Iron Ferrite? The Hell Is That?

Sat here watching Armageddon, and I must say… The hell?

First off, I’d like to point out the that firing nuclear missiles at an asteroid heading towards the planet could destroy the object, or redirect it. Depending on the composition.
The other ideas were stupid. Let’s be frank about it. Solar sails would slow down a small amount, but with a global level extinction event-size asteroid heading towards us, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Really, it would just add a tiny bit of extra mass to collide with Terra.
Another good idea would be aiming several lasers at the object. This would cause something called laser ablation. Without going through all of the fun physics, it’ll basically turn the surface of the ‘roid into a rocket engine- vastly simplified I know, but this is a fiction blag, not a science one.

Velocity in MP/h? Huh? Surely NASA has been using m/s since they started, right? I mean, that’s the SI unit all physics nerds like myself were taught.
Then there is Terran gravity. On an asteroid. That didn’t pull Luna towards it as they passed. I know they said that the rock would have unpredictable gravity, but this is ridiculous. How can the shuttle land so heavily on the ‘roid, yet a few kilometers away, the ‘Armadillo’ takes flight off a canyon. Maybe the vehicle that got blown of into space was just in a rush to get home? I don’t know, possibly.

I’m not here to be a film critic, but this makes the movie’s plot looks an awful lot like gauda.


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