Warding against podkills

Adrenalin was coursing through my veins, locator agents informed of several names, one comes back a hit; Pilot SummitSet located in the Masalle system.
I smile and set destination to the system, my Arazu-class Recon and Seraphina’s Legion-class Strategic Cruiser sliding quickly and invisibly to the target’s location.
After a quick search of the stations, I leave and jump back into Claulenne, waiting on the gate. “He’s not docked,” I say over the fleet comms system. “Roger,” came Sera’s response. “I’m faster than you, want me to check the belts?” With an acknowledgement, ship jumps through as I sit and wait on the Claulenne side of the Masalle gate.
All the belts called out as clear apart from one with a miner mining into a container, “BM the location, we’ll get it…” I get cut off as the gate fires, our target appearing in local, “Summit’s jumped into Claulenne, modules are hot, awaiting engagement.”
“Roger, on my way.”
A red-tagged Harbinger appears on my overview and I immediately engage, hoping Sera gets there before I have to bug out.
Dual-150s firing wildly at my target, Warrior II attack drones disgorged as I watch my shields slowly drop.
Gate fire, Summit’s shields gone, my hyper-velocity Iron rounds spanging from the enemy Battlecruiser’s armor. “Took your time,” I say as Seraphina’s Legion joins in the fray. “Aww, you missed me?” Came her sarcastic response, her lasers joining in and making greater tears into the target’s armor plating.
Moments later, our target detonates, but no time to watch the beautiful detonation, my targeting systems activating on the capsule, he warps out. I sigh and follow, docking and undocking from the station the target warped to.
A short while later, Sera left to rest. Not feeling like station camping a target in an un-tanked ship, I leave and switch to my Vexor and go out for some agent work.


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