Varoga’s lesson

“Dossie, I’ve just delivered your stuff,” a smiling, familiar face says on a comms channel I frequent. I nod and smile back, “thank you, Ryan. How are you, dear?” I ask.

He shrugs, “same as usual, and you Dossie dear?” I respond in kind, shrugging and setting course to the system he’d delivered my vessel and other equipment, “I’m good, just prowling the space lanes as usual.” My Taranis-class Interceptor turns about, my drones returning back to the comfort of their bay as I begin to warm up my warp drive. “Excellent,” I say to my old friend, “I’m on my way to pick them up.”

I yawn and twitch in my capsule, on-board scanner pulsing every few seconds. A ping comes back; Retriever-class Barge with a container. The small, fast vessel shudders and groans as she drops out of warp, then is immediately thrown around to warp to the nearest asteroid belt.

As the small vessel drops out of warp, I begin the transferral of goods, removing all the ore from his can and placing it into my own. He waits a few seconds then drops a flight of Tech one Hobgoblin drones, my teeth baring in a feral grin, I do likewise and begin tearing into his larger vessel with my Blasters and Hobgoblin II drones.

It was fast, my weapons systems tearing his vessel apart in seconds. I sit and scan the wreckage. Nothing much of use. So I wait and see what he brings out. Proximity warning, a large vessel coming in. I chuckle as the poor man lands his Dominix-class Battleship in the belt, throwing out yet more low-tech drones. I kill them and leave the system, heading out to find something bigger, the nearest vessel being a Federation Navy modified Vexor.

And hour later, I return to find the pilot in local and begin to call him out. “I’m back, did you miss me?”

Returning to the belt I’d destroyed him in, and sit there, waiting. He comes back and drops another flight of Hobgoblin I drones, my own Berzerker II drones flying out to greet his Dominix, I throw a graviton beam into his warp coil, Dual 150mm Railguns spitting hyper-velocity death towards him.

My body twitches within the capsule, adrenalin coursing through my veins. Proximity warning, a Dramiel-class Frigate and Nemesis-class Stealth Bomber from his Corporation just appearing in the area, their arrival announced with a fiery corona of torpedoes impacting on my armor plating.

I chuckle, keeping my drones on Battleship, I switch targets and start to fire at the Bomber. First volley missed, second hitting squarely, most of his vessel’s armor dissipating in the time it takes to click your fingers, the Bomber pilot flees, leaving behind a lingering flash of his Torpedoes. Nanite armor reconstructors barely being troubled by the onslaught, I return my full attention to the Battleship.

Slowly, surely, his vessel crumbles beneath the onslaught, I turn my attention to the last vessel attacking me.

I throw a graviton beam into his warp coil, drones and railguns firing wildly at his ship.

He starts to run, leaving my point range then finally warping out with heavy structure damage. I turn and survey the battlefield, sighing softly to myself as the last vestiges of adrenalin burn itself out of my my blood stream, the power plant of my vessel purring in simpatico, I return to my original plan, and finish moving my freshly re-acquired assets.


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