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Iron Ferrite? The Hell Is That?

Posted in General Ignorance, OOC Rampancy on September 3, 2014 by DosTuMai

Sat here watching Armageddon, and I must say… The hell?

First off, I’d like to point out the that firing nuclear missiles at an asteroid heading towards the planet could destroy the object, or redirect it. Depending on the composition.
The other ideas were stupid. Let’s be frank about it. Solar sails would slow down a small amount, but with a global level extinction event-size asteroid heading towards us, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Really, it would just add a tiny bit of extra mass to collide with Terra.
Another good idea would be aiming several lasers at the object. This would cause something called laser ablation. Without going through all of the fun physics, it’ll basically turn the surface of the ‘roid into a rocket engine- vastly simplified I know, but this is a fiction blag, not a science one.

Velocity in MP/h? Huh? Surely NASA has been using m/s since they started, right? I mean, that’s the SI unit all physics nerds like myself were taught.
Then there is Terran gravity. On an asteroid. That didn’t pull Luna towards it as they passed. I know they said that the rock would have unpredictable gravity, but this is ridiculous. How can the shuttle land so heavily on the ‘roid, yet a few kilometers away, the ‘Armadillo’ takes flight off a canyon. Maybe the vehicle that got blown of into space was just in a rush to get home? I don’t know, possibly.

I’m not here to be a film critic, but this makes the movie’s plot looks an awful lot like gauda.



Posted in OOC Rampancy on August 29, 2014 by DosTuMai

Life and love. It’s time to get a move on, I guess.

With a new tablet, potential interwebs and a nice apartment, things are looking up.

So with this, I shall get back into writing.
Look back for most stuff!


Posted in OOC Rampancy on April 20, 2011 by DosTuMai

Cycling along happily, I’d just covered 16km by the time I got to my favourite part of the home stretch – a tall and steep hill.

At the crest, I take a sip from my now tepid camel pack and adjust my helmet. You never know what could happen on two wheels. English drivers act like they have to get everywhere in a hurry.

Kind of like NYC traffic – only more space to move.

With a quick glance at the speedo, I start to pick up speed, pushing myself faster, the few cars behind slowly overtaking me.

It was a fun ride, but I needed a shower. Not just need; screw you very much, Sir, get out of my way needed a shower.

Faster, about a quarter of the way down the hill, just touching 30km/h after a glance at the handlebar-mounted computer, when suddenly this little pocket-sized rat-dog-thing suddenly dives out and attacks me. “Shit,” I say, lifting the front then rear wheels off the ground, bunny hopping like a madwoman. As I lift off, I look back to make sure I cleared the beastly little creature.

My head snaps around, just in time to see a car skidding to a halt, heading straight towards me. As I force gravity to take effect and whip the tail around, I realise I’m tilting too far sideways. The front and rear suspension compress then rebound, throwing me off and over the handlebars. I scream as I do a close approximation of Supergirl flailing ineffectually in the air and feel a sudden dull pain as my right shin connects with the hood of the rusting, aged Renault PoS.

I land heavily on my shoulder, rolling out of the fall. Adrenalin coursing through my veins making me heedless of my injury, I threw my helmet at the dog then pick up my bicycle, punching the offending vehicle as I go by, muttering about the damage to my front wheel. Then proceed to limp home.

Later I found that I’d snapped my shin right through, so now I’m stuck in a cast for six weeks.

Fucking stupid little yappy thing.


Posted in OOC Rampancy on April 17, 2011 by DosTuMai

Curled up in my nice, warm bed, I yawn and stretch, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

I roll over and sigh, something is missing.

Funny how it is, that this feeling of emptiness strikes me.

I close my eyes, a name rising unbidden to the tip of my tongue. It rolls over, bringing up a myriad of feelings.

Reaching over, I grab my teddy bear and lay there for a moment, thinking of her.

How I miss you.

How I love you.

How I need you.

The Church of Dos Tu Mai of the Epic Socks

Posted in OOC Rampancy on March 18, 2011 by DosTuMai

Monkey nuts~!

So, I’ve been banned from a total of 6 creationist forums, not to mention my trolling has reached over to the book of face.

In the case of 4 of the afore mentioned weirdo forums – and a page on facetube – I not only had my name banned, but they also erased every poast I wrote. Hmm, so this is what it means to be epic. So, this is where I plug my own religion:

The Church of Dos Tu Mai of the Epic socks.

I’ll keep you posted of any developments with my bible bewk thingy. Also: I can’t afford EVE right now, other RL things are getting in the way. Bills suck. =|


Posted in OOC Rampancy on March 16, 2011 by DosTuMai

Idly browsing through tracks I’ve been recommended to listen to, I stumble upon a message from a DJ asking for me to poke & prod his tunes.

Well, what else could I do but take up his offer and have a browse? Thoko is the name – he’s pretty good, and well worth a listen. Just looking out for moar tracks from the guy.

So, I’ll return to writing the ‘Church of Dos Tu Mai and the Epic Socks Bible Bewk’ and leave you to ponder the following image:

Wild Pacman caught somewhere.

Roamin’, the Blind man and an Orca

Posted in OOC Rampancy on February 12, 2011 by DosTuMai

Off hunting lowsec I went, my Daredevil glinting evilly in the light of each star that passed.

As always when I go exploring, I didn’t have a route set out. Just me, an expensive ship and my browser pointed to dotlan.

Flying through a few systems, I found nothing but gangs I couldn’t fight or docked people.

After a little browsing on dotlan, I found two little systems: Gerper and Mya. They’re a dead end, but both are lowsec – so I thought it’d be great fun to check them out.

When I first flew through, Mya was devoid of any life then I landed in Gerper. Finally, some life signs, so up came D-Scan showing me a Crane on the list.

I went through the motions and dialed him down to 5 degrees… he was in the middle of nowhere. Dammit, I think, just as the ship lands on the gate. That made me wonder if I should’ve taken something to tank gate guns with. But oh well, live and learn, I guess. So, I headed towards the beacon on my overview. May as well earn a few pennies whilst I was at it.

Then something magical happened: new local flying a Dramiel. Excellent, I might be able to eat this poor unsuspecting person. Trying to hunt the Dramiel down, I saw 2 more locals appear. One in a Retriever, the other in a Navy Vexor. This would be fun, especially if I got caught by the Dram. But no luck.

I flew around for a while then settled on leaving and finding other sources of pew.

Back to Mya, I saw the Dramiel pilot was in local and found her 350+km from the warp-in point. So I thought, what the hell and started to approach the ship at top speed. 160Km from the Dramiel, she fled back to the relative safety of highsec…

After grumbling quietly to myself, I left and headed elsewhere. Again, nothing. Unless you count gatecamps as something. Well, not that I can take on BC/BS gangs solo, maybe a solo BC/BS, but that’s like trying hunt for rocking horse poop.

Basgerin, I got followed by a Gallente CS – the shooty one, not the droney one – but other wise nothing. So I jumped back into Pulin and this happened:

[ 2011.02.11 05:43:54 ] Johnson G > anyone
[ 2011.02.11 05:43:55 ] Johnson G > hello
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:05 ] Johnson G > way to quite in local
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:14 ] Dossie Kielle > Hello.
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:22 ] Johnson G > HEY!
[ 2011.02.11 05:44:44 ] Johnson G > hows it going there
[ 2011.02.11 05:45:40 ] Dossie Kielle > Good. Could you please refrain from screaming over the FTL system? Really, there's no need to be so loud, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:30 ] Johnson G > lol loud?
[ 2011.02.11 05:47:50 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote sighs. "Yes, dear."
[ 2011.02.11 05:48:35 ] Johnson G > why surely sweets,,,,,, "role of the eyes and grunt"
[ 2011.02.11 05:49:57 ] Dossie Kielle > Thank you. Anything I can help you with, or just polite conversation?
[ 2011.02.11 05:51:45 ] Johnson G > just got someowhat board. seeing if anyone wanted to chat for a bit..... if they were doing anything worth looking into
[ 2011.02.11 05:52:48 ] Dossie Kielle > Ah, I see. I've just been flying around lowsec hoping to find some Capsuleers to play with. The only person I met fled.
[ 2011.02.11 05:55:17 ] Johnson G > you torchering other capsuleers... why did you let him get away?
[ 2011.02.11 05:56:35 ] Dossie Kielle > Unfortunately, her Dramiel warped off before I got into scram range.
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:28 ] Johnson G > what are you hunting them down in
[ 2011.02.11 05:57:42 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote chuckles. "Daredevil."
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Johnson G > I see a few of those flying around capping people haha
[ 2011.02.11 06:01:50 ] Dossie Kielle > Nice Orca, dear.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:13 ] Johnson G > be nice to it
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:28 ] Dossie Kielle > They're great ships to fly if you know how to fly them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:02:46 ] Johnson G > they are a boat and slow as crap...
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:33 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote giggles. "Slower than a long-limb swimming through treacle."
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:45 ] Johnson G > lol
[ 2011.02.11 06:03:50 ] Johnson G > your ship just looks mean
[ 2011.02.11 06:04:13 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh, it's very mean. Most people don't want to tangle with them.
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:02 ] Johnson G > well when i get bulled by one i just let it keep on bulling and bumping me around lol... how did you get it? and what makes them so great?
[ 2011.02.11 06:05:41 ] Dossie Kielle > /emote shrugs. "I stole it."
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:17 ] Dossie Kielle > What makes them so great is the fire control system and that it's fast and takes a hell of a beating.
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:19 ] Johnson G > haha nice
[ 2011.02.11 06:06:40 ] Johnson G > take it you have taken it through alot then
[ 2011.02.11 06:07:55 ] Dossie Kielle > Oh yes. First day I took it out, I had a fight with a friend's Wolf.
[ 2011.02.11 06:08:38 ] Johnson G > you owned the worlf im asumming
[ 2011.02.11 06:09:39 ] Dossie Kielle > No, neither of us could beat the other. *Sighs.* We called it a night after throwing a few thousand rounds at eachother and went hunting together.

+1000 Internets for me by getting a complete stranger to RP in local.

After a short while, I went off and begun hunting the belts. That’s when something fun happened. Johnson G was switching from his Orca to a Hulk, and his orca got jacked. I was sorely disappointed that I wasn’t the one to steal the ship, but such is life.

I got a private message from the Asset Redistribution Specialist involved: MrBlindMan. He was a nice guy, so I got on well with him, especially as we have similar attitudes.

In the end, it was a productive day of hunting and education. The Orca pilot purchased himself a new Orca, and I met another of the old-fashioned pirates that made EVE fun. I miss PvP’ing against sensible, rational creatures…