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Time passed by like sand within an hourglass, Khal paced the bridge of his Shamrock-class Frigate Pyreflie, unsettled by the mumbling in the corner. “Does he have to do that?” His irritation at being forced to do the escort duties more and more evident as the days passed. His second, Fren looked up from her station and shrugged, her usual smile long gone to a determined frown as she felt her Captain’s unease, “leave To’kaht alone, he’s served us as soothsayer well, and you know that.” The huddled figure twitched at the mention of his name, wafting a little more cloying incense in their direction causing Khal to shudder involuntarily. The screen lit up with the Lazari Dromitus emblem before flickering violently and settling on a fuzzy, flickering image of a wizened old man.

The image bowed his head and touched his brow with wrinkly fore fingers, “Captain Khal, you are required to return to base immediately for redeployment.” Before the young Captain could respond, the image on the screen lurched then flickered off. “Damned cantankerous old windbag,” Khal swore under his breath, kicking the console in front of him, “lady and guys, we’ve been ordered back home immediately. That means now, Val’tehk, not when you’ve finished with whatever Gallente smut you’re reading. Ramuun, you’re not doing anything, so give him a hand.”


The small vessel dropped out of warp, automated systems pulling her to the docking area. With a shuddering boom, the Pyreflie was secured to the docking bay, her inner and outer doors hissing with vented steam and gasses. Home at last, Khal thought, looking around to see if anything had been changed on his tedious 3 month rotation.

The crew stopped dead as they entered the main docking area, staring up at the behemoth before them. “Pretty, isn’t she?” Came a hollow, rattling voice behind them. As one, the four people turned, their eyes widening at the cowled and bent figure of their soothsayer propped against a bulkhead. Slowly, he rose an arm, pointing to the vessel, “that… is the end.” They blinked owlishly at the man then turned, looking at the ship, far larger than anything they’d seen before.


“Elder Dahl, I’m here as you requested,” Khal spoke quietly and evenly, bowing and touching his brow with his forefingers in the traditional greeting. The man sat with his back towards the young captain and snorted derisively, “first time you’ve not disappointed me. Did you see the replacement Pyreflie as you entered the station?” The young man stood there in a dumbfounded silence. When his answer wasn’t forthcoming, the elder turned to face the young man, studying him for a long moment before motioning to sit. “You’re held in high regard amongst the other elders, feel blessed as I had nothing to do with your elevation. Why you maintain your current vessel is a mystery to me, you have the skills yet you’ve declined every attempt to usher you into larger, more powerful vessels. The ship you saw is a testament to our engineers and it cost a good many lives to design her.” Khal nodded slowly, the realisation slowly creeping in, “father, I thank you for this opportunity, but why not choose a more competent Battleship Captain? I mean, my brother wou-” The ageing man silenced Khal with smashing his fist on the desk, “do not make assumptions, and do not call me that. You only have this command because the council wish it. Had it been my choice, I would’ve elevated my son to the command, but you got it only because of a popular vote.”

The elder passed Khal a scroll, then standing, he motioned to the younger man to kneel and began the ritual phrases of promotion.


In a daze, Khal returned to the quarters assigned to him and his crew, ignoring the looks from Fren and Ramuun. Val’tehk was the first to speak, “so, where are we heading this time?” Saying nothing, Khal withdrew the scroll from his jacket, dropping it on to the table in front of him. Val’tehk picked up the scroll, unwound it and began reading, staring at Khal in disbelief before passing it to Fren.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were being promoted and taking a new command?” The woman asked, her face a mask of surprise and anger. Khal shook his head, his shoulders hunching, “I didn’t ask for this, nor do I want it. But it’s the will of the elders, so I must do this,” he said in a resigned tone, “but, I want you guys to come, too.” His crew nodded then went to their rooms to prepare for the move.


The new vessel was huge to say the least. Khal sat on the bridge running through the ship’s specifications… Pyreflie-class Carrier. Shielding systems stolen from the Caldari Navy, looted and cannibalised systems of Amarr and Minmatar origin, Ageing Gallentean drone control systems… He sighed, wondering what parts of his new command’s systems were designed by Lazari Dromitus. Well, no use trying to figure out what this ship is, best get to learn it’s capabilities, I guess, He thought to himself. “Captain to crew, welcome aboard, we’ll be running a test flight as soon as we’re cleared to undock.”

“Take your time with the tests.” Khal shuddered and looked over to the large cradle holding the ancient creature of his ship’s soothsayer, “To’kaht?” He asked only to get a deep and mirthless chuckle in return causing the hairs on the back of his neck.

Undocking permission came none too soon.


Mottled green plates shone with reflected light as the vessel orbited a nearby moon. He’d chosen to name the vessel Agrona after the ancient Goddess of war, a fitting name for the greatest vessel built by the Lazari faction.

The comms systems started screaming to life. A massive Republic fleet had begun attacking the station, “all hands, battle stations, prepare to warp in and defend the station.” He ordered sending the bridge into action, then he was suddenly surrounded by silence and darkness.

A motion, no more than a deeper shadow within the darkness came towards Khal, a hand clamped around his throat, the grip tightening like a vice. Warm, scented breathe tickled his cheek, “I told you this ship would be the end. If we warp in, there will be no one left of the Lazari,” came the voice, it’s tones familiar. Khal turned his head slowly, dry swallowing a few times. “What should we do?” He asked finally, his voice no more than a hoarse whisper.

“We wait,” the seer finally answered before the grip loosened. He was blinded by the sudden light on the bridge, everyone was rushing around as though nothing had happened. He stood there for a long moment, then picked up the speaker horn and bellowed down it, “delay that order, stand down! We’ll hold position.” Punching in a command key on his console, he shut down and began to wait.



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Blood dripping from the smoky blue blade, it throbbed with power. She sung in his hand, “Chorranach thirsts, she senses prey.” The mewling spawn gibbered and chattered beside Zesh Tyrael. He hated them, but he knew they were the remains of his once mighty Space Marine chapter. That bastard false Emperor sent a legion of Blood Angels to purge their home world.

A flash of blood red ceramite flickered at the edge of his vision. Reacting on instinct, raising Chorranach, deflecting the fierce downward swinging blade. A flash of a grin went across his face. They clash again, Zesh’s laugh ringing as loud as the clash of the great blades. He feinted with a wide swing, Chorranach streaming towards the Blood Angel’s waist. A quick flick of his wrist brought the singing Daemon sword over his foe’s guard, cleanly severing through the Space Marine’s lower arm. Jets of blood spraying from the severed limb as it fell twitching on the ruined temple floor. The red clad giant roared in pain and frustration. Kicking his bleeding foe to the floor, Zesh grinned, resting the tip of the blade against the throat join under the helmet, the siren song of the bound Daemon shrilling in the air. “She thirsts,” he said as he decapitated the prone form.

The loud boom of bolters sang in the air, Zesh diving for cover and checking the ammunition feed to the bolter embedded in to the left arm of his power armor to free up his hands to wield the two-handed Daemon sword – Chorranach. Rounds impacting in to the wall he was using as cover.

“Don’t stand there gibbering, fools. Kill the bastards!”

Shambling out of cover, firing wildly at the foe, the daemon spawn in his command swiftly advancing from the left. Four Blood Angel Space Marines focusing their attention on the swarm of gibbering beasts, the loud blasts of their weapons firing at them, Zesh raised his arm and slid from behind the wall, taking careful aim and fired.

Her body a wreck in her pink armor, collapsed over the ruined shrine to the Lord of Pleasure. Her body shuddered, causing the retinue of Blood Angels to look around. Another convulsive shudder rocked her prone form, pleasured moans escaping her lips. “What by the God Emperor…” Commander Eldwin of the legion said under his breath. A scent, something scintillating drew him towards her. Cailleach Tyrael shuddered again, her ceramite breast plate cracking open, another gasping moan of pleasure escaping her lips. “Sir, what are you doing?” Asked a lieutenant, his head vaporising, Eldwin standing there in the smoke of his Bolt pistol, “she’s mine, dog.” His slow steps moving towards Lady Tyrael, exclamations on the lips of his men, “Sir, what by the Holy throne of Terra are you doing?” Another shot rang through the air as the men began to succumb. Zesh crouched, watching from his vantage point amongst the rafter, laughing quietly to himself, “so you’re still with us beloved. Let the dogs fight amongst themselves, and to the victor goes the spoils.” He took careful aim and fired. Another Marine collapsed causing the others to erupt in a fight, chainswords growling to life as her otherworldly scent overtook their minds. She shuddered again, writhing seductively as her armor began to fall off with her movements. Eldwin dove into the melee, his power sword easily cutting the nearest opponent in half, “I said she is mine. Leave now, that is an order,” he growled as the two remaining members of his command squad turned towards him. The men looked from each other and snarled, both rushing towards him, one swinging wildly for Eldwin’s head, the other making a deft thrust to his chest, he parried the thrust effortlessly, ducking back and using a burst of his jetpack to evade the swing to his head. Snarling as they readdress, the two marines advanced, using short bursts of their jetpacks to close the gap. Eldwin fired again, vaporising the head of the man advancing to his left, his open side – then quickly feints with his power sword at his former lieutenant’s chest. An effortless parry from his comrade, his wrist flicked around, taking the momentum of the block to carry the sword to cut off the man’s arm. Another block then a swift thrust, slash, reverse combo, forcing Commander Eldwin on the offensive. He snarled and raised his pistol hand, firing wildly, explosive rounds tearing the man’s armor to shreds. Howling in pain, the wounded marine swung a clumsy arc, a silent scream on his lips as his head rolled from his shoulders.

Slowly he descended near Cailleach Tyrael, heretic sister, his arms held out as if in benediction, “I am victorious, my Lady,” he announced, alighting gently on the floor and dropping to one knee. She sat, her bare, milky white skin glistening, she smiled. “Brave sir, come, take your prize.”

His trembling hands holding his sword out for the Lady, still knelt with his head bowed. Laughter filled the air, mocking and terrifying as he realised. Shit, my head, it’s… his booted toes millimetres from his nose as the light faded from his eyes.

Work in Progress – minis.

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I went down to the front desk this morning to check if I had mail and got a suprise. The minis I’d ordered had come faster the I expected.

The receptionist gave me an odd look as she handed over the plain, brown box. I took it, smiled sweetly and immediately headed for my room.

That’s the chaos minis cause when one is excited. After tearing open the box and covering my bed in packing peanuts, I set to cleaning up the minis themselves. I used an xacto knife to clean off any tags & mold lines, and an old toothbrush with hot soapy water to clean off any ick. I’m very impressed with the quality and detail on these minis, there wasn’t a great deal of mold lines and mis-cast blobs needed to be cleaned up.

Sorry about picture quality, I really should get my tripod.

So, as you can see, I’m going to be busy and post when the next stage is complete: priming.