Without skipping a beat, I rush in and close the door, sealing it before dragging the women into a nearby room. I prop the unconscious woman up, humming quietly as I start to remove her clothing. Excellent, my mind working a way through the plan as I drop my clothes into a pile. She groans and starts coming to, “it’s a bad time to wake up,” I say, straddling her lap. She inhales deeply and tries to scream, my hand covering her mouth, “Now, now. I can’t have that. Tell me your access code, dear. I may let you live.” She shakes her head, struggling beneath me as I lay the cold steel against her throat. “That’s not the answer I’m looking for. Tell me your access codes and I’ll let you live.”

She glares at me hatefully, attempting to scream and bite my hand. With a sigh, I reverse the grip on the dagger and drive it through her chin to her brain, and wait for her body to stop twitching.

Naked, I bow then kneel between the bodies. I kiss both softly on the lips before stripping them, writing over their flesh with the tips of my daggers. I smile then pose the bodies and get dressed.

The State uniform fit me badly, barely stretching over my stomach. Snatching up my jacket and purse, I leave the room – once more heading to my destination.

The facility was well guarded. Sixteen men and women moving around the area, most of which were carrying shock poles and batons. Some armed with firearms. I check my pistol. Only five rounds left, no spare clips. With a shrug, I look down at myself and walk in, pistol raised.

The guard nearest the door was the first to die. His chest exploding as the incendiary round detonates on contact. The sound of a curse brought my head and hand to the right. A scream erupting from the man behind the twitching wreck of the dead trooper.

The State trooper I’m staring at starts to shout, “put the weapon down!”

I purse my lips, blowing a kiss as I squeeze the trigger, his brains splattering across the wall. “Two.”

Reversing the grip on my pistol, snapping back and firing at the third.

He wasn’t there.

Instinct made me dive to my right moments before the round skimmed my shoulder. Screaming, I tuck in and roll through the open door, right on top of an officer. He kicks out hard, his big, black boot connecting with my already injured shoulder. With a snarl, I slash the man’s Achilles tendon the roll slowly upright. Baring my teeth, I howl like one of the damned, stabbing the kicking and screaming officer repeatedly with my daggers.


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