State of Emergency Pt.3

I stand, looking at the bloody mess of the officer then walk calmly in to the guard room and look around, looting the corpses of anything useful. Quickly, I check the system for prisoners, seeing only a single name. I blink, staring at the screen in disbelief for a moment. “It can’t be,” I breathe, my mind reeling in shock. I close my eyes and breath deeply before collecting my wits and moving on, following a mental map.

It wasn’t hard to find my way to the holding cell, all Caldari military stations were laid out in the same manner, the hard part was getting there undetected.

Using a stolen key card, I open the door and walk in to the darkened cell. The tiny room illuminated by a single candle with a robed person sat in front of it, his back to the door. “I was wondering when you’d come for me,” he said without turning. “You wont learn anything new from me.”

I smile, closing the door, “I’m sure I’d be able to learn something new. Like how you were foolish enough to be captured, dear.” The man turns, his face haggard and bruised, covered in dried and drying blood. “Welcome, xingan. Are you a figment of my imagination, or my salvation?” He inquires, his normally calm eyes wild and unfocused. “You look like you’ve had fun. Maybe you’re the harbinger of death, but I have nothing to pay you for my passage into the under world.”

In a few swift strides, I cross the room, my hand closing around his throat, “I am what you trained me to be, Wan Hu. Now, help me up to that vent and I’ll get you out of here.”

He nods slowly, swallowing past my grip, “it shall be as you say, xingan.” Raising slowly to his feet, his movements pained as he walked to the back wall, he braces himself and nods, readying himself to lift me up.

Grumbling to myself as I use his thigh and shoulder as steps, I begin to open the vent grill, my balance unsteady with the ungainly weight of my stomach. A sharp punch and a heave, I lift myself up, into the vent. “Quit looking up my skirt, you dirty old man,” I say, lifting and wriggling myself up into the confined space. He chuckles and averts his eyes, “you know I’ve taken a vow of chastity, so why are you worried, xingan?” He asks, voice tinted with mock sincerity. I throw my compact mirror at him, “Yeah, whatever. Just get your ass up here.”

Crawling through the vents after closing the shaft off, we leave the secure wing and head to the extraction point.


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